Trending Happy Birthday Leah Pipes tomorrow

This trend will be a tad bit different. Leah’s birthday is coming soon, so we thought it’d be a great idea to trend for her. I’m sure most of you have seen the increase in hate being thrown towards Leah lately. She’s such a sweetheart and doesn’t at all deserve that. She’s kind, charming, funny, woke on social issues, and just an overall cinnamon roll. So, please join us in celebrating her birthday and swarming her in as much love as possible.

Trend: ‘Happy Birthday Leah Pipes’

Day: Wednesday, August 12


Please pay attention to the DAY and TIME. Because they are a bit different than our last trends.

Our goal is to tweet for an hour and trend, so we highly encourage using twitter drafts. Twitter drafts are handy because you can save a set number of tweets before our scheduled trend, and start sending them when the time starts. The more tweet drafts you have, the more tweets you can do in an hour, the better chances we have of trending!

You can make drafts on the Twitter app (mobile), Tweetdeck (works on Mobile/PC), Futuretweets (for scheduling tweets on the PC), TweetCaster (scheduling tweets on mobile), Hootsuite (scheduling tweets on mobile/PC).

Even if you do not ship Klamille and love Cami or Leah Pipes the way we do, please feel free to join us! We’d love to have you.

the night the moon lay
on a thin blanket of clouds
lined silver like a lop-sided grin,
we split our hearts in two
and took each like religion,
a bitter pill downed by shadows,
an almost half–
it is still beautiful,
still, it is beautiful
meanwhile, waves crashed
into shores as it has always
since time before
the tides shift, clouds roll in
and the sun rises–
everything that changes
is all that is permanent–
this, too, is beautiful
just like we were yesterday
just like we are now
just like we’ll be tomorrow
this, too, is true