CHILLED AIR is a group art exhibition using art to create an experience that is intellectually and physically stimulating for the viewer, drawing inspiration from how movie theaters operated during the Great Depression. In the 30s, the US experienced the worst economic and environmental disaster in its history. The Great Depression ravaged the country’s economy while its landscape was destroyed by the Dust Bowl.

With little to no job opportunities and a severe drought in full effect, there wasn’t much hope to be found in everyday life. While many industries collapsed during this time, movie theatres flourished because they were able to provide people with things they desperately needed: hope, the rare moment away from unrelenting heat in an air conditioned building, and a platform for the exchange of new ideas.

CHILLED AIR takes place amidst what might become the biggest economic catastrophe of our time. The Skate Art Park is our modern day movie theatre, providing physical and creative stimulus for contemporary viewers, featuring works by individual artists in a variety of mediums including video – some who also teamed up with Keen Ramps to a build the collaborative skate park installation. The show will open on Go Skateboarding Day, will be free to the public, and will remain open as the only evening skate park on the east side for its three-week run time.

Come down to Think Tank Gallery on June 21st, Go Skateboarding Day, to look at some art, skate around, listen to live music by Yarrow Slaps, Luke Pelletier and more, and escape the LA heat!


Opening Saturday, June 21st 2014 from 7PM - 12AM

939 Maple Ave, Second Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Show Runs June 21st – July 12th, 2014

Michael Hsiung - Jeffery Kubasak - Philip Morgan - Luke Pelletier - Austin England - Teddy Kelly - Michael Sieben - Yarrow Slaps - Miles Jackson - John F. Malta - Ben JensenSheryo - The Yok - Dillon Froelich - Timothy Olson - Bryan Peterson - Nathan Brown - Russ Pope - Kristen M Liu - Brian SmithEgan Franks - Scott TeplinSophie Roach - Ashley Niven  - Ally Atchison - Christian Stearry - Clint Peterson - Eric McHenry - Ryan Ady Putra

Curated by Austin England & Luke Pelletier

Sponsored by Keen Ramps


‘Well, our relationship has been intense our whole lives’, he smiles. ‘in the darkest hours I’ve thought, ’ just can’t, y'know, do this to myself anymore. ‘We can’t carry on’. But I quite like that about us. We’re still here. We still have a great love for each other because we almost laughingly accept each other’s faults. That’s what you get if you share your life with someone.“