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Kissing on my Tattoos Part Four

You can read the other parts here. Follow the links of the story on previous parts. Hope you enjoy. Hugs

You sighed and rolled your eyes while looking at your feet as Calvin proceeded to rip you a new asshole.

“He came with his wife Y/N! He doesn’t love you.” Calvin said trying to get through your thick skull.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me! You are better than being a side hoe.”

Your head snapped up and glared at your best friend.

“Did you just call me a hoe?”

“If the shoe fits bitch!” Calvin looked you up and down in slight disgust. “He does not deserve you or your child.”

“It’s his child too Calvin.”

“You were not too worried about that when you came running back home. Now that you saw him again and fucked him you are all in your feels.”

He was right. He was always right. Seeing Tom again renewed the passion and love you had for him. It might have intensified it and no matter how right Calvin was you knew you would text Tom as soon as Calvin leaves.  You sighed with relief when Calvin did leave and you quickly texted Tom your address and hopped in the shower. You had just slipped on a black satin nightgown when your door bell rung.  You smooth the nightgown over your baby bump and went to meet Tom. You opened the door and stifled your gasp. He was stunning. He had changed out of his tuxedo and wore blue jeans, a simple black t-shirt and a baseball cap. You instantly became wet at the very sight of him.

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