• What I Say: I've been listening to In The Heights on repeat for a while now.
  • What I Mean: You know the song 'Blackout'? I've been listening to only that for three days.
The Fuller Picture

- PopBitch 08 December, 2016 

Another series of X Factor is  ending without unearthing a new commercial star, which can’t be  great news for Simon Cowell’s label, Syco.  Nor can the fact  that Sonny Takhar, the label's  president, has just left too. 

The Syco company line is that Sonny’s departure was entirely amicable, but gossip at his very lavish leaving do was all about how he’d been given the elbow for failing to sign up any of the One Direction boys on solo deals after the split. 

Sonny also appears to have sent a nicely subtle fuck-you to his ex-boss too. It seems his next career move is setting up a rights company to handle music  acts. And who has Sonny been citing as his big inspiration for this development?  

Simon Cowell’s biggest rival:  Simon Fuller.