So we have baby Natsumi and baby Kaneami, and the animal outfits… Who is with me in new NatsuxAmi shipping? Mois’ father didn’t make an appearance in this episode, but in the original he did. Shin Keroro replaces Tamama in this episode, Tomosu has been added too.

Name: Hinohara Tomosu (Tomosu)

Race: Earthling
Age: 11
Height: 142cm
Weight: 34kg

Department: Student in 5 year at Yotaka (Four Falcon) elementary school (Occult club)

Junior student and head of Fuyuki’s club (occult club).
Interested in the occult reality-like thought and face.
That is, since encountering with Shin Keroro, they have been living together by will.

Name: Kaneami Myou (Myou)

Race: Earthling
Age: 11
Height: 140cm
Weight: 31kg

Department: Student in 5 year at Yotaka (Four Falcon) elementary school

Coming and going in Yotaka(Four Falcon) elementary school, she is Tomosu’s classmate.
Very cute although conspicuous in existance, a mysterious atmosphere is usually drifting. (Perhaps around her.)

(Doujin) 【Progress Report】 Shichigosan. - Towa wo Tomosu RANJE

Now that the destroyed memories (data) have been restored, “he” (I) is renewed…

Lanje, the One who Lights Eternity.

That’s what you get for taking a long break from anime and doujin stuff. I haven’t looked at the doujin music scene since my exam break in April/May, and only recently have I returned to Project Lanjerd to finish up the videos I’m making for the second installment of the series. And I am shocked, surprised, and upset that I missed the series’ conclusion released in April—which is this album.

I’m not too sure how much I’ve stressed my love for this series, but I absolutely adore it. There’s something about simple melodramatic sci-fi plots that get to me (only recently, when Planetarian got adapted into an anime, did I realise how similar the concept of this series is with that), and this one, about a ruined robot who is slowly regaining his memories and being made anew, is just absolutely beautiful and tragic.

The plot of the series is simple: a broken android, or Robotia, is found in the ruins. The poor robot, whom his rescuers discover is called ‘Lanjerd’, is put through terminal care and repairs. They go through his stored data in order to find out more about him, and about how the world used to be before it was destroyed.

In the first three singles we found out how the robot boy got abandoned, how he met another robot that had gone through what he is going through, and how a distant satellite had erased his memories in order to erase his pain. And now, in this conclusion, we get to see where his journey through his memories has brought him to.

To be honest, I’m sad that this series has ended. I think this is the only series from Shimotsuki Haruka and Hiyama Nao that has gotten me so invested. While I look forward to their next series as Shichigosan., I think this one might remain at the top of the list for me. TwT

Meanwhile, as this album contains all the songs from the previous singles, you can say I have much of my work already done. All that’s left is for the translations of the three new songs, and for my video making and subbing to catch up with this conclusion. ;D

Official Website | Crossfade 

Progress (as of 20 August 2016):
Translation: 70%
Translation Checking & Editing: 70%
Video Making: 50%
Subtitles: 30%

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