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Tomatt Week Day 4: Headcanons

Here is my fucking endless amount of headcanons for Tomatt.

- Matt knows about Tom’s monster form. He likes to take care of Tom if he’s half or even fully shifted. The shifting can be painful, so Matt gives Tom pain relief medicine, as well as lots of hugs and cuddles and cheek kisses to help him feel better emotionally. When he’s in his full monster form, Matt just treats him like a big ol doggo (which he kind of is).
- Tom has a ticklish tummy. Matt has a ticklish neck. This is how wars are started, my friends.
- Tom wins Matt novelty toys at carnival games. He takes the games very seriously because if the bae doesn’t get his novelty toys theN THE BAE WILL BE ANGRY
- A bunch of hair hcs: Both Tom and Matt, especially Tom, love running their fingers through each other’s soft hair when they’re kissing, or really just any time. Tom’s hair smells really nice to Matt (it’s really sweet and it smells like pineapple) and when they cuddle Matt likes to just shove his face into Tom’s hair and take in the scent because it smells SO GOOD. Tom loves to randomly come up to Matt and ruffle his hair and Matt will get a bit angry if Tom does this right after he just fixed it or styled it, but soon Matt just accepts it and leaves his hair sorta messy (Tom often ruffles his hair on purpose because he likes it better when it’s messier). Sometimes when Tom strokes Matt’s hair Matt starts purring like a lil kitten because it feels so nice, and the first time this happened Tom straight up FREAKED OUT because it was so damn adorable.
- For cute nicknames, Matt calls Tom “Tommy”, “Babe”, “Baby”, “Honey”, “Sweetheart”, “Sweetie”, “Tomee Bear”, and approximately a million other names. Tom calls Matt “Ginger” or “Babe”.
- Matt loves carrying Tom around like a baby because of how short he is compared to Matt. But do not be fooled. Tom may be smol, but he is just as strong as Matt and can lift him up very easily, and he loves carrying Matt around bridal style and just kissing him all over.
- Neither of them can cook. Edd does all the cooking for them.
- Tom is a lot more affectionate towards those he cares about than most people would assume. He just had no one to show it to, until he started dating Matt. Matt is still surprised by how much Tom enjoys giving him love and affection.
- Similarly, Tom is usually very emotionally strong and doesn’t cry a lot because it makes him feel weak, but when he’s around Matt he just fucking mel t s. One day Tom came home after a rough day and went to his room to ignore everything. Matt came in and asked if he was okay and Tom straight up sobbed onto him. Matt comforted Tom all the way through, and whenever something similar happens Matt doesn’t get upset because he knows his bf stays strong in a lot of situations and just needs a shoulder to cry on.
- Matt feels absolutely HORRIBLE about that whole bear-with-a-gun incident, and it’s pretty much the only thing that can drain his endless amount of confidence just by the incident being mentioned. At this point, Tom has long since forgiven him, but Matt still feels awful about it and will not hesitate to slap any bitch that’s caught eating pineapple around Tom (Tord gets slapped a lot).
- They both get frequent nightmares, and tend to go to each other and sleep in each other’s bedrooms whenever one of them has one. Matt tends to have either stupid childish dreams that are honestly not that scary in retrospect, or dreams involving the above incident. Tom has somewhat more terrifying dreams that involve Tord, or worse, himself, hurting or even killing Matt.

I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I… I think maybe it’s both. Maybe bothย is happening at the same time.
—  Forrest Gump