My new favorite modern #comicbook series Transformers vs G.I Joe #tomscioli artwork has an 80’s feel. This series just came out on wednesday, so far I’ve managed to get 7 of the 12 covers. I’m thinking about getting a commission from Tom on one of my blank variants #transformers #gijoe #1980s #IDW #sdcc

My best purchase at the #phoenixcomicon was this commissioned piece by Ed Piskor (writer/artist of Hip Hop Family Tree) and Tom Scioli (writer/artist of the forthcoming GI Joe/Transformers and formerly the artist on Godland). The piece features Dr Doom and MF Doom, but with a twist. I asked Ed Piskor, the comic hip hop historian for his take on Dr Doom, and for Jack Kirby aficionado Tom Scioli’s interpretation of underground hip hop icon MF Doom. Very happy with the final product. #tomscioli #mfdoom #edpiskor #drdoom