‘Well, our relationship has been intense our whole lives’, he smiles. ‘in the darkest hours I’ve thought, ’ just can’t, y'know, do this to myself anymore. ‘We can’t carry on’. But I quite like that about us. We’re still here. We still have a great love for each other because we almost laughingly accept each other’s faults. That’s what you get if you share your life with someone.“  

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A few days ago I saw her in Ibiza. She was wearing a short pick wig and was dressed like a hoochie. This woman is in Europe enjoying her break. Timmy who?

tomothy can’t handle a hot mama like taylor ESPECIALLY when she has her wig on

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Name: Tommie

Nickname: Tamale, Tombstone, Tomothy, etc.

Zodiac sign: scorpio

Hogwarts house: ehhhhhh prob ravenclaw idek

Height: 5′5

Orientation: ace-spec lesbian

Ethnicity: half-hispanic, half italian-american

Favorite fruit: strawberries and peaches

Favorite season: the period in between fall/winter

Favorite book series: not a series, but We All Looked Up is super good

Favorite fictional characters: Amethyst (SU), Zorak (SGC2C), Tord (EW)

Favorite flower: VIOLETS !!!!

Favorite scents: the air after rainfall, teakwood and tobacco, laundry detergent

Favorite animal: EVERY DOG OMFG

Favorite artist/band: Troye Sivan!! Lorde is a close second

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: coffee

Average sleep hours: 4-7

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1

Dream trip: hmm im not exactly sure but seeing italy sounds fun

Last thing googled: steven universe wanted spoilers

Blog created: July 2014 

How many blogs do I follow: 1553 hahah

Number of followers: 379 

What do I usually post about: a lot,, its hard to keep track

Do you get asks regularly: no not usually :(

What is your aesthetic: mint color, peach color, galaxies, neon signs

I tag anyone that wants to do this! This was really fun to do thx for tagging me Ace!!

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*Asriel invited some boys who were maids from school he always thought as them being femboys but hes never seen that true*

They showed up, but they had been hired by his parents to do whatever he told them to do. Tomothy,a nice dog femboy,knocked on the door. They were both wearing maid outfits.

hey you got any MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS? tonight i’ve seeeeeeeen UH that movie where that one guy who makes the funny tool noise brutally murders The Santa and then becomes The Santa, and uhhhh MOST of jack frost which is that movie where that one guy is brutally murdered by life and then becomes The CGI Snowman, and I half-watched the war of the world starring mr. tomothy cruise which is that movie where the world begets a war AND I CANNOT SLEEP AND I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO ENJOY SOME ENTERTAINMENT


So the thing is, JP has clearly always been the heart of the show, since back at the end of episode six in the first session where he talked to the horse when he was on acid. He starts off as this posh twit and you hate him, yeah, but really, not even very deep down he is all vulnerabilities and uncertainty. It is hard not to watch Fresh Meat and wish more than anything that people would acknowledge just how tender he is, how much he needs protection. I love a good Vod plot more than anything, but at the end of any episode I want JP to be whole and unbroken.

So of course the premiere is just a whole mess to remind you that yes, he’s a prick, but he’s the sweetest prick in Manchester. His brother comes to visit and insults JP’s job prospects. They both pretend they are not on the verge of tears discussing their father. When remembering a good meal from their childhood it isn’t Mom’s waffles but Nanny Prue’s full English. He reveals he has not been keeping track of who owes him rent because of course JP has never really cared about the rent. When his brother is trying to get a leg over with Oregon he’s aghast and ashamed because he likes his brother’s wife, recounting how she gave him a book for Christmas and it is actually a cool book and he treasures it so much he won’t let anyone do lines off it even though it is usually the only book he owns. When he tries to warn Oregon off and she ignores him he turns to Vod for immediate support. When they interrupt the cheating and Tomothy slanders his housemates, he hits his brother without hesitation.

But then when his brother insults his intelligence he deflates.

And no one defends him.

So he goes to Josie…

who let’s him sit and watch TV with her.

He’s a gift. He’s just a gift.

I can’t hold back the blubs.


By Miss Atomic Bomb

They make love. They make music. They make love to their music. Blame the lingering February air for making me list down the couples that give me tears and diabetes.

1. Johnny Cash and June Carter

We’ve all seen the academy award-winning film that starred Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, and while it captured the incredible romance between these two legendary country musicians, it’s still incomparable to the real thing. Johnny was the man in black and June was his greatest foil. With her insurmountable patience and understanding, she helped him battle his drug addiction (winning some Grammys along the way but who cares about that?) They toured together for years. Their friendship, love, and all the human struggles that accompanied such things continued into a 35-year marriage which ended only when they passed away within months of each other.

“She loves me in spite of everything, in spite of myself.” – Johnny Cash

2. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

I remember it was 2002 when I bought my copy of US Magazine and their wedding was the cover story. Aside from admiring Gwen’s beautiful Pink-dipped wedding dress (how very rock n’roll chick of her), I can still remember thinking, “My God, they are so beautiful, it hurts.” They dated for six years before tying the knot! And now they’ve been married for almost twelve years and expecting their third child! How do they even do it?! It’s bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

3. Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan

They have now been separated almost as long as they had been together. But for seven years, Lisa Hannigan served not only as Damien Rice’s backing vocals but his sole muse. There’s a reason why Damien’s songs are beautifully bittersweet. Damien and Lisa had a passionate but tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship. He wrote songs about her and their relationship and they sang it onstage together. Damien was an intense songwriter but he apparently also had an equally intense temperament. Their last fight was backstage in the middle of their European tour. He fired her at the spur of the moment and she walked out of his dressing room and out of his life forever. It’s been nearly seven years. She still hasn’t spoken to him. And he never released another album since then.

“She’s had enough and so she drew a line, and she quit smoking and she quit me. And… I get it. You know, I get it and I don’t.” – Damien Rice

4. Alex Turner and Alexa Chung

“Come back to my tour bus and I’ll teach you how to play acoustic guitar.” And just like that, UK’s resident IT Girl was a goner for Mr. Dancing-To-Electro-Pop-Like-A-Robot-From-1984. They were THE couple of the 2007 indie scene. And they went on being cute together for four years. By 2011, he was planning to marry her. But sadly, they started growing apart and despite trying desperately to make it work, they eventually decided to part ways so they can save their friendship.

“We fall asleep with our arms round each other. He’s really little and so am I, so no one gets a dead arm. Sometimes we wake up in the same position. It’s the best thing ever.” – Alexa Chung

5. Thomas Mars and Sofia Coppola

Both effortlessly hip, Thomas Mars and Sofia Coppola are the ultimate IT couple of the indie variety - he the oh-so-french frontman of Phoenix and she the cultured director of films that evoke the atmosphere of pastel dreams. They met when they first collaborated for Sofia’s directorial debut, The Virgin Suicides. But it was during their collaboration in Lost In Translation that really changed things for them. After a bit of shy get-to-knowing, sparks went a-flying, babies were made, and after almost six years together, they got married in a small Italian village. She wore a short lavender cocktail dress. He didn’t bother combing his hair. What did I tell you? Effortlessly hip.

“I’m always a sucker for a love story.” – Sofia Coppola

6. Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow’s former flames include Brad Pitt and and Ben Affleck. But she ends up with Coldplay singer/songwriter, Chris Martin - proving that in the end, sensitive poets can still win over the golden boys. One of Coldplay’s biggest hit to date is ‘Fix You’ and Chris explained that he wrote the song for his wife when she came home from the hospital after her father died. They’ve been married for ten years and in a recent interview he calls her marriage with Chris the best decision she ever made.

7. Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman

The recent years have been very good for Dan Reynolds. He is the lead singer of Imagine Dragons and they’ve been enjoying commercial success, headlining festivals, winning Grammy awards, etc. But if you’d ask him what the best thing that ever happened to him so far, he’d probably answer meeting his wife, Aja Volkman, the frontwoman of an equally powerful (although less commercially known) band, Nico Vega. I’d go on to say this is the best thing to happen to the universe. Why? I’ll let this adorable video speak for itself:

8. Charlie Fink and Laura Marling

Ahhh now we get to one side of what some people may refer to as the “incestuous nu-folk love triangle.” Charlie Fink is the voice behind Noah & The Whale and once upon a time, Laura Marling was, too. They collaborated when they were together and their short time was the sweetest. When she left him, he went on to what he described as a cathartic experience of making an entire album about how Laura Marling broke his heart. And it was beautiful. Laura also made her own record… with Mumford and Sons.

9. Marcus Mumford and Laura Marling

And now for the other side of that triangle. It looks like Marcus Mumford may have a thing for the pale blonde pixie girl because before he was Carey Mulligan’s husband, he was Laura Marling’s lover. They grew very close together when Mumford and Sons replaced Noah & The Whale as Laura’s backing band. All three musicians were very good friends and part of the West London Nu-Folk scene. The triangle may have severed the friendship but at least all three walked away with great break-up albums.

10. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears

Absolute bubblegum pop royalties of the nineties, none can ever rival. They’re Pinky and Stinky to their fans, Britney and Justin to the rest of the world. They’ve known each other since their Mickey Mouse Club days and have been crushing on each other for years before eventually hooking up during the peak of their careers. They were gorgeous and oh, so in love! When they broke up, it was never the same. Millions of teenagers shed tears of blood, Britney had an emotional (and mental) breakdown and Justin recorded a break-up album that catapulted his solo career. She now got her life back on track and he’s already hitched. But let’s be real, we’ll never stop wishing these two kids get their happily ever after with each other. Or, at least, you know – do a collaboration.

“He was my first real love and I doubt I’ll ever be able to find love like that again.” – Britney Spears

11. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

They were a beautiful mess, dysfunctional to the core, always high on drugs and rock n’roll, and each other’s worst enablers. But they were also the love of each other’s lives - in Courtney’s own words, “soul-fucking-mates.” Kurt Cobain’s short life met a tragic end in 1994. Courtney Love is still performing in a stage some place, and you can bet she’s probably pissed drunk while doing it. But one thing they did right in their entire lives, aside from the music, is give birth to Frances Bean Cobain, who is the perfect combination of her parents’ good looks and talents but minus the drugs (or so I hope).

“It’s like Evian water and battery acid… when you mix the two together you get love.” – Kurt Cobain

12. John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Now this one’s a doozy. John and Yoko had an unconventional first meeting, like a scene straight out from a Woody Allen film. He went to her art gallery thinking there was going to be an orgy. And he fell in love with her while negotiating to hammer one of her nails. No, that is not a metaphor. I’m going to be real here and admit that I still consider myself one of those who believe Yoko Ono contributed to The Beatles’ breakup. McLennon was/is my OTP there’s been a huge rift between supporters, those who were on Team Paul and those on Team Yoko. But if Paul and Yoko ended their long feud just recently, who are we to continue taking sides, right? The basic truth is this: John Lennon thought Yoko Ono was absolutely ridiculous and he fell madly in love with her. They had an unconventional love affair; they shut out the rest of the world and for a time, they made it work… until his untimely death in 1980.

“So smart-ass here says, ‘Well, I’ll give you an imaginary five shillings and hammer an imaginary nail in.’ And that’s when we really met. That’s when we locked eyes, and she got it and I got it, and that was it.” – John Lennon

BONUS: Tomothy

@Siriusly92: @tomchaplin Does Tim’s handsomeness ever bother you? ;)” only when I think of him during sex.

— Tom Chaplin (@tomchaplin)

February 13, 2014