The Shin Keroro Episode that I missed!!

Hi!! Today I will talk about Shin Keroro Episode that I missed from the Japanese Manga that I bought.

The Story start when Shin Keroro take an interest to 623′s pen  that can make image alive.

So, He went to Kururu’s lab and ask him for one.

Kururu give him a prototype one but… In the Gachapon Way (100Yen per Try)

first attempt.. Kururu head keychain

second attempt… Mystery Fairy-Shaped Kururu item

third attempt.. The Same Kururu head keychain. (The cruel feel that I always got from Gachapon)

fourth attempt.. finally got the pen in 400 Yen

Time for Start drawing, Firstly the mysterious creature for Fuyuki.

The Cute Little Cat (But I think it was in Special Ultimate form or something like that) for Natsumi.

And the other one…

And The Final drawing is Pekopon but failed from Overloaded Large Scale and blown the prototype pen..

 After that Tomosu give his crayon to Shin Keroro instead and end this episode with Cute Sleeping Shin…. XD

But… Did you notice something?

I can’t translate Japanese but I guess it was the Battle Keroro’s form with Wings, Weapon,Horn, Big Star on his head and Long Tail.  

But I think this form is quite similar. from his big Star and tail. it is like….

Shin Keroro + Blackstar Form

Yes, it may a coincidence but Yoshisaki may want this form to be the ultimate battle weapon form in the future.

But … I think It still be a very long future now. (At least after end the Akuaku episode first)


Keroro Gunsou Ask Meme
  • Keroro: What's your guilty pleasure?
  • Tamama: Do you have a favorite food?
  • Giroro: What's a trait of yours you hold pride in/an object you feel symbolizes something about you?
  • Kururu: What's your academic area of interest?
  • Dororo: Have you ever changed your motives after a fateful encounter/experience?
  • Fuyuki: What's your major interest at the moment?
  • Natsumi: Favorite author?
  • Momoka: What would you do for love?
  • Saburo: Who do you consider your best friend(s)?
  • Koyuki: Do you have a love?
  • Shin Keroro: What is your goal in life?
  • BlackStar: Do you have a rival?
  • Tomosu: Do you believe in aliens?
  • Myou: What is something you predict will happen in the future?
  • Garuru: Do you have any siblings?
  • Taruru: Who do you look up to?
  • Tororo: Do you like to mess with others?
  • Pururu: Do you like how your body looks?
  • Zoruru: Have you ever tried to make a friend, only to be ignored?
  • Shurara: Do you wish for revenge upon someone?
  • Gyororo: Were you ever shunned for your appearance?
  • Nuii: Have you ever been hurt by someone you thought you could trust?
  • Robobo: Do certain things repel you?
  • Yukiki: Do you like cool or warm colors?
  • Kagege: Are you more introverted or extroverted?
  • Giruru: If you had to capture an enemy, how would you go about doing so?
  • Dokuku: How do you communicate best? (Internet, in real life, over the phone, etc)
  • Putata: How do you best express your creativity?
  • Mekeke: Are there any aliases/other names you go by?
  • Joriri: What's your favorite quote?
  • Zeroyasha: Is there an old friend you'd like to meet up with again?
  • Meru: Have you ever felt extremely lonely?
  • Maru: Have you fallen in love with a best friend?
  • Terara: How in touch do you feel with your soul?
  • Shivava: Do you think highly of yourself?
  • Karara: Do you get crushes often?

SECRET LOVER - Tokiya Ichinose (Lyrics/Letra)

(CV. Mamoru Miyano)


(Did you feel me?) sekai ni wa
(Did you need me?) naisho no Heart
(Did you love me?) shigeki shita himitsu no haitoku

yukkuri aruita red carpet (mabushii flash)
demo kyou wa kimagure kimi ni shisen wo Cool wink

(suru hou yori) saseru hou ga
(aisuru yori) aisaseru
shitte masu yo? itsudatte miteru koto

Secret scandal (Scandal) O-Oh
koko de kimi no te tottara?
zero kyori made (Scandal) Walking
mimimoto de ‘Come here’ …Ah

(Did you feel me?) sonnani mo
(Did you need me?) hoshii nara
(Did you love me?) urumasete onegai shitara?

Yes or No kamo kotaesasezu (hi dake tomosu)
sou sureba motto kokoro wa You want me Bye-bye

(jirashite Teaching) kimi wo tamesu
(koi shita Reason) misenasai
shitte masu yo? madamada omoeru koto

Secret passion (Passion) No, no
itsumo no shisen sorashita
kanashimi sae (Passion) zenbu
dare ni mo watasanai …Ah

(Why doushite?) jikan ga tachi
(Why doushite?) utau tabi
kimi no hitomi wo sagasu naze na no deshou?

Secret lover (Lover) O-Oh
konma ichibyou mo yurusanai
watashi dake wo (Lover) Endless
aishite misenasai …Ah

(Did you feel me?) sekai ni wa
(Did you need me?) naisho no koi
(Did you love me?) shigeki shita himitsu no haitoku



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This episode is based on that chapter where they enter the forest zone and turn into bunnies outfits, Black Star was responsible for this invitation, not Keroro. Also Tomosu and Myou didn’t appear in this episode, and Alisa alomost ate Black Star before he got away. Momoka sure did some photos of Fuyuki.

Ryōta Ōsaka

Nice’s song dedicated to Murasaki from the Hamatora Character File Series.

[All credit of the translation goes to: HayasakaShion also on tumblr!]

Translation with Romaji

Motomerarete erabareta michi yori 
Rather than the path that I was chosen and sought out by
Jibun de erabitotta michi wo 
Walking along the path that I chose for myself
Ayundeku koto wa keshite kodoku na koto ja nai 
Is definitely not a lonely thing

Sorezore yarikata ga chigatteite mo 
Even though our methods maybe different
Donna ni hanareta to shite mo 
No matter how far apart we’re pulled
Sono saki ni miteru keshiki ga onaji naraba 
If the scenery we see after that is the same then
kitto sore de ii 
Then I’m definitely fine with that

Zetsubouteki na koto datte
Even depressing things are destroyed
ichimiri no kibou ga mieta nara 
If they see a millitre of hope
Itsu datte akiramenai 
Don’t give up all the time
de saigo made oikaketeku tte 
Tell'em you’’ll chase them till the end
Kakugou wa tokidoki sou 
I resolve from time to time, yeah,
tasuketai te surinukete shimau 
“I want to save him,” pierces my heart

Chirakatta unmei no kakera wo 
Ever if I properly connect
umaku tsunagiawasetemo 
The shards of our broken fate
Uketoru hito ga inakya 
I hear if there’s no one to receive it 
hanpa na kotae shika umenai tte 
I’ll only get a half-assed answer
hikari wo tomosu no nara  
If you’re gonna light a fire 
sore wo mamori tsuzuketai darou? 
You’d want to keep on protecting it, yeah?

Sekai to oriai wo tsukeru tame ni 
To reach a compromise with the world
Tobideta kui wo utsu yori mo 
More than destroying the regret that came flying out
Togatta omoi wo sotto
It’s okay if you slowly finish up
togisumaseba ii 
To carry out your feelings

Sorezore no chikara ga chigatteite mo 
Ever if our powers are different
Hito wa RANKU wo tsuketagaru  
People still stubbornly rank us
Iro wo kake awase atarashii e wo egakeru 
Even though I feel like mixing colors
sonna ki ga suru no ni 
And painting a new picture! 

Bukiyousa wo kakushite 
If you feel like hiding your clumsiness
tarinai toko tsukurou kurai nara 
And making the parts you lack 
Atamannaka no shikisai wo
You say it’s fine to just spew out
tada buchimakete iin da tte 
The colors in my head 
Hontou no tsuyosa to wa 
Real strength is
omoi kasane awasu koto darou? 
is just overlapping your feelings, right?

Dareka wo kizutsuketa bun dake yasashisa mune ni dakeru 
I only carry as much kindness in my heart
yasashisa mune ni dakeru  
As I’ve hurt someone 
Yowasa ni yorisoeru chikara
The strength that can embrace weakness 
koso ga tsuyosa nandatte 
Is real strength, I hear
Hikari wo tomosu mono wa 
The one who lights fires
yami ni hisomu te wo tsukamunda 
Grasps hands that lurk in the darkness 
Kyakkanteki na koto datte
Even the most objective things
ichibyougo ni wa uso ni nattari 
After a second turn into lies 
Kage ga hikari wo terasu
It may be that the shadow
koto ga aru kamo shirenai tte 
Illuminates the light, you say 
Chikaku ja kikoenakute 
The voice that I couldn’t hear from close by
tooku de hajimete kikeru koe 
But I can hear it for the first time from afar

Shinjitsu to shinsou ga
If someday truth and reality will 
itsunomanika zurete shimau no nara 
End up distorted, then 
Saigo ni erabu no wa
What I’ll choose at the end is
jibun jishin doushitai no ka datte 
Whatever I want to do
Risou sae kutsugaeseru 
If even ideals are breaking down 
jiyuu wo kono mi ni matoeba ii 
Then it’s okay to leave my freedom to myself


[Thank you for letting me use the translation.(☆^o^☆)]


Keroro is 17 years old !

Movie 3 is re-aired in Japanese theater for this day, and there are 17 Mine Yoshizaki’s autographs to win with volume 27 (by pre-order i think)


So we have baby Natsumi and baby Kaneami, and the animal outfits… Who is with me in new NatsuxAmi shipping? Mois’ father didn’t make an appearance in this episode, but in the original he did. Shin Keroro replaces Tamama in this episode, Tomosu has been added too.

Name: Hinohara Tomosu (Tomosu)

Race: Earthling
Age: 11
Height: 142cm
Weight: 34kg

Department: Student in 5 year at Yotaka (Four Falcon) elementary school (Occult club)

Junior student and head of Fuyuki’s club (occult club).
Interested in the occult reality-like thought and face.
That is, since encountering with Shin Keroro, they have been living together by will.

Name: Kaneami Myou (Myou)

Race: Earthling
Age: 11
Height: 140cm
Weight: 31kg

Department: Student in 5 year at Yotaka (Four Falcon) elementary school

Coming and going in Yotaka(Four Falcon) elementary school, she is Tomosu’s classmate.
Very cute although conspicuous in existance, a mysterious atmosphere is usually drifting. (Perhaps around her.)


I guess since I have no other way, I’ll post what I was subbing next right here for now:

“Negai” (Wish) by Tiara ft. Hatsune Miku

Having a path you’re supposed to walk,
Ayumu beki michi ga koto
I feel that is something to be proud of
Hokorashiku omou yo

Back then, that future which was interrupted,
Ano hi toiireta mirai wa
Everyone was looking upon it so hopefully weren’t they
Minna ga terashitekureta ne

If we cannot meet, than this dream of mine
Deawanakereba kono yume mo
It lays in pieces, like a bunch of scattered marbles
Hibi wareta mama biidama no you de

If this wish could come true,
Kanau nara kono uta ga
Than this song of mine would cross the sky to where you are
Kono sora wo koe kimi no moto e
And wrap itself around the two of us from back then
Tooi hi no bokura wo ima tsutsumikondeku

永遠の光は 世界を満たし
The light of eternity fills the world
Eien no hikari wa sekai wo mitashi
映し出す火は 命を灯す        
That reflected fire lights up this existence      
Utsushidasu hi wa inochi wo tomosu

Thinking of someone…forgiving them…
Dareka wo omou koto dareka wo yurusu koto
Sometimes being hurt…staying next to someone…
Toki ni kizutsuku koto soba ni itekureta koto

To you who taught me that my place was right here beside you
Koko ga ibasho da yo to oshietekureta kimi ni
I can finally say it
Ima nara ieru yo

“I’m home”

Right now, these wishes and prayers and feelings of mine
Ima, negai wa, inori wa, omoi wa
I’m sure that they’ll reach you…someday
Todoku youni, itsuka wa, kitto

Right now, these wishes and prayers and feelings of mine
Ima, negai wa, inori wa, omoi wa
I’m sure they’ll come true…some day…
Kanau youni, itsuka wa, kitto

Right, I, we will sing
Ima, watashi wa, bokura wa, utau yo
We’re right here, together, forevermore
Koko ni iru yo, itsudemo, zutto

The dream we both had back then
Tooi hi no bokura ga mita yume
It’s coming true…


See Tomosu, Myou, and New Keroro animated and voiced for the first time in File 009: The New Keroro! Aren’t you excited? I know I was. I’ve been waiting since 2011!