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Tom Holland x Reader x Harrison Osterfield

Summary: You, Tom and Harrison are in quite the predicament when you unexpectedly meet your best friends other best friend. Sometimes, interests can overlap. Part one of three.

Word Count: 4,821

Warnings: cursing

A/N: well guys, remember like six months ago when i asked if anyone wanted a Tom and Harrison love triangle? this is it. 

Harrison’s apartment number stands right in front of you, a glistening silver number on an otherwise smooth white door. You wonder how exactly he’s able to stay in a cushy place like this for only a couple of weeks while he does something-or-other in Manhattan.

You thought about asking him, but his door opens, the rush of air making you shiver. Harrison stares at you with wide eyes for a moment, taking in your soaking wet figure. It’s uncomfortable, being under his gaze like that, even though you’ve been friends for years.

“Are you just going to stare at me, or can I come in?” you blurted, walking by him without waiting for an answer. He seems to regain his senses about thirty seconds later, closing the door and sliding over to you.

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I was tagged by @comforttablynumb to post 10 of my favorite albums of 2015, so here we go!

In no particular order..

Bolu-Tom Rosenthal 

To Pimp a Butterfly- Kendrick Lamar 

Carrie & Lowell- Sufjan Stevens 

Currents- Tame Impala 

Another One- Mac Demarco 

Sound and Color- Alabama Shakes 

The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam- Thundercat

Cherry Bomb- Tyler the Creator 

I don’t like shit. I don’t go outside-Earl Sweatshirt 

In Colour- Jamie XX 

I tag: anyone who wants to do this! 😊


Day Three: Favorite Outfit/Look


My favorite look is all.  Tom w/ blonde curls or dark hair.  Tom wearing a period costume or a tux or a suit or a t-shirt or a leather jacket or a hooded sweatshirt, etc.  Tom w/ facial hair or clean-shaven.  Tom w/ glasses or no glasses.  It doesn’t matter since all of them are my favorite.


My Best Friend (Tom Hiddleston) CHAPTER 5

Chapter 1 2 3 4

Hello Beautifuls x Chapter five :) Pls enjoy haha xx I just want to say thankyou so much for all the nice messages I didn’t expect this many people to like my writing, it genuinely makes me so happy so thank you:) I love you :’)

“Kiss me”


I stare up at Tom shocked and he leans down slowly brushing his lips against mine gently before pressing his deeply against mine. I gasp out and melt into his kiss, his soft lips parting mine and gently easing his tongue against mine. I let out a whimper and wrap my arms around the back of his neck burying my fingers in his hair and pulling him closer. “Y/N” he whispers against my lips, “Y/N” he says louder and things start to get darker but his voice gets louder.

“Y/N” I hear his voice and I open my eyes shooting upwards in surprise. It was a fucking dream! I must have fallen asleep after finishing cleaning up. I blink several times before looking over at Tom seeing him on the other side of the couch looking at me slightly amused. “You alright love? You moaned in your sleep” he seems to be holding back a smirk. I blush deeply realizing I had just dreamed about making out with my best friend who was sitting right a-fucking-cross me by the way! “Uhm…bad dream” I say looking away pursing my lips. “I don’t know, sounded pretty-” “shut up Tom” I look at him and he snickers. 

“I’m sorry it’s so late, I tried to come as fast as I could” he says kissing my forehead, “lets go to bed alright?” he smiles and slides his arms beneath my legs and arms lifting me up. I don’t argue and snuggle against his warmth. “Why are you always so fucking warm?” I ask tiredly and feel his chest rumble against me. “It’s a male thing” he says against my temple and I smile closing my eyes. I feel him lay me down on my bed and he takes off his shirt before sliding in next to me and pulling me close. I lay my head on his chest and fall into a deep sleep.

In the morning

“Y/N, darling, wake up” I hear Tom’s soothing voice in my ear and I groan tiredly wrapping the blanket around myself and over my head. I suddenly feel the blanket ripped away from me and I squirm whining out. “Y/N. You’re being stubborn, you can’t stay in bed all day” I hear Tom say out and I tense up hearing his tone, bossy much? Actually…It’s quite hot. I finally open my eyes and look at the fully dressed man leaning against my bedroom wall with his arms crossed. 

I look over at my clock and see its 8:30am, “why are you waking me up so earlyyyy” I whine and Tom rolls his eyes but grins at me, “you’re like a damn teenager, come on get your butt up, we’re going out.” I open my mouth to question him but Tom gives me a look and I groan out before walking to the bathroom to refresh and so on. I get myself ready and walk out my bedroom seeing Tom had made us breakfast. Men that can cook make me weak. 

I sit down and eat the meal that he’s made for us as we make small talk. “So uh, where are we going?” I ask as I take the last bite of my breakfast. Tom looks at me and smiles a little, “it’s a surprise darling.” I snort, “surprise surprise, why am I not surprised.” Tom laughs at me and I smirk at him. “You amuse me darling” Tom grins and I wink at him “I do try.” I dump our plates in the sink and run over to my shoes putting on my converse a little too eagerly. Tom laughs slightly, after making sure I have all my essentials; phone, check, wallet, check, necklace, check, keys, check we leave and get into his jaguar. 

I watch our surroundings trying to figure out where we’re headed but I realize he drives to a place I haven’t been to before. When he parks I stare out the window scrutinizing the environment, I jump as my door pops open and Tom looks down at me raising an eyebrow and giving me a hand to pull me out. I follow him as he walks in front of me, my eyes drop slightly and I watch his butt as he walks. I blush deeply and avert my gaze, good lord those pants are a little tight. 

I hear lots of people talking suddenly and sound effects and music. Tom watches as my eyes light up brightly and a squeal escapes my lips “you brought me to an arcade!” I jump onto Tom hugging him tightly and my legs clinging to his hips. He catches me with surprise and hugs me back laughing “you used to talk about how much you missed the one that closed down a couple streets from your house so…I did my research.” 

I jump down and run inside but get pulled back by Tom, “we need to get the tokens first,” I huff and follow him to one of the counters. I pull out my wallet and look up to see Tom has a bag full of tokens already, “come on darling” he wraps a free arm around my waist and pulls me towards the games. My eyes spot something in the far corner and I squeal dragging Tom towards the photobooth. “Really Y/N? First thing?” “Yes, come on.” I pull him inside and close the curtain, “put the tokens in” I’m bubbling with excitement telling Tom the poses we’ll do. 

I watch as the screen counts down and the first flash goes off, then the next three. I wait for the photos to print and I pull the strip out grinning at the photos, the first one with me and Tom looking disgusted with each other, the second one just us smiling, the third me kissing Tom’s cheek and him doing a funny face, and the last one of us doing weird faces - me with a crossed eyed duck face and Tom with his face scrunched up and as much chin as he can manage. 

Tom takes the second strip and places it in his wallet. I keep mine as well and we move on to play several games, comparing high scores in guitar hero, playing air hockey, bowling, motorcycle races, etc. After a couple of hours we head to the counter again and turn in our tickets to retrieve some prizes. Tom stands next to me with his muscular arm around my waist as I lean over to look at all the different items. I point to several types of candy, a slinky and a tiny keychain monkey. 

Tom shakes his head, “how haven’t your teeth rot yet?” I grin at him and the employee gets the items, Tom kisses my temple “I hope you enjoyed today” he smiles against my skin and I can’t help the shit eating grin on my face. “I loved it” I look up at him and he stares down at me with his intense blue eyes, his eyes glancing at my lips for a split second. The employee coughs and slides over the candy, slinky and monkey and I quickly take them into my arms “thank you.”

“You’ve been surprising me a lot recently, the ice cream shop, now this, what next Hiddles” I say looking up smirking. Tom opens his car door for me and I drop all my prizes on the seat and turn around giving Tom the tightest hug I can manage. He hugs me back equally as tight as kisses my temple repeatedly. “Thank you so much” I mumble against him and slowly pull away smiling up at him “really, I honestly don’t know anyone as amazing as you to even think of doing something like this.” He strokes my cheeks with a small smile, “ah, but today’s not over love, come on.” He ushers me into the car and I sit laying everything on my lap. 

I put on my seatbelt and Tom starts driving again, it doesn’t take long only 10 minutes and he parks outside a really fancy looking restaurant. “Uhm, Tom…where are we?” He glances at me and smiles getting out the car and opening my door for me. He helps me out and begins walking towards the restaurant with my hand in his. 

“Tom, I’m not dressed for this” I say looking at my sweatshirt and red jeggings. “You could be dressed in a dress made of garbage and I’d still take you to a 5 star restaurant” he grins down at me and I blush deeply. We walk to the front and the man staying there instantly recognizes Tom and leads us to a table. I feel peoples stares on me as I walk in with my sweatshirt, Tom pulls out my chair for me and tucks me in as I sit down. I look down at the menu handed to me and my eyes almost fall out of my skull when I see the prices, “Tom” I hiss across the table and he smirks at me. 

“Yes, I know you don’t have enough which is why I’m paying.” I narrow my eyes at Tom but sigh knowing he’ll never let me pay no matter how hard I try, even if I threatened him he’d still pay. “Stupid gentleman” I whisper under my breath but Tom snickers when he hears me. I look down at all the french words and crinkle my nose slightly, I glance up and see that Tom is watching me amused “come here” he drags my chair next to his and begins translating the menu to me. This man, as if he wasn’t handsome enough he damn speak French and kills my ovaries. 

The band begins playing after we order our food and Tom suddenly stands up and pulls me with him to in front of the band. “W-what are you doing?” I ask as everyone begins staring at us in confusion. Tom wraps his arm around my waist and holds my hand in his and begins leading me into a slow dance. “Tom” I blush deeply and he grins down at me, “what’s wrong darling?” I press my face on his chest and he laughs. “Everyone’s looking” I mumble and he whispers in my ear “just forget everyone else for a moment” and he sways us to the music. I relax hesitantly but begin to enjoy myself and at the end of the song Tom grabs my hips and lifts me up and I laugh tilting my head back as he spins us around. 

I look back down at Tom and things begin to feel slow motion as I stare down at the amazing man that I so dearly love. I’m so deep in.


Day Three: Favorite Outfit/Look


My favorite look is all.  Tom w/ blonde curls or dark hair.  Tom wearing a period costume or a tux or a suit or a t-shirt or a leather jacket or a hooded sweatshirt, etc.  Tom w/ facial hair or clean-shaven.  Tom w/ glasses or no glasses.  It doesn’t matter since all of them are my favorite.

I think the beauty of friendship is the fact that if you have the right people

in the right place

at the right time

then there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

So go. Grab your friends.

Seize the day.