tomorrows one is done and ready

hey so you know that vicious cycle of mental health making you unproductive which makes your mental health worse? don’t worry friend I am here with something that can help

just get one thing done. break the cycle. it doesn’t have to be some big task. in fact it’s better if it isn’t. decide on something that takes five minutes or less. keep it tiny and manageable - the key is to feel like you’ve accomplished something, so when your brain is all, you can’t even do a single thing all day except lay in bed being useless, you can be like, oh but I did do something, brain, suck on that. it might not seem like much at the time but it helps a lot to have something tangible you can point to

do you have dirty dishes in your bedroom? get rid of ‘em. you don’t have to wash them, just put them in the sink with soapy water. done. easy.

do you have a pile of empty water bottles sitting there? good for you staying hydrated. but you don’t need a mountain of plastic reminders. throw a few in the trash or in recycling. don’t worry about chasing down every single one, just pick a number. get rid of 5 or 10. easy, manageable even if you feel terrible. done.

do you need to do something early tomorrow? get something ready now. just one thing. lay out an outfit. fill the coffee maker so you can just press a button tomorrow. pack your backpack or purse. bonus benefit, future you will have an extra few minutes to breathe in the morning.

do you have a pet? spend 5 minutes with your pet. cuddle them. play tug of war. make baby noises at them. your pet loves you. I bet they miss you when you’re sad. you’ll both feel better.

has it been 3 weeks since you did laundry? pick your clothes up off the floor and put them in a laundry basket. don’t actually wash them or even take the basket anywhere. just collect the clothes for later so they aren’t spread all over. it’ll make actually doing them that much easier when you have more energy

did you manage to wash your clothes but not put them away? fold something. fold another thing. and one more. put them away. three things. you got this one.

did you do your one thing? good. I’m proud of you. even if it didn’t make you feel better, guess what? you did a thing. you got something done, you can be done now. you can go back to bed if you want.

The Point

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Billy Hargrove x Reader

Request: Billy angst

AN: Hi. Hello. I’m just going to leave this here and bury myself in my backyard. 

“You have third period free, right?” The boy that Y/N was partnered up with in chemistry, Chris, was standing next to her locker. He nodded. “I’ll meet you at the library tomorrow, then? See how much we can get done. God, I just hate how Mrs. Lewis just piles these things on us as if we have nothing else to do,” Y/N switched the books she had in her hands for the ones needed for homework that night.

A ruckus down the hall caught Chris’s attention, but Y/N knew who it was. Chris looked over Y/N’s shoulder. Y/N rolled her eyes, getting ready for the interaction. Chris sighed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, alright? We can go over the homework, too. I’m sure I’ll have some questions,” Chris started backing away as Billy and his friends got closer.  

“See you tomorrow!” Y/N called out to Chris. He gave a wave and turned around down the hall.

“Don’t leave on my account, Williams,” Billy yelled down the hall, his voice booming. Chris ignored him and turned down the connecting hall that would lead him to the parking lot.

“Hey! I’m talking to you, Williams!” Billy’s voice turned menacing as he and his friends made their way after him. Y/N grabbed Billy by the back of his jean jacket, trying to hold him back.

What are you doing?!” Y/N screeched at Billy. Billy whipped around, cornering Y/N at her locker. He slammed his hands on either side of her head, making her jump.

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Ok, so something sad that happenes but it gets better.

Flug, while mixing chemicals together one day for an invisibility serum, manages to somehow grab the wrong chemical to mix with the one hes currently holding, because he was busy shouting at Demencia to “PUT THAT DOWN BEFORE IT SHATTERS!”, and the mixutre ends up exploding in his eyes. The rest of his face is fine, but his eyes become damaged. He becomes black and white colorblind. Hes only able to see in monochrome. His visions slightly blurry too, but aside from that and now being colorblind, he’s ok.

This wouldnt be such a problem, except that he needs to be able to see the colors of certain wires to make certain inventions work correctly, and he needs to be able to see the colors of different chemicals so that he doesnt cause a wider scale explosion in the lab.

For a while he makes things work. He has to work a bit slower on some inventions, and he often needs Demencia’s help in differentiating colors of liquids and machine parts and such, but other than the slower pace, which agravates Black Hat a good bit, all is the same as it was before the incident.

One day however, Flug comes into the lab to find a suprise on table: a pair of goggles that will fit over the bag he wears. (Prior to this he didnt wear goggles over the bag. He just had eyeholes cut out of it.)

He goes to put them on, and almost screams when he does because EVERYTHING IS BRIGHT AGAIN!!

The goggles turn out to have lenses in them that can correct colorblindness and “Holy shit I CAN SEE THE COLORS AGAIN!! THIS IS AMAZING!!”

Demencia walks in the lab with 5.0.5 in tow, and notices Flug walking around, looking at everything, clearly happy about something. And then she notices the goggles.

“Neat goggles you got there! Where’d they come from?”

“I don’t know but Demencia, they allow me to see colors again!!!!”

And shes kinda suprised because “Wait they make goggles like that?!”

And Flugs just so happy because he can finally do his work again without depending on someone else to help him, and this will speed up his work process againc and Black Hat won’t be so upset with his work time and -

“Wait, Demencia, you didn’t get these for me?”

“Nope, no idea where they came from.”

He’s a bit puzzeled, because these goggles obviously didnt just show up out of nowhere. Someone got them for him. Someone who knew he was colorblind.

Someone who wasn’t Demencia, and certainly not 5.0.5.

That left one person. Well, demon more like it.

Flug walks to Black Hats office, and opens the door just slightly to see that his boss is busy filling out that years tax forms, because “We may be a team of villains, but we still live in a house and own a business, and as such we owe taxes to the idiotic government that runs this country, and I will NOT have my company run to the ground because of tax evasion!!”
Flug waits until he finishes writing up the page he’s on, and then steps into the office the whole way.

“What is it that you require Dr. I’m very busy at the moment and you have orders to fill.”

“Well um, Sir I just..just wanted to let you know that those orders you gave me yesterday? They’ll uh..they’ll be done by tomorrow. Tomorrow morning actually.”

Black Hat looks up at that because “Flugs work has taken longer than two days since the incident that doesn’t add up” and then he notices the goggles.

“What’s with the new headwear Flug?”

“Oh the goggles? They appeared on my um. My desk this morning. They actually..they correct my vision?”


“I can..i can see colors again Sir.”

Black Hat sits back for a minute, taking in the information.

“Is that why you’ll have those orders done so quickly compared to your normal time?”

“Yes Sir.”

“…fair enough. Make sure they’re as good quality wise as the ones you’ve been producing. We don’t want to sell rushed work to our clients and ruin our reputation now do we?”

“No Sir, of course not. I’ll um..i’ll have them ready and done well by tomorrow morning for you.”

“Good. Now go back to working on them, I need to finish these forms, least my company go down the drain from failing to comply with thw government’s asinine rules.”

Flug turns to leave, and gets halfway out the door, before turning back to Black Hat.

“You wouldn’t happen to have been the one who got the goggles for me, were you Sir?”

Black Hat looks up, small scowl on his face.

“Of course not Dr. Why would I ever do such a thing like that? I have no idea who gave them to you. Just be greatful that you have them now and get back to work.”

“Yes Sir, will do.”

And with that Flug leaves.

He doesn’t see the small smile on Black Hats face after he leavws because “he liked the goggles I got for him.”

I have a whole heap of short stories on the back burner ready for when I finally finish TPatJ; the one I think I might do first is a little coffee-shop love story bc I have actually never done one of those, shockingly.

anyway here’s some concept art for one of the leading ladies

I do

this is the l o n g e s t thing i’ve ever written also it’s literally a fluff extravaganza so you’re welcome. thanks to @kidinlovewithakid for helping me on this (it would actually suck ass if she didn’t) so enjoy folks! 

feedback is very much appreciated! <3 

wc; 4644

“Y/n,” you felt someone shake your body in attempt to wake you up. You groaned and turned yourself around so you were facing the opposite side of your warm bed. “Y/n you need to get up, you’re getting married today!” the voice you now identified as Mel, your best friend and maid of honour, kept vigorously shaking you until you finally sat up. You figured they must have let themselves in earlier since you had given Mel a key to the house for emergencies.

“Guys it’s so early please let me sleep,” you mumbled, wrapping yourself up in your warm comforter again in hopes they’ll give you just 5 more minutes. It may be your wedding day, but you were still beyond tired from last night’s rehearsal dinner and you were really starting to wish you and Shawn hadn’t stayed up for 4 hours after you got home. Neither of you had been able to sleep due to nerves and excitement so you decided to stay up and watch movies until you were tired.

“Where’s Shawn?” you mumbled, noticing that the other side of the bed was already empty.  You were a little disappointed that he woke up before you, even though you aren’t supposed to see each other until the ceremony you wanted to sneak in one last moment together before the chaos started.

“He left, now get up so you can go marry my brother!” Aaliyah exclaimed, jumping onto the bed and pulling the covers off you, exposing you to the cold morning air that was coming in from the window that Mel must have opened. You sat cross legged on your bed and took a look at your bridesmaids and the two mothers standing around you waiting for you to get out of the bed so you could finally go to the outdoor field where the ceremony was taking place.  You let out a shaky breath, the realization that you were actually getting married later finally sinking in.

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It’s Been a While (Richie Tozier x Reader)


Pairing: Richie x reader

Request: Nope

Summary: IT is back and as Y/N heads back to Derry, she meets back up with Richie, the boy who she’d been in love with ever since that summer.

Warnings: None, but this is my first x reader so it might suck

A/N: I think I might make this into like a 2 parter or a series, so hmu if you want some more story

Your chest felt like it was on fire. Mike had called you while you were watching a typical slasher film. “Jesus fucking Christ!,” you exclaimed as the shrill ring of the telephone rang throughout your apartment. You set down your popcorn and paused the movie, getting up to answer the phone and curse the caller who almost gave you a heart attack.

“You scared the shi-”

“Y/N.” a familiar voice spoke over the line. Your face took a confused expression as you twirled the phone’s chord in your fingers.

“Yes? Who is this,” you questioned, getting slightly unnerved by the seriousness in the voice’s tone.

“It’s me. Mike. Mike Hanlon? Listen, we need to talk. About the promise we made.”

You nearly dropped the phone and your face drained of any color. The promise. You swallowed the lump in your throat, knowing the conversation that was to come. Bracing yourself as that summer’s events came back to you. The Neibolt house, the bowers gang, your group of friends, Bill, Beverly, Eddie, Stan, Mike, Ben…… Richie.

You and Richie had been dating since April before that summer started. Not a second of it was dull with his cheesy and terrible pick up lines, all the way down to the way he would yell at any other loser for being an ass whipe and staring at his girl. The situation with it had just made your relationship stronger, and by the time the promise was made, Richie pulled you aside from the group and told you, “Y/N, if we ever have to come back to this bum fuck town to fight that fucking clown, I promise to you that I will make sure nothing ever fucking hurts you, do you hear me hot stuff?? Nothing. And after, I swear on my life I will marry you.” To that you giggled and of course agreed, you were in love with the glasses wearing boy. But then in the next month, your mom broke the news that you’d be moving out to Missouri in the next month for her business promotion. The day you left, you said goodbye to all your losers and your Richie, telling him you’d keep that promise even now.

Now you weren’t so sure about it. “W-what about it Mike? I’ve missed you. Is everything okay?” The words just sort of fell out of your mouth all together with a nervous laugh. You went to touch the phone chord again. You were trembling.

“Y/N… you know why I called you. The clown… I-it… it’s back.”

“Oh god… when should I be there? Who all is there now?”

“Probably in the next day or so. Bill, Ben, Eddie, and Richie,” you could hear the smirk in his voice, trying to lighten the mood by telling you that Richie was in Derry. You laughed.

“Shut up Mike,” you said softly in a joking tone, “it is still nice to hear your voice though. I haven’t seen or heard from any of you guys since I moved.”

“I’ve missed you too. Everyone else has I’m sure. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow it is. Bye Mikey,” you spoke barely above a whisper and shakily hung up the phone.

The plane ride to the one and only Derry, Maine was stressful to say the least. Had everyone forgotten about you? Did they hate you for having to leave them? What if they all hadn’t changed and were uninterested with you because you’d changed so much? You were about ready to pull your hair out from anxiety.

Puberty had done you well. Your h/c hair had gotten a bit longer, your facial features filling out beautifully, you were slightly taller, but still fairly tiny for a woman your age. You were less shy and quiet, more confident and outgoing. You still had the same interests, your e/c eyes still being filled with a sparkle when you talked about them. Different, yet all together the same.

The plane had landed, and your ankle boots clicked against the ground of the place you used to call home. The small town was still the same as how you’d left it, except maybe with a couple more cars and a couple of different buildings. You passed your old house, Richie’s, Bill’s, even Stan’s on the way to the restaurant you guys had agreed to meet at. Your eyes began to gloss over with tears at the sight of what you’d missed this whole time.

You walked up the steps to the restaurant, your heart nearly beating out of your chest and your breath going heavy with anxiety. This was it. You were going to see everyone again. You were going to see Richie again. You pushed open the door, walking through the aisles as people talked and ate and laughed looking for Mike Hanlon and the rest of your losers.

Your eyes searched the dining room, making eye contact with warm brown eyes. “Hey Y/N! Over here,” Mike yelled. You froze in place as each person at the table turned their head to look at you. You could see everybody’s breath hitch. You were as unrecognizable to them as they were to you.

You slowly walked over, standing in front of the table quietly and in a slight shock as Beverly stood up and ran over to give you a hug. “Oh Y/N… I’ve missed you so much. We’ve missed you so much.” She said softly as she buried her face in your shoulder. Your lips curled up into a sweet smile, laughing and hugging her tightly back. “I’ve missed you so much too Bevvy.”

She stepped back and you looked around the table, smiling and waving to each of your old friends. And then your eyes made their way to soft brown spectacled ones.

Richie’s face flushed with color and his breath hitched in his throat. It was you. It was his Y/N, the girl he promised to marry in his later years if they ever met again. It was you.

13 Days of Outlander - Day 13 Dragonfly in Amber

The last and longest episode of the season and the final day of our 13 Days of Outlander/A Month of Outlander (and the anniversary of the battle of Culloden). This episode is a bit of a mixed bag for me with my opinions and favorites about it changing every time I watch it. 

Favorite Scene: Claire and Roger sharing whisky. This is consistently my favorite scene though I do occasionally like to torture myself with the farewell at Craigh na Dun. The double meaning to what Claire is saying and thinking compared to what Roger takes her meaning to be and the heart-wrenching grief behind his question is just so touching. It goes a long way to establishing their sense of one another, their recognition of their understanding of one another, and I think the seeds of why he’s willing to give her the benefit of the doubt later are sown here. Plus it’s the scene that solidifies…

Favorite Performance: Rik Rankin as Roger Wakefield. I have a really hard time with Roger in the first few books where he plays a significant role but from the first few scenes of Rankin inhabiting the character I was completely won over. There’s a subtlety to his performance that just isn’t there on the page and having Rankin in mind is making rereading through those difficult Roger passages in the books much easier. I mean, he hits the somber and sorrowful notes in his scene with Claire (where he is easily his most vulnerable) but then turns around and has the best reactions to Bree’s meltdown at her mother once she learns the truth; and after hearing Claire’s story he performs as a mediator between mother and daughter with surprising skill and charm.

Favorite Music Moment: Geillis’ speech. As with my favorite scene, this is a favorite that tends to change but I have to give the edge to Geillis’ speech because I find myself skipping ahead to the White Roses of Scotland track more than others. 

Favorite Location: Culloden Moor. Habit tends to push me towards Lallybroch but in this instance, seeing it all run down and roofless, it isn’t my favorite; Lallybroch can only be my favorite when it’s thriving and full of life. Instead I find myself preferring the gorgeous shots of Culloden Moor. It’s so open and yet somber but without bringing up the pain of something like seeing Lallybroch’s front doors chained shut. We haven’t seen Culloden in the show since 1x05 in a flashback with Frank but it’s not a place that can really get run down or fall apart the way Lallybroch can and does. It feels static in a way, unchanged by time; as somber and weighty as it must have been in the weeks, months, and years after the battle ended. It is a location that feels frozen in time so that, even though Claire goes with the intent of saying goodbye, it makes perfect sense that through Brianna’s discovery she is as far from leaving Jamie behind as she will ever be. 

Favorite Minor Character: the helpful researcher. We don’t get this character’s name but she is so helpful to Claire and her whole attitude and demeanor just gives me major Mrs. Graham vibes, I can’t help but love her (and we know she’s efficient because look at just how fast she got Roger’s genealogy chart complied).

Favorite Book to Screen Adaptation: Dougal’s death. I know there are folks who aren’t fond of the fact that they changed the scene so that Claire and Jamie kill Dougal together, but I kind of love it. I’m pretty sure this is the first time on the show where we have seen Claire take part in actively killing someone (Colum doesn’t count because he asked for her help and the Comte doesn’t count either for a few reasons, some of them spoilery for The Space Between). In the books, however, Claire has a bit more blood on her hands at this point. I also love the way the scene is choreographed and acted. Dougal’s crazy eyes as he just repeats the word, “anger,” a few times, Jamie’s shielding of Claire (and the bairn) as Dougal builds towards open attack, Claire getting to knock Dougal over the head with a crate in an echo the way she did the same with a small stool back in The Gathering, the horror on Jamie’s face as he realizes what he’s done and the tremor in his voice as he says, “I’m sorry, uncle,” and rests his head on Dougal’s shoulder… there’s just so much going on in this scene.

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Jamie and Murtagh. Claire is pretty distracted through most of this part of the book so we don’t get a whole lot about what transpires and in the show, she’s absent from the scene altogether (and with good reason), but it means so much to me that we get this beautiful moment between Jamie and Murtagh. It’s a wonderful companion to their scene back in Prestonpans when Murtagh is confessing to his feelings of insignificance before the battle. Murtagh knows what’s going to happen and has an idea of how he’ll be one of so many men to fight and die on the field but where before it made him feel insignificant, he has finally found something about it that will make his death meaningful, even if it isn’t in the way he’d originally thought/wanted (god, that season three premiere is going to hurt).

Favorite Line: Roger persuades Brianna to go to Craigh na Dun. Favorite line is probably the favorite of mine that changes most frequently. I love Roger’s repetition of Geillis’ “fucking barbecue” as well as Murtagh observing to Jamie that “he isn’t surprised [that Jamie killed Dougal] only that it took him so long”; I’m also always fond of the fact that they worked in both the Da mi basia mille poem and Jamie’s “I will find you,” speech. But this time through I was struck again by just how quickly Roger thought on his feet when Claire announced she wanted to see if they could stop Geillis and especially how he persuaded Brianna to go along with it despite her misgivings and stubborn resistance to everything Claire has been saying. “This could be our chance to make [Claire] actually face it” and when Bree still resists wondering what if Geillis is crazy too and only supports Claire’s obviously deluded claims… “Well then maybe we all get to watch her slam her head into a five ton block of granite.” He manages to inject enough humor and logic for Bree to lighten up a little bit and yield. 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: parting at the stones. There is so much from their farewell in the book that simply couldn’t make it to the episode (for a multitude of reasons, some of them stronger than others) but what does make it to the screen is absolutely beautiful and heart-wrenching. Jamie’s initial mood is almost dazed as he smiles and reassures a completely distraught Claire that he can’t go through with her but that he’ll find her if he has to wait 200 years… but then as soon as the first canon sounds the weight of it all seems to hit him and a measure of fear sets in. It’s Claire who begins taking the lead as she offers him the dragonfly in amber and starts the vow that he continues. It’s enough to ground him again as they get to their feet and he settles her against him for that incredible slow-dance to the stones and them reaching to touch it together. They rely on each other through the whole scene for reassurance and strength, for every last second of being together and united as one before they’re alone and will have to take their next steps with only the memory of that strength to carry them forward. 

Favorite Costume: Bree and Roger’s matching knitwear. This is something I only noticed this latest time watching and probably noticed it mostly because I’ve spent a lot of time staring at Brianna’s scarf in those final scenes at Craigh na Dun so that I can try to recreate the pattern but her scarf has the same knit pattern as the sweater he’s wearing. It’s the sweater he’s been wearing all day and it’s a darker yarn (part of why I think I missed it before) but the honeycomb-style pattern is the same. It’s just a small detail (and it’s really hard to see on Roger in the pic below but if you scroll back up to some of the other pics of him, it’s clearer) but it’s exactly the kind of detail I love from the costume department on this show (like Claire’s two traveling outfits back in the season premiere using the same color scheme). 

A massive thank you to everyone who participated in the 13 Days of Outlander and the 16 Days of Outlander and the A Month of Outlander and all of this celebratory stuff that @gotham-ruaidh and I have thrown out into this latest Droughtlander to help us all keep ourselves going. I’ve loved reading through everyone’s posts and looking over the gorgeous edits, gifs, stills, photos, quotes, etc. Keep them coming as we get more and more promo for Season 3 and Droughtlander enters its final stages. 

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7, 8 &35 for winterboneless x reader?

summary: 7: “bend over my knee” + 8: “if you want it, beg for it” + 35: “good girls come when they’re told to”  || bucky x ivar x reader

warnings: bossy ass ivar, he’s a little mean, sweet!bucky, spanking

note: this is the only one i’m finishing before i go to bed, the rest will be done tomorrow after I get off work

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Best Gift Ever

I am loving this storyline, so I’m gonna write some blurbs that aren’t really blurbs, about it. I hope you enjoy. I’ve decided to name the kids, it just makes it more personal. The Daughters name is Presley, the Sons name is Raul.

She’s had this idea for two years now. She has begged you, cried to you about it. 

You just wanted to wait until she was old enough to really understand what she would be asking. It’s a huge deal, and you really wanted her to understand.

She’s 12 now, you’re baby boy now 6. 

He’s been with her for 8 years, you the same amount. 

He’s her Dad, he knows that, she knows that, you know that. 

But it was time. 

“Really?” She says dropping her fork as you tell her at dinner. 

Shawn was at a late meeting, so he could have all day tomorrow off.

“I think it would be alright, if you still wanted.” You say wiping your mouth on your napkin.

“REALLY?!?” She jumps up, scaring her younger brother.

“Why are you yelling?” Shawn asks walking in the room. 

“Sorry.” She sits down, losing her excitement to hide it from him. 

“How is my family?” He asks taking a seat next to you. He looks at Presley and quirks a brow. “How was school?” 

“No different than yesterday.” She sighs playing with her food. 

“Still bugging you?” He asks taking a bite of his pasta. 

“Yep.” She says taking a bite of her salad. You look up confused. 

“Who’s bugging you?” You ask leaning forward. 

“Oh nothing.” She says shaking her head. 

You look up at Shawn and he doesn’t look at you, just keeps eating. What is she talking about? 

“Raul? How was kindergarten?” Shawn moves to the next kid. 

“It was good, we had pudding.” He smiles. Shawn smiles too. 

“And you?” He asks looking over at you. 

“My day was just a day.” You say taking a bite of garlic bread.

“What does that mean?” He asks. He moves his hand under the table to your knee, giving it a slight squeeze. 

“It means nothing exciting happened? Other than finding out that y’all are keeping something from me.” You say pointing your fork between the two of Shawn and Presley. 

“We aren’t hiding anything.” Shawn shrugs.

“Care to tell me who’s bugging you.” You say looking at Presley. 

“Just drop it okay.” She snaps at you. You sit up in shock, you have never seen her like this before. “I told Dad, it’s all good.” She covers. 

“Okay.” You sigh dropping it, looking at Shawn. He nods and winks at you. 


That night, once the kids are in bed. 

After helping Presley get her gift ready for tomorrow, you lay down with Shawn. 

“Hey.” He smiles taking your hand in his.

“Hey.” You sigh.

“What’s up?” He asks pulling you closer.

“Nothing.” You sigh against him.

“I don’t believe you.” 

“Who’s bugging her?” 

“Still on this?” He chuckles.

“Shawn.” You are staring to become frustrated. 

“Babe, she talked to me about it. She didn’t want you to worry. I’ve got it under control.” He says sitting up. 

“But if it’s someone at school you gotta call…”

“I called her teacher this morning, she noticed it, gonna keep an eye out.” He says running his hand up and down your back.

“Who is it?” You ask softly.

“I don’t know, Mikayla, McKenzie. Something that starts with M.” He shrugs. 

“Is she okay?”

“Baby she’s fine. They were bugging her about her shoes I think.” He knits his eyebrows together.

“You think? Did you not pay attention.”

“I paid attention, it was about her hair. They told her she was a baby because she had it in pigtails.” 

“And she’s still wearing them?”

“Yeah, I told her that if she liked them then that they shouldn’t let her change the way she looks. They aren’t her, and if she likes them then that’s all that matters.” 

“When did she tell you about this?”

“When I was away last week, got a late night call. Thought it was you, but she was on the other line crying. Felt like my heart was ripped out of my body, I hated that I wasn’t here to hold her and make her feel better in person.” 

“When did this happen?” You ask yourself, wondering why you didn’t notice.

“She told me that Raul was sick, you were busy and she didn’t want to stress you out more than you already were.” 

“I wasn’t…”

“Don’t take it as an insult, she was worried about you. I was too, she just needed to talk and to vent, she would have done the same thing if I were here.” He said sitting up with you. 

“I know, she just used to tell me everything.”

“She will, when she’s ready. I think that this one is all better and she doesn’t need to tell you to help her fix it because it’s already fixed.” 


“Come on, don’t be all sad. I turn 29 tomorrow.” He says smiling.

“I know, you’re so old.” You tease him.

“Hey, you will be here in just a few months.” He says nudging your shoulder.

“So what do you want to do tomorrow?”

“hmmm I don’t know, what do you have planned?”

“What?” You ask.

“Y/n, I’ve been with you for 8 years now, you always have something planned.” He chuckles.

“Okay, so breakfast with the kids. Then your family is coming over for the day, hang out. Then gifts I guess.” You shrug.

“Sounds like a great day.” 



“Daddy!” Raul said clapping.

“Shhh not yet.” Presley says picking him up. 

The three of you walk into your bedroom to see Shawn laying on his stomach. You nod at Presley and she sets Raul on the bed and he climbs over to Shawn. 

Shawn jumps when his son crawls on his back. 

“Daddy! Happy Birthday!” Raul yells clapping. You laugh as Shawn sits up rubbing his eyes. 

“Hey guys.” He smiles, still sleepy. It’s so cute.

“Hey Dad, Happy Birthday.” Presley smiles as she sits next to him. 

“Thanks baby.” He kisses the top of her head. 

You walk over with the tray of food, setting it on his lap. He looks up at you with a smile. 

“Happy Birthday.” You smile at him. 

“Thanks.” He smirks. “This looks amazing. Who cooked?” He asked looking a Raul. 

“Actually Presley made you the muffins.” You say nudging her leg. 

“Really?” He asks looking at her. She nods and takes on, ripping a piece off and taking a bite.

“It’s good, you should try one.” She laughs at his face. 


“Shawn let’s do gifts.” Karen calls out to Shawn and Manny. 

They were out back, watching Raul run around his playground. 

“Come on Bud, it’s time for presents.” Shawn says taking his sons hand walking to the family room. 

“Come on Dad!” Presley says excitedly as he sits down. 

“Ok ok, I’m here.” He says taking a seat. 

“Here babe.” You hand him a gift. “It’s from Raul.” 

Shawn opens the gift to find a new guitar pick, this one is one he made. 

“Raul! Did you make this?” He asks looking up in shock.

“Yeah, Mommy found this new maker thing.” 

Shawn looks up at you. 

“We call can make some, I bought the machine.” You shrug. “That’s my gift.” 

“Thanks bud! I love it.” 

“We didn’t get you a gift, but Aaliyah sent us with this.” Karen says sliding Shawn a box. 

He opened it and found a new Harry Potter coffee mug.

“Sweet, I’ll put them with the rest.” He smiles. 

“Ok, there’s one last gift, but it’s a big one.” You say looking at Presley. She smiles and gets up. She hands him a box and stands next to him. He looks up at her and then starts to open the box.

“Awe thanks honey.” He smiles as he sees a shirt that says, ‘Studied at Hogwarts’.

“There’s more.” She points at the box. 

He looks down and picks up the stack of papers. He reads the first few lines and then looks up at her. 

“Wait? Really?” He asks looking at her in disbelief. 

“It’s time its official.” She shrugs.

“Oh my god.” He stood up and hugged her. 

“Dad are you crying?” Presley asks, holding her dad. 

“I’m allowed to cry.” He says holding her close.

“Mom are you crying too?” She asks you.

“Stop this is emotional.” 

“I know.” She says.

“What is happening?” Karen asks. 

“She asked me to adopt her.” Shawn says pulling away. “You asked me to adopt you.” He says to himself, running his fingers threw his hair.

You stare at him and get a flashback to the first time she called him Dad. 

“Presley wanna know something.” You say looking at her. 

“Sure.” She smiles.

“He did this the first night you called him Dad.” 

“Oh yeah.” Shawn smiled. 


“Yeah he liked freaked out, but in a good way. He kept repeating it to himself. Like he was trying to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.” 

“That’s exactly what I was doing.” He nods. “That’s what I’m doing now. You just asked me to adopt you.” 

“Yeah, and you haven’t…”

“Of course, Jesus Pres, you are my daughter. Now it will be official.”

“There’s one other thing.” She said. “It kind of involves all of you.” She says looking at his parents. You look at her confused.

“Oh?” Manny said standing up. 

“I want to take your last name.” She says confidently. 

“Really?” Shawn asks excited.

“Yeah, Mom has your last name, I mean of course. You guys are married. But like, I want to be a Mendes too. I just wanted to ask you all.” 

“Oh honey, of course. You are already a Mendes.”

“It will just be official.” She smiles.

“When can we fill out the papers?” Shawn asks clapping his hands together.  

Ticking Clocks | 01

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Link to Masterlist

Chanyeol & Baekhyun scenario/Soulmate AU/Slight angst

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 

Summary: You live in a world where everyone has a soulmate clock that stops ticking the exact moment you meet your soulmate. You are in a happy relationship with Park Chanyeol, and don’t care much about soulmates at all, that is, until you meet his best friend, Byun Baekhyun.

A/N: Hello everyone! It’s been ages since I wrote an EXO fic, and so I’m so glad that I’ve finally managed to sit down and write one. I’m a sucker for soulmate AUs and hence this is what I’ve come up with. I hope you enjoy!

Soulmate clocks. Everyone on Earth had one. Your clock started from 00:00:00:00 from the minute you were born. The saying went that the day you met your soulmate for the first time, the clock would stop ticking, showing you exactly how many years, months, days and minutes it had taken you to find the love of your life.

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The Arrangement: Part 9

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 9

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Need to catch up? The Arrangement Master Post

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count:  3119

Warnings:  angst, explicit language, explicit sexual content, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  This is a multi-part series. Shifts between multiple points of view.

Originally posted by im-bigbrother-dean

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Haunted House- A BATIM Fic

I saw a post about this on @doodledrawsthings feed and I couldn’t help myself. My favorite ink demon and my favorite holiday? Together? It was too good to pass up! That being said apologies in advance to all the lovely people named Mick out there, it just sounded like the douchiest name I could think of while I was writing, but it is not a reflection on you. Once again this takes place in Doodles’ Hell’s Studio AU. Some mild swearing, but that’s about it. Enjoy!

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Gooooooood morning!!!! Now I know it’s been a bit but I’ve been super busy! So I’ve got lots of news to pack into this post lol. First off…the spinners have FINALLY started appearing so keep an eye on your emails I’ve been sending messages for the past week and I know they sometimes get kicked to junk mail, but I’ll keep sending those out. Next up is today’s sale! I had to get through a lot of work this past month and I believe almost all orders are done and ready to ship. You guys are awesome, I love you! So many flowers and roses…whew!! And for those that preordered the opal rainbows those will start shipping in just a few days…they are gorgeous guys…no joke. It’s actually one of the few sets I’ve actually kept for myself lol. There’s no way I couldn’t have it in my life 🌈💜
So for the sale today, (11am PST Sept, 30 2017) there’s ALL KINDS of stuff. And this will be a 2 part sale, variety today and something special for tomorrow ;) But I’ll give you a sneak peak of what’s set to go up today! My favorite thing to announce is a brand new dice line! They are called High Viz Dice. These have huuuuuge numbers on them so if you want to use them for streaming or if you are hard of seeing, these dice make it just a little bit easier for you to enjoy all the good games you love to play!!

“Buried” (Chapter Sixteen)

Things get crazy again! Also, the end scene of this chapter had me laughing out loud. This is supposed to be a fairly important chapter, but I couldnt resist an Indiana Jones comment lol 


Enjoy :)


Stark Tower– Several Weeks Later

“Tony Starks office.” Pepper answered the phone from where she sat on Tony’s couch, her legs folded primly, never stopping the furious typing on her computer. “Ms. Potts speaking.”

“Ms. Potts, this is Aaron Brown from Levy & Browns Mortuary. I am calling to ask about a request one of the family members made in regards to the—”

“The answer is yes!” Tony interrupted from across the room, hitting the conference button on his phone. “Mr. Levy, Tony Stark here. Anything at all those families want, you get them. I don’t care how much it costs. When I told them I would pay for the funerals of their loved ones, I meant it. Whatever they want, anything at all, do you understand?”

“Yes, of course, Mr. Stark. It’s just that—” the man on the other line hesitated and Tony dragged his fingers through his hair in agitation.

“What? What is it? Do you need a check before hand? Pepper write a check, have it delivered now.”

“Of course, Tony.” Pepper was already pulling out her checkbook. “Mr. Levy, how much do you need in advance? Give me an approximate amount and I’ll send the check over tonight.”

“We are already in excess of–”  Tony shut off the conference button so he couldn’t hear it anymore and leaned back in his chair, staring out the windows of his office, pulling Bucky’s card out and flipping it between his fingers.

Not because he wanted to talk to Bucky.

Because he missed Steve.

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My Seventh Deadly Sin | Envy

 [chapter 1] 

  •  pairing: jungkook | reader
  •  genre: angst, smut
  • ∘    word count: 4,443

part two: Greed

Jungkook is having difficulty with a dance move. You upset him by wanting to go out with his hyungs instead of staying and helping him, so he reminds you who you belong to. Your name: submit What is this?

Shallow breaths. 

 His fists tensed up, his toned muscles visible through his tight black shirt. He was sweaty from dancing, which you were thanking God for- Jungkook’s amazing body wasn’t the only thing you loved about him, but it was definitely a bonus. He stared at you from across the room with a deadly smile. Gritting his teeth, he tries to hide his anger by focusing on a different section of the dance. 

It wasn’t exactly hard to figure out why Jungkook was angry. He was generally a good tempered man, but when it came to athletics.. 

“Again.” Seongdeuk said. Seongdeuk was BTS’s choreographer, and they were learning a new dance for their comeback in a month. Jungkook was usually really good at picking up dances easily, but today he was just out of it. He couldn’t get this one move right. 

Meanwhile, Jimin and J-Hope were doing it perfectly, and that infuriated Jungkook even more. If there was anything Jungkook truly hated, it was being inferior in skill. Especially to those two. He respected them with all of his being, but when he couldn’t get something right, he was immediately slaughtered by everyone for not living up to his nickname, ‘Golden Maknae.’ 

 It wasn’t that he disliked the nickname, it was that when the nickname started appearing, the other members became jealous of him. Every time he slipped, every time he had a voice crack, every time he wasn’t in perfect position, someone had to make a comment. It was ridiculous, and he was extremely close to having enough. 

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word count: 2751

Originally posted by clbuspotter

Y/N was the brightest witch of her age. There was no one like her, not in her house, not even in Hogwarts. She was in Gryffindor, although sometimes she thinks she should have been sorted in Ravenclaw. But the Sorting Hat never makes mistakes.

Anyways, she was the best in her classes. Even better than Hermione, which is something very rare, quite frankly. She knows how to do any potion and more spells that she should know at her age of sixteen. However, there was something she couldn’t achieve.

“Y/N, you’re staring again,” said your friend, Katie Bell. You were in potions class, daydreaming again. Again. “You know, you should just tell him.”

“What?” you ask, snapping out of your trance. “What do you mean? I was just staring into blank space,” you try to shrug it off.

“Can’t fool me. I know you fancy Fred, Y/N,” she says, rather loudly.

“Shut up!” you hiss at her. “Just because you know it doesn’t mean every one in this class has to!” you whisper yell at her and then sigh. “I don’t just fancy him, Katie. It’s been three years.”

Katie wanted to say something but Snape anounced that class was dismissed. You quickly got up, took your things and hurried to catch up with your two bestfriends, Fred and George. They were one year older than you, but that didn’t matter to neither of you, regardless of what people might think or say.

“Hello, Gred and Forge,” you say as you smile briskly.

“Hi, Y/N,” they say in unison. “Heard what Snape said today about that stupid Amortenta potion? Rubbish.” George rolls his eyes. “You can’t make someone love you just with some potion.”

“It’s Amortentia, and yes, you can. Although only for a certain amount of time,” you say confidently.

“Is that so, Y/N?” Fred asks, raising a ginger eyebrow and looking at you. “Bet you don’t have the guts to use it on Malfoy to fall in love with George,” he winks. You both burst out laughing, but George rolls his eyes.

“Maybe you could use it on Y/N, you complain you don’t have anyone to cuddle with anyway,” George says, as Fred blushed furiously.

And then it clicked. You stopped laughing. It just happened that you had the most brilliant idea ever.


“Katie! Katie! I have a brilliant idea!” you run to her, already panting.

“What is it?” she asks bewildered.

“You know Amortentia, right?” you ask as she nods. “Well, I could use it on Fred, you know, and since I can make it only last one day, I can just… for one day, feel like he loves me back,” you smile sadly, looking down.

“A-are you sure it’s a good idea?” Katie seemed worried. You kind of understood her worry; it’s not quite ideal to use a love potion on a close person, or any person. If it’s not meant to be, then it’s not meant to be.

“I mean, what could go wrong? He won’t remember anything the next day… and I’ll be happy with him for just one day…”

Katie sighs. “If you weren’t that good of a witch I wouldn’t even let you think about it.”

Hours passed and you tried to finalise the love potion. You made sure everything was put in the right order at least twenty times, just to be sure Fred won’t get hurt or anything. When you were done, you sat on the chair, staring at your potion and thinking: is it really worth to do all of this, just to have one day with Fred as your boyfriend? After tomorrow, you’ll be even more in love with him, you’ll be more hurt that he doesn’t love you back. You’ll be even more heartbroken. But if this meant only one day of happiness, you were ready to risk it.

You put five drops of potion in a cake you bought.

It was night, so tomorrow he was going to be madly in love with you.

You put the cake on a plate and went towards the Gryffindor common room. You took a deep breath before entering, only to find Fred, Katie and George on the couch.

“Hi, guys, I-I brought some cake,” you say, bringing all the attention on you and you blush. You were, indeed, a bit shy, especially when it came to Fred.

Katie looks at you with hope in her eyes and smiles in a mysterious way. “I’m not really hungry, I’m just gonna go to bed. George, are you coming?” she said.

“We shall let the birds alone,” he says and they both disappear, but not before they both send you a wink.

You sit down next to Fred, but not too close. “Want some?” you ask as you cut a piece for yourself and one for him.

You both ate and talked about different and random things. You couldn’t help but notice he was also acting a bit strange and you started to wonder if you had read the instructions wrong and the potion was starting to take effect now, but that thought washed away as he somehow got back to his funny self. You were impatient and excited, but also felt a bit guilty that you practically were using him as a toy to yourself. But regardless, you couldn’t wait for tomorrow, so tiredness took over you and Fred very easily, so you went to bed not so short after.

The next day

You woke up, feeling slightly strange, knowing that you took Amortentia as well, but it didn’t have any emotional effect on you since you already love Fred, but it sure did affect you physically, because you threw up two times before going to get breakfast.

You hesitantly walked into the Great Hall, knowing that the potion had already did its job, but you were a bit scared. You didn’t know what to do if the others would notice that suddenly, Fred was going to be affectionate with you. They’d find it odd. Katie was the only one who knew.

You saw the twins’ ginger heads from the entrance and Katie next to George, and you walked up to them and sat next to Fred. “Good morning,” you say quietly.

Fred was the first to turn to you and a big smile spread across his face. “Good morning, love,” he put and arm around your shoulders and kissed you on the cheek. You widened your eyes and blushed furiously. Clearly, it was all worth it.

You looked at Katie and George and they were abstaining from laughing, because let’s face it, your reaction was priceless. You looked shocked that Fred Weasely himself, was flirting with you. You thought about it a little, then decided to give in to it. It’s just one day, anyway.

As his hand was on your shoulders, you intertwined your fingers with his and leaned your head on his shoulder. The amount of butterflies you had in your stomach was huge, but you enjoyed it very much. As Katie and George got into a conversation, Fred turned to face you. “How are you, Y/N?”

“I’m… hungry, actually. I threw up twice this morning,” you just now notice all the food on the table. You let go of Fred’s hand (even though you didn’t want to) and started eating.

He chuckles. “You’re cute,” he says and you blush. Why do you keep blushing? “I actualy threw up too this morning.”

“Was it because of the cake? I’m sorry.” you look at him whilst having roasted chicken in your mouth.

“No, it’s okay, love.” He looked at you, smiling

It drove you absolutely insane when he called you love.

Breakfast ended and you both got to class, but not after getting a smirk from Katie. You had Charms with him, so you sat next to each other and to be quite honest, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He was either holding your hand and intertwining your fingers, holding your waist or having his arm around your shoulders. Plus, he kept kissing you on the cheek or forehead. All you wanted was a kiss on the lips. But it was class, you had to be concentrated to what the professor had to say.

After four hours of not keeping your hands to yourself (both of you), you went in the Gryffindor common room and sat on the couch.

“What time is it, Y/N?” Fred asked you.

“Five o'clock.” you rest your head in the crook of his neck. “Why?”

“Wanted to know how much time we have to cuddle,” he says softly. Oh, what you’d do to have this every single day.

“I’ve always wanted this,” you look at him in the eyes, although you couldn’t keep them there for much long, as they moved to his lips.

“Me too,” he says and leans in, suddenly kissing you. You gasp, taken by surprise, which only gives him perimission to slide his tongue in your mouth. You kiss him back and you put your arms around his neck, leaving no space between you two.

You pulled away breathlessly, looking into each other’s eyes with lust and passion.

“Can I ask you a question, babe?” he whispers.

“Of course.”

“Why me? I mean… George and I are identical, why didn’t you choose to fall for him?” he doesn’t break eye contact.

“You’re not identical. You’re similar, but not identical, Fred. You have similar personalities, but not identical. You’re not the same person. I guess I fell for you because… because you make me laugh more. You make me blush when you look at me and we both know you’re the good looking twin…” I joke. He laughs.

“I… love you,” he says hesitantly. You looked at him sadly. You were happy he felt the same… but it was fake. Everything was fake. It was just some stupid potion. Tomorrow, he won’t remember a damn thing and you were angry. You messed with your own feelings.

“I love you, too,” you said.

You both fell asleep on the couch, cuddled.

Next day

You woke up with two strong arms wrapped around you, holding you tight. You rubbed your eyes to make your vision become clear again and looked at the person next to you; Fred. Fred! You fell askeep cuddled! If he wakes up you’d have to explain why you two were hugging! You tried to take his arms off of you as gentle as possible and sneak back to your room.

“Y/N? Love, where are you going?” he said in a raspy voice, which you found extremely attractive. Love?

“What?” you whisper. No response. He fell asleep again. You kissed him on the lips shortly and smiled sadly. It was over. You went back to your room quickly, before he gets the chance to wake up again.

Fred and you slept more than you should have, which went to the question: why did neither of you woke up when students started walking around the common room? They saw both of you cuddled! And you were sure they’d tease you a lot about it… especially George.

You decided that there was no point in going to breakfast in the Great Hall anyway, so you skipped it and ate a chocolate bar you had from yesterday. You also didn’t want to face Fred, although he didn’t remember anything, you still did.

After half an hour or so, you decided you had to go to your first class (not that you had a choice), gathered your things and went to Charms. You entered the class just in time, the teacher was about to start the lesson, so you quickly got in your seat, ignoring Fred’s stare on youーor so you tried, because halfway through the class, you glanced for a second at him, but he was still watching you. Did he remember? Or was he just confused about why I was not present at breakfast? Did George tell him he found us cuddled on the couch?

Class ended, and so did your thoughts, until your name was called.

“Y/N!” Fred called after you. You took in a deep breath. Today he’s my friend. Just like any other day, you thought.

“Yes, Fred?”

“Why didn’t you come to breakfast, love? I was worried about you,” he said, a frown forming on his face. What? Love?

You looked at him confused, but shook your head immediately after. It’s just a nickname, it could be used on friends, as well. Very close friends. Best friends.

“I just didn’t feel well, that’s all,” you wave it off, trying to sound as convincing as possible. By the look on his face, you succeeded.

“Well, next time tell me. Don’t forget we can prank people by sitting in bed,” he winked at you, as he threw an arm around your shoulder. “I’ve gotta go, George said he has a big prank plan going on and wants some help, see you later, babe.” he kisses you on the corner of your mouth as he leaves, living you more confused than you were ever in your life. The looks on students’ faces around you weren’t helping, either.

Did you do something wrong with the potion? You were pretty sure you did everything correct, so why was he still treating you like his lover?

You decided that George could wait, so you ran after him, catching him entering in a classroom, probably meeting George. You entered after him. They were talking about something you weren’t interested in
right now.

“Fred, can we talk?” you ask, completely emotionless.

“Sure,” he says softly, as George gets the clue and leaves. “What is it, Y/N?” he smiles.

“Do you, um… do you remember anything from two days ago?”

“Do you mean when you gave me cake with Amortentia in it? Yes, I do, very vividly, actually,” he says, rather amused.

“W-what?” a blush spreads on your entire face. “You knew? I’m sorry, Fred, I just-” you stop yourself from speaking. “Wait, if you knew, why’d you let it affect you?”

“It didn’t,” he smiles.

“What do you mean it didn’t? You-you were being sweet and affectionate and-” you gesticulate with your hands, trying to explain. “W-was it all an act?” you say sadly, feeling tears in the corners of your eyes.

“Amortentia has no effect on someone who already feels something towards the person giving it, regardless of its ingredients,” he quotes the book.


“When Katie told me, I was shocked at first. I didn’t know you felt the same as I do towards you, but then I came back to my senses. I had two options: after you gave me the cake, you could’ve saw the next day that I wasn’t acting any different and I could’ve told you then about my feelings, and two, I could’ve acted as your boyfriend for a day. The second one sounded more pleasing for me, frankly,” he explains, as he takes a step closer. “It never affected me. It wasn’t an act, either. I was what I wanted to be for a long timeーwith you. I told you that day that I threw up too, just like you did, from the potion. But you didn’t get the hint.” he chuckled. “You thought that today I wasn’t going to remember anything, but Merlin, the confused look on your face was priceless,” he laughs loudly, taking one more step towards you.

“B-but why did you let me give you the cake if you knew?” you ask, looking somehow confused at him, as he was very close to you, your faces almost touching.

“Where’s the fun in that?,” he smiles. You still didn’t smile, kept the worried expression on your face and he sighs. “I had liked you for so long, Y/N, I couldn’t not take the chance.”

He lifts up your chin with two fingers and looks at your lips.

“Was it real? The kiss we had in the common room last night?” you ask hesitantly.

“Everything was real, love,” he says as he leans in and presses his lips against yours softly and you respond almost instantly. He cups your cheek and caress it gently with his thimb.

“At least we don’t need any potion to be in love,” you chuckle as you two pull away.

“I guess not,” you said, smiling up at him.

Never Trust a Guy With a Metal Arm

Summary/Request: Hello again!!! Here I am with a new request Buckyxreader. The reader is Peter Quill’s younger sister, she can control electricity and is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. During a patrol, she, Rocket and Baby Groot fell on Earth and the Avengers found they. The team bring they at the tower for the reader, finally, call to Quill. Bucky is impressed with her powers he meets her and starts to like her, but Rocket and Baby Groot are really protectors. It’s a little long but is this! Thank you! ( @mimisari234 )

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Nope i don’t think

A/N: I couldn’t have got this done without @winterxblood and her inspirational gif

“See? This is why I don’t like you driving my Milano!”

Peter scowled at you as he tried to shake off the restraints from his wrists and ankles.

The four of you were on duty somewhere beyond the galaxy. Having time to spend, you decided to gear up and start your brother’s Milano so the team would get to your destination faster, without having to wait for the ship to cool and start.

You thought it was smart, but Peter, on the other hand, thought the opposite. You insisted on driving and before you knew it, you crashed the ship on rocky grounds in the middle of god knows where.

 The group was immediately taken into a big truck where several people bound you at the wrists, ankles, and even took your weapons. You had a shock collar on in case you’d try your powers on the poor people. They obviously knew who you guys were.

“My apologies, brother for trying to help you out back there.” You huffed, resting your head on the cool surface of the vehicle’s wall.

“How thoughtful of you.“

“Where are they taking us, anyway?” Rocket asked. The four of you rocked back and forth in the car, trying your hardest to see what was on the other side of the driver’s spot. Groot shook in his tiny space in the little glass jar he was in, banging on the walls which clearly didn’t help.

“Hey, asshole,” You shouted out the window to the driver. “Where are you taking us?” Nudging your elbow to bang on the cement. The man in the uniform said nothing, only to glare at you through the mirror and shut the door.

“Thanks a lot, Y/N.” Peter rolled his eyes. You kicked his combat boots with yours.

“If only Gamora was here, she’d side with me and I’d have you kick your-“

The vehicle stopped in a halt, causing the four of you to roll and accelerate in opposite directions on the floor. You groaned slightly as your back hit a wall. The large doors opened, sunlight shining through the green scenery in the background. You pushed your body to sit up, back leaning against the wall again but only to be dragged out harshly.

You, Peter, and Rocket were now held up by numerous people who seemed to be dressed in blue stealth suits. One person held Groot (who was safe in his jar) as they followed you into a big complex.

Looking around, you got a glimpse at the scene surrounding you. This place looked familiar, you thought. Clearly it wasn’t from your former planet, but the planet you came from.

The big building was grey, a few stories high with a garage at the bottom. It was in the middle of a nice open green area where trees surrounded it, a big ‘A’ was labeled at the front. You saw people who looked like they were being trained all lined up to the right who were being instructed by their trainer, another building which looked like a storage space in the back, and numerous recruits surrounded the area.

“Let us go..” You heard Peter say from behind you. You saw him struggle in his restraints as the agents were trying to keep him still.

“Peter, stop moving.” You hissed as you entered the building. You looked up in awe when you were greeted with various jets plastered on a second stage, computers and tactical gear all around.

“Holy shi-“

“Is this?” Rocket asked.

“Cap.” An agent spoke. They nodded at the man who was now walking in front of them, dressed in a casual blue shirt with a brown leather jacket and jeans.

“Good lord.” You whispered to yourself.

The agents pushed the four of you to follow the blonde man into a secluded area. They sat you down in chairs, Groot on the table.

Once everyone was settled, the man spoke. “You can release them now, guys.” He said. The agents obliged as he smiled politely at them, shooing them off to leave.”

“Driving an aircraft into a privately owned land, I see?” The man asked, looking up at the projection in front of him. “Do you know why you’re here? Where you are?”

“The mighty Captain America, Steve Rogers.” Rocket smirked, rubbing his wrists. “Y’know, you could’ve let your men handle us a bit more with care.” He joked. Steve nodded.

“New complex, I see?” You asked, turning to a few others who stepped into the briefing room.

Steve was about to speak until another man spoke for him. You could recognize him, these people, anywhere. “That’s right, space girl. Proudly paid for by the one and only.” The man winked as he took a seat.

“Holy. That-This is Tony Stark!” Your brother exclaimed. “Big fan of you.” He smiled, shaking Tony’s hand.

A man with long hair and a metal arm took a seat next to you. He gave you a smile as you met his eyes, you doing the same as Groot climbed up your jacket and onto your shoulder, frowning at the man.

“Easy now.” You whispered.

Chatter started in the room as everyone sat down. “Alright, everyone settle down.” Steve announced. Once everyone was quiet, he started to speak. “My name, as you know, is Steve Rogers. My fellow Avengers and I have brought the four of you here because we want to announce something to you.” He explained.

Your files started appearing in a row in the middle of the table for everyone to see, projected on the little device. “We know you four, and all of the others up there.” Steve nodded as he looked at the screen.

“Flying raccoon, large-“ Tony looked at Groot who was held on your shoulder. “Small tree man, and two twins, basically.” He explained.

You frowned. “Fair enough.”

“We know what you guys have done. Your powers, abilities..” Steve explained. “Especially you, Y/N.” He smiled.

Tony stood from his spot, swiping the hologram. “Which is why we brought you here to recruit you. Of course, we were gonna send a ship to get you, but conveniently, you decided to wreck the land and show up.”

“Yeah about that,” You laughed. “Terribly sorry about that. You see, my brother and I-“

“Oh, we’re not looking for an apology, Quill. All we ask is for your assistance. Stay here on earth, train with us, earn your badges as an Avenger.”

“I mean, we would have to think about it first.” Peter interrupted. “We can’t just leave the planet for another team.” He sighed.

“Well, just know that you’re always welcomed here.”

And so you were. With four months of training again, your team decided to leave the galaxy for a while and come back to earth to help earth’s mightiest heroes. You got to know the team within the months, them becoming like your new family. It took time to adjust, but with a few bonding sessions and common interests, you were able to adjust quickly.

It was a nice day outside, so you and your friend, Wanda decided to train outside of the compound. You got along with her the most, since you two had powers that were useful together during battle. Tony joked how the colors of your powers went well.

You saw Peter training with Clint and Bucky on the grass, Rocket sat down on a nearby tree with Groot as he stared down at the man with the metal arm. You rolled your eyes.

“So, you got any missions this week?” You asked Wanda as you held your fingers up to attack her. She blocked your electricity with her powers, as you went back and forth on the grass.

“Nope. I’m free until Tuesday. I do have to train the newest mutants, though.” She sighed. “You?”

“Yeah.” You said, pausing quickly to attack her forcefield. “I’m suppose to go on a mission with Barnes tomorrow.” You smiled, a blush creeping up on your neck.

Wanda gasped, walking towards you to counterattack. “No way! You and Barnes?”

“I know right..” You smiled. “I’ve never gone on a mission with him. Hell, we don’t even talk to each other. I don’t think he’s ever seen me in action.”

“What do you think of him?” She smirked, noticing your blush as she floated in the air, you on the ground. “Oh, Y/N…” She teased, reading your mind as you laughed out.

“I’m excited, honestly.” You said as she lowered herself on the ground. “That’s why Rocket and Groot are..You know.” You tilted your head to see them.

You noticed Bucky sparring with your brother. He was in a black long sleeved shirt and jeans, barefoot as his hands were wrapped. You bit your lip as you watched him in action, rejoicing in your head as you got to see what he can actually do. Your eyes began to turn a light blue, signaling all your energy being built up.

You didn’t notice Wanda talk to you, but when you weren’t responding, she sent you flying back onto the grass, back up against the tree Rocket and Groot were on. She floated towards you, smiling as you groaned out.

“What was that for?” You frowned.

“I didn’t say we were done.” She smiled, holding a hand to help you up.

“I hate you.” You said, grabbing her arm to send a small bolt of electricity through her, causing her to punch your arm.

“Nice powers there.” A voice spoke from behind you. You turned around to see Bucky smirking down at you, unwrapping his arms and tossing the remains into his bag. He called for a break with Peter and Clint as they walked off into the compound, Wanda following behind.

“Thanks.” You smiled. “I could’ve done better. Probably send her off flying first.” You laughed.

Bucky smiled at the trail you left on the floor. “Took it hard, huh?”

“That’s Wanda.” You shrugged. “So, you ready for our mission tomorrow?” You asked him, leaning against the tall tree as you watched him pack up.

“Definitely. I’ve never been on one with you alone, though. I’m somewhat scared at what you could do.” He winked up at you, sending butterflies in your stomach.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“So you should. Your powers are amazing and come in handy with any enemy that come in contact with us. You and Wanda especially.” He said, slinging his bag over his shoulders.

“You too, soldier. Amazing combat training skills, a metal arm… Good with a gun and knives.” You raised your eyebrow. He walked toward you to listen closer. “Electricity does wonders with metal. You should be careful.”

“That so?”

“Mhmm.” You looked up at him, his chest meeting yours under the big tree. “But sometimes it can help out defeat the opposing team.”

“How strong is this electricity of yours?” He asked, arm resting on the trunk.

You smirked, slowly taking the knife out from his holster along his waist. You threw it at a nearby tree, and as it hit the trunk, you held your hand up to conjure your strength, sending the tree to cripple right then and there as it slowly started to send in sparks.

“Shit.” he muttered, looking at the tree.

“I’ll buy you a new one, don’t worry.”

He only smiled down at you, teeth sinking into his bottom lip.

We exist, you know!” A voice called from above you. You rolled your eyes to see Rocket come down and climb up your arm to rest on your shoulder. Groot did the same and sat in the pocket of your jacket.

You sighed, smiling as you met Bucky’s gaze at the creatures on you. “They’re a little over protective. Only want me to engage in contact with men in the galaxy.”

“I can see that. They’ve been eyeing me for the last two hours.” Bucky said. “Especially him.” He pointed at the raccoon who slowly frowned.

“If you do anything to her, boy I swear I will rip-“

“Rocky!” You shouted, pulling his tail. “Be nice.”

Bucky smirked, guiding you into the compound again, greeting others as they walked by you.

He walked you up into the elevator, which took you to the avenger’s rest areas and walked you to your room. You let Rocket inside as Groot sat peacefully in your pocket.

“You know, you really gotta tell me more about yourself, and your friends.” Bucky spoke. “I’m interested.”

“Well me and Peter were originally from here so we’re not any different from you guys.” You spoke. “These guys, however, are obviously different, but we’ll get to that some other time.” You smiled, taking Groot’s small hand to place him on your shoulder. He hid behind your ear.

“Maybe after our mission I can take you somewhere where we can talk about that.” Bucky offered. “Maybe somewhere in New York?”

“That sounds nice.” You agreed. “Yes, definitely. Without any distracting animals or guns and knives..”

“Great! I’ll see you in a few hours then.” He winked, placing his hands in his pocket.

“Will do.”

You walked into your quarters and sat down with a smile on your face next to Rocket. You laid your head back on the couch, sighing in content before you felt eyes on you.

“What?” You asked, meeting rocket’s eyes.

“Never trust a guy with a metal arm.”

anonymous asked:

you asked for a niall smut request so maybe you over hear niall talking to some mates about your guys sex life and so you have to teach him a lesson later ;)

little blurb about niall talking about his sex life with friends? i feel like he would be one to give all the dirty little details

“So he throws me over his shoulder, slaps my ass and carries me to the bed like a sack of potatoes.”  Juliette said as she lifted her wine glass to her mouth for a sip.

Our friends Juliette and Chris were that couple.  The ones who were loud and boisterous and fun no matter what we were doing.  Out of all the couples at Niall’s and my home that evening, Juliette and Chris were by far the most entertaining.

“Hey, it works in the movies.”  Chris said as he searched around the kitchen for a trash can while the rest of us laughed.

“What movie?  Please tell me what movie has that in it?” Juliette demanded as she pointed to one of the cabinets Chris was standing in front of, “That one, Babe.”

“Ah, thanks Sweets.”  He said as he opened the cabinet and threw his empty beer bottle into it.

“I think Patrick Swayze might have done that.”  Quipped Brian, another one of our friends.  His girlfriend Laura was the newest of the bunch.  She was quietly sipping her wine with her hand safely tucked inside Brian’s as it usually was.  Niall and I both decided it was a defense mechanism until she learned how to speak up in the midst of all the big personalities in our group.

Niall took a sip of his beer,

“Sounds more like a Brad Pitt kinda move.”  He said as he finished swallowing.

Brian bumped Niall’s fist with his own,

“Good one.”

“Best sex I ever had that night.”  Juliette finished.

Chris raised his hand in the air after opening the refrigerator,

“You’re welcome.”

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