Requested by: Anon

This just popped up in my mind: Having a pillow fight with Tom Riddle and being surprised when you see he’s actually having fun.


“Take that, Riddle!” You exclaimed as you smacked the fluffy pillow across your friends back.

“Back off, Y/L/N.” Tom said, holding a pillow up threateningly, a smirk on his face. “I will hit you back.”

“Come at me!” You let out a war cry as you jumped off of the couch and hit the pillow in his shoulder.

“You asked for it!” Tom suddenly lunged at you, repeatedly hitting the pillow over your body.

You shook uncontrollably as laughter consumed you, and as you covered your face with your arms, you were a bit surprised to see a large smile on Toms face.

“Okay, uncle!” You called. “Uncle! I surrender!”

“I told you to stop.” Tom sang as he smirked down at you. “But you didn’t listen.”

“Shut up, Tom.” You pouted, but a smile still formed on your face. “You know that you enjoyed that.”


“Don’t deny it, Riddle!”