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Hey guys! Two months ago, it was announced that Notice Me Senpai will be offline beginning May 31st. Hearing this shook us and left us in a state of disbelief. Afterall, it was not long ago when we celebrated it’s one year anniversary. This game has helped us grow as people. It connected fans and was there when others couldn’t be there for us. We grew a bond we didn’t know would affect us so deeply, and even got to date our favorite senpais. As fans, we decided that the best thing to do is stay together and continue to share the love we have for the game and it’s creators. We wanted to support them for as long as we can… and with that, this blog has decided to give a tribute to fans of NMS everywhere, and especially to the creators of the game we all know and love~ 

Presenting … Project: Tomorrow

This project takes Miku’s song, Once Upon A Me into the NMS universe, where Kouhai faces a tough time adjusting. With the help of her senpais, however, she is able to smile and get through it, just as we will overcome any hardships that come our way. It is also accompanied by a fic which tells the story of Kouhai’s experience with the senpais through the years~

Just as it was said in the beginning of this blog, let’s all continue to love the senpais! They will forever be in our hearts.

Letters to Leslie

a very very old poem series i wrote for Leslie Cheung (born today, Sept.12), a gay Chinese actor/artist who committed suicide by jumping off the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. 

tw: homophobia, suicide mention, sex, my sad gay feelings

Note: italicized words/text based on lines from scripts and interviews. also, these poems are very much products of my imagination/imagined relationship w/ leslie and are not a literal summation or interpretation of his films

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Pearl Jam - Daughter/It’s Okay (Live)

another one for the ages… if you’re me

the cool little improv at the end is based off It’s Okay by Dead Moon, and it goes like this…

this is my chance, this is my life,
and my opening hour
this is my choice, this is my voice,
there may be no tomorrow
this is my plea, this is my need,
this is my time for standing free,
this is my step, this is my depth,
in a world so demanding of me

it’s okay,
you don’t have to run and hide away
it’s okay, we’ve all seen better days

One panel from the next page of my Yuri on Ice Fairytale AU. I’ll probably finish it by tomorrow

This was supposed to be a reply to a message asking me to post a preview but I accidentally deleted the message :( I’m sorry to the one who sent me that!

Wolf 359 Character Playlists: MVP Tracks

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So this summer, as we released mini episodes for each of the characters, I put out a playlist for each week’s featured person. These were songs that reflected some aspect of their personality, their way of dealing with conflicts or the world around them, or just plain songs that they would enjoy and listen to. Now that the summer is over, I thought I’d go through each list and pick an MVP track for each person, and give a bit of commentary for how I think each piece links up to each person. 

Let’s do this thing. 

Minkowski - Defying Gravity 

Hilariously, this is one I didn’t come up with myself. Claire, who was doing an apprenticeship with us this summer suggested it, and as soon as she did I kicked myself hard for not thinking of it right away. Of course this is a Minkowski song. Of course it’s the Minkowski song. I am reasonably sure it’s Minkowski’s favorite song. It is everything that is at the character’s inner more core: the long held back exasperations, the need to break away from the restrictions that have defined her, and the joyous, luminous human that’s hidden in there. All, of course, in musical theater blockbuster form. So, yeah: perfect.

Too late for second guessing, too late to go back to sleep, it’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap… 

Hilbert - Wait For It

Yeah, yeah, yeah, insert your Hamilton/Lin-Manuel Miranda/Wesleyan joke of choice, but if it works it works. I was tempted to go with Non, je ne regrette rien just because of how well it encapsulates Hilbert’s unapologetic attitude towards the world and his actions, but there is something about Wait For It that really sums up the character for me. The sense of someone who’s seen and done so much, who’s been through more than what most human could ever even fathom, and is trying to assert his influence over it is just an excellent match for him. 

I am the one thing in life I can control… I am inimitable, I am an original… 

Maxwell - There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

This one is simpler. For whatever her failings and ambiguities might be, I do think that Maxwell genuinely believes that we are headed for a brighter, shinier future courtesy of technology. She has that attitude that people in world’s fairs back in the 1950′s had - “I just can’t wait for the World of Tomorrow!” Nothing fits that better than this Rex Allen track for me - all exuberant joy at the prospects of what’s around the corner, zero interest in what it’s gonna cost to get there. 

Man has a dream and that’s the start, he follows his dream with mind and heart, and when it becomes a reality, it’s a dream come true for you and me…

Lovelace - Les Jours Tristes 

If you’re like most people, you probably met this wonderful Yann Tiersen track (the title of which translates to “The Sad Days”) in the Amelie soundtrack. Which means right now you might be going, “This song has lyrics?!” It does, and oh what lyrics they are. Of all the things that might resonate with Lovelace’s journey, for whatever reason this is the one that really leaps out at me. It’s so bare-facedly passionate about the difficulties of staying true to yourself when things get tough, and the melody builds and soars in such a wonderful way. But for me it’s all about one specific bit, which gives me the chills every time I hear it with Isabel in mind: 

‘Cause you, you are the only one left. and you’ve got to clean up this mess… You know you’ll up like the rest: bitter and twisted, unless… you stay strong and you… carry on…

Jacobi - Claroscuro

This one I’ve spoken a bit about before. Soda Stereo as a band are really good at making songs which bring together two different modes of operation. Not so much mixing different kinds of songs, but… well, almost playing two different songs at once. Claroscuro is one of those for me. It’s about tenderness. It’s about disorientation. It’s soft and gentle. It’s a dark rocker. It’s moody. It’s clear and genuine. And above everything else it’s about twilight - the contrast and blending of light and shadow. And that’s kind of Jacobi in a nutshell. He can be the kindest, most genuinely human person. He can be the cruelest, most unconcerned person on board the ship. Usually he’s both at the same time. Chiaroscuro in human form. 

 [Don’t follow me, I don’t know where I’m going…]

Hera - Gollum’s Song

No, I’m not trolling you. 

Okay, fine. No, I’m not just trolling you. When putting this playlist together, I really thought that Florence + The Machine’s What the Water Gave Me would be the emotional core. But then, somehow, my brain remembered this little, sad, gorgeously pathetic, agonizingly bitter masterpiece from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. This may make more sense after some upcoming episodes, but it spoke so deeply to the dark part of Hera’s psyche, to the side of her that has had to deal with the abuse and the horror that we only get the tiniest glimpse of in Decomissioned. And there is something chilling in how the strings and Emilíana Torrini’s vocals capture all of that. There’s real, tragic, beautiful vengeful wrath in there, and it is terrifying. 

And you will weep when you face the end alone, you are lost, you can never go home… You are lost… You can never go home… 

Eiffel - Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Because of course. More than any other character in the series Eiffel is all about the issue of perspective. He was our POV character for so long. We’ve gotten to see other sides of him, and now we may be getting to see another one. We get him in layers, and part of our mission throughout the series is to reach a full understanding of him. And he knows it. He has to. He is so particular and so performative in the version of himself that he presents to the world that he has to be concerned - if not consumed - by these thoughts. And no song captures that anguish, that desperation, and that neurosis better than this one, and no iteration of it fit Eiffel better than Joe Cocker’s gritty blues. 

Baby, sometimes I’m so carefree, with a joy that’s hard to hide… And sometimes it seems that all I have do is worry, then you’re bound to see my other side…

Kepler - Don’t Stop Me Now

Another Claire suggestion, and another one that I am deeply ashamed to not have arrived at myself. For all of Kepler’s statements about how he’s been consumed by his job, it is important to remember: he is here by choice. He has chosen to the do the things that he’s doing, more so than any non-Cutter character that we’ve met. And there is this sense of willful forward momentum to him: even if he’s following orders he’s doing things because - and the way - that he wants to. Whether that is true or an act - and if it’s an act, whether it’s addressed at others or at himself - he is dedicated to maintaining that impression. And nothing, nothing, captures that sensation and those layers quite the way that Freddie Mercury does. 

I’m burning through the sky yeah, two hundred degrees, that’s why they call me Mister Fahrenheit…

Phew! All right, enough cryptic, pretentious music ramblings from me. Now back to your regularly scheduled podcast content… 

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Begging and Bribery

for @deadcatwithaflamethrower .  i said there would be begging and bribery XD so here we are:

Begging a.k.a. Cliffhangers are a B*tch

that moment
jaw drop
I cannot believe
you were so cruel

this is the lament
of the loyal reader
left on a cliffhanger
because the author
is wonderful and
most definitely
not a sadist cackling
at our pain

holy the fuck
why did you leave
it there - leave us
hanging in suspense
wishing to know
wanting to know
willing to know

the loyal reader sighs
bookmarks and returns
though they say well
I’ll just let a couple
updates go by to prevent
this happening again

the email comes through
Ao3 is open in a heartbeat
Because cliffhangers have
nothing compared to the
joy we get from reading

Bribery a.k.a. Courage (under a cut because spoilers for latest chapter of OaLC)

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Trending Happy Birthday Leah Pipes tomorrow

This trend will be a tad bit different. Leah’s birthday is coming soon, so we thought it’d be a great idea to trend for her. I’m sure most of you have seen the increase in hate being thrown towards Leah lately. She’s such a sweetheart and doesn’t at all deserve that. She’s kind, charming, funny, woke on social issues, and just an overall cinnamon roll. So, please join us in celebrating her birthday and swarming her in as much love as possible.

Trend: ‘Happy Birthday Leah Pipes’

Day: Wednesday, August 12


Please pay attention to the DAY and TIME. Because they are a bit different than our last trends.

Our goal is to tweet for an hour and trend, so we highly encourage using twitter drafts. Twitter drafts are handy because you can save a set number of tweets before our scheduled trend, and start sending them when the time starts. The more tweet drafts you have, the more tweets you can do in an hour, the better chances we have of trending!

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Even if you do not ship Klamille and love Cami or Leah Pipes the way we do, please feel free to join us! We’d love to have you.

the night the moon lay
on a thin blanket of clouds
lined silver like a lop-sided grin,
we split our hearts in two
and took each like religion,
a bitter pill downed by shadows,
an almost half–
it is still beautiful,
still, it is beautiful
meanwhile, waves crashed
into shores as it has always
since time before
the tides shift, clouds roll in
and the sun rises–
everything that changes
is all that is permanent–
this, too, is beautiful
just like we were yesterday
just like we are now
just like we’ll be tomorrow
this, too, is true

yumberry  asked:

I want the full story of the burglar now tbh. If you're okay with telling it, that is.

well technically i mostly dub this story as “the mystery man” story when i introduce it to other people i’ve told the story to, but yeah i can tell

this is a bit lengthy, im sorry, this is just how i tell the story irl too

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