Today we celebrate Rafael Barba and since he’s the character I’ve drawn most, I decided to post my latest collection. As you can see there are not only Barba’s in it, but also some “Raúl’s”. That’s because I made 4 of these collages for a big tweet and had to squeeze the Raúl’s in the SVU part. 😄
The 4th part contains all my drawings of his non-Barba roles and if you’re interested in it, I can post that later.


when i’m dealing w snaladins i sometimes wonder what i’d do if my 17 year old kid told me they were dating someone in their mid twenties

lmao jk i don’t wonder bc i already know what i’d do, i’d find that bitch and beat them into the next millennium

i need to go to the grocery store but i’m lazy and now i’m angry because how dare the universe treat me this way, i am a Gift, a Blessing, a Wonder & Delight, yet you curse me like this??

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hi hello can i request a sonny headcanon? i really liked scars by the way it was amazing i've reread it like 3 times so far. anyways lol can you do a sonny comforts his significant other when she's anxious? thankyou so much your writing makes my day (one more thing haha sorry do you mind writing sonny fic? i know your a barba person and i don't want to request stuff if you prefer barba or don't enjoy writing it <3)

A/N: Hi sweetie! Thank you so much for reading Scars! I’m so glad you liked it! I’m sorry for taking so long with this, I’m not sure it’s my best work either. Work has been kind of a muse killer recently.

Dating Sonny Carisi is a bit of a whirlwind. His working hours are crazy, he gets called out in the middle of the night, his studies keep him occupied a lot of the time. So it takes him a while to get to know you. But once Sonny finds out that you struggle with anxiety, he is so supportive, you feel ridiculous that you ever felt embarrassed about telling him. (but anxiety, you know?!)

He is the sweetest, always taking the time to reassure you, even about the smallest of things! He always knows when you are feeling particularly vulnerable, almost like Sonny’s sixth sense and takes the time to be more affectionate than he normally is.

One day Sonny forgets to contact you and let you know he would be late. One of your new anxieties is that he is going to get hurt in the line of duty. Initially, it wasn’t a big deal that he hadn’t come home, sometimes he was late. But after midnight, you started to worry!

1am, you’re sending him texts every five minutes telling him that if he doesn’t call you immediately, you’re never going to have sex again.

2am, you’re pacing up and down your apartment.

3am, you’ve finally had enough and march yourself down to the precinct.

By this time, you’ve worked yourself into a bit of a state, you can feel the start of a panic attack and it’s all you can do to stop it from overwhelming you completely. The only thing that keeps you going is that you have to find Sonny!

Eventually, you find yourself in the middle of the squad room and there is chaos and you just can’t take it anymore, succumbing to the crushing fear.

You are barely aware of the hands on your shoulders that lead you into Olivia’s office. Then you feel some arms around you, holding you tightly, rubbing your back. You know it’s Sonny because of his familiar scent. He holds you tightly, so tightly that you can feel his heart beating against your chest, slow, steady and strong. That’s what eventually calms you down and the tears finally fall. It doesn’t matter that his shirt in now soaked in your despair, he holds on until you tell him you’re ready for him to let go.

“Sonny, are you trying to crush me?” you ask sarcastically. That’s when Sonny knows you’re ready for him to let go.

“You know, research from the University of Vienna found that oxytocin gets released in the body during a hug. It’s supposed to reduce your blood pressure, lower anxiety, improve memory and act as a stress-reliever. A lot of health benefits for a simple hug!”

“Fine, keep giving me health benefits. I’ll be able to save some money on insurance!”

He knows it’s safe now that you’ve turned to sarcasm to cover up your embarrassment!


Anonymous: Hey! If your requests are still open, can I ask for trans!Sonny and Usnavi like supporting him, i don’t know if you can work w that, thank u!

Yes they are. I hope this is what you wanted! thank you requesting it.