[Closed RP] On the Hillside Path Where the Cherry Blossoms Flutter - The first meeting of Tomoya and Nagisa

<Tomoya is walking to school thinking to himself> **I hate this town.  It’s too filled with memories I’d rather forget. I go to school everyday and hang out with my friends.  Then I go home.  There is no place I’d rather not go ever again.  I wonder if anything will ever change.  Will that day ever come?**

<Tomoya continues to walk to school then as he strolls up the cherry tree lines path he comes upon a girl walking in the same direction >

<As Tomoya pulls next to her the girl continues to stare forward and begins to speak>

She says, “Anpan!” „„,<there is a long pause>

She slowly speaks again, “Do you like this school?  I have to say I love it very very much. But soon everything changes, well at least it does eventually”.

<Tomoya thinks to himself> **A girl I don’t know.  And she isn’t talking to me.  She is probably talking to someone in her heart.**

The girl speaks again, “Fun things, happy things, they’ll all, they’ll all eventually change someday, you know, but can you still love this place?”

<Tomoya looks at this little girl>

Tomoya blurts out, “Just go and find more”

<The girl finally turns and looks at Tomoya - He is quite taken with her>

<Tomoya continues to speak>

Tomoya begins slowly, “All you have to do is find other fun and happy things.  It’s not so hard.”

“Come on let’s go.”, Tomoya says…

<They turn and continue to walk up the cherry tree lined path>

<Tomoya thinks to himself> **And so it begins. We begin the long upward climb**

<They get to school and they go their own ways.  Lunch time eventually comes,  As Tomoya is strolling through the courtyard the sees the girl from the morning sitting alone eating her lunch.>

Tomoya says curiously, “Yo, you alone?”

<he waits for her response>


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I finally met Taka 😆❤️
At PNC music pavilion in Charlotte NC, Me and these people waited at the gate to see if One Ok Rock would come out and they gave up and went back to their seats and I waited and Taka came out and I said “I can’t believe you came out here, your so cute” and he said do you want to take a picture and we did and then I asked him, “Can I give you a kiss on the cheek?” And he said, “Yes, kiss my cheek” I gave him a kiss on the cheek and I told him his music saved my life and said that its effected me and he sang a song for his dad during the concert and I told him that I liked it, I told Taka that I liked One Ok Rock for 3 years and he said “That’s long time” and I gave Taka my rubber band and bead bracelet and he said thank you and he wore it ❤️