Meet Jyb, Owner of TransFit

This is Jyb, the owner of Transfit, at his gym in Bangkok.

In 2015, Jyb founded a gym exclusively for trans men and lesbians. The workout facility is meant to draw in trans men as well as women who want to train with Jyb and his all-trans-male staff.

Jyb is also appealing to another gender-based identity group that, in the West, might call themselves queer or non-binary. In Thailand they’re called “toms,” a word that borrows from the English word “tomboy.”

“A tom is a woman who dresses like a guy, cuts her hair like a guy and goes out with girls,” Jyb says. Many toms bind their breasts to appear flat-chested. Most prefer the pronoun, in Thai, that approximates “he” instead of “she.”

Some toms do identify as men, but many don’t.

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