ok but adults have a responsibility to be mindful of minors in fandom, if a 15 year old sends you a message telling you they’re uncomfortable with something you do, you gotta listen, you gotta learn, you’re not a kid anymore, and if you insist on posting gross abusive and harmful content you need to find another place to do so because tumblr is full of minors, minors who are so susceptible

i say this because i was a susceptible minor who became desensitized to abuse because of adults being gross in fandom, stop it, stop it and take responsibility

After Chilton, this the second sketch I made yesterday. I have a busy week so I don’t know when I’ll be able to color it. Wednesday is coming too and there’ll be tons of new drawing material as well. 😉

64.  In Memorium

Priti and Sonny talk about Dodds.


“Do you guys know what this is about?” I asked.

“No, Liv just summoned us here,” Amanda replied.

“This had better be good,” Fin grumbled behind me.

I glanced over at Sonny, who looked as puzzled as I felt. We piled into Olivia’s office, scattering ourselves on various seats. We had barely been there for 2 minutes before Liv and Chief Dodds marched into the room.

“I’m glad you’re all here,” Liv started. She was smiling. “We have some news for you. Actually, the Chief has some news. I’ll let him tell you.” She motioned towards Dodds.

“I hope you didn’t drag us down here for a lecture, this’d better be good news,” Fin said looking disgruntled.

The Chief smiled, “I should think you find this agreeable. In fact, why don’t I show you instead.” He walked over to the door that joined Liv’s office to the interrogation room and pulled it open.

There stood Sergeant Michael Dodds, smiling and very much alive.

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Yeah, they do. The Barba-thon ad was perfect, and sounded like it was written using tumblr posts. I guess the Canolli-thon ad will be mentioning his gray suits, and calling him Sonnshine.

One of our own, @avenuepotter, created an ad for a Cinn-a-thon. It’s funny and very well done, check it out.