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The shoes always tell the story

Salt to the Sea, Ruta Sepetys pg. 14

I love the Shoe Poet.  The ideas and thoughtfulness that his character provides are poignant and provide a sense of humanity to the story.

After I read this quote I read this quote I immediately thought of this Art Assignment:

The artist asks people to recreate someone’s lost childhood object (a bunny with one ear comes to mind–that was difficult to read), but before she assigns the project she details another piece she worked on where she asked couples to create a single brown shoe.  They were all so different, but all the same.  And all of the shoes spoke of their creators.

The shoe poet was able to read people through their shoes, so I thought maybe we could create a tumblr art piece where we share our shoes with each other.  We could reblog what we think the person would be like based on their shoes, we could just share pictures, or we could just look at the shoes of those participating and allow ourselves to feel connected.

Here are my shoes:

(I tried to take a picture of them on my feet, but that just didn’t work.)

What do we think our shoes say about ourselves?