tomorrowland tickets


okay, soooo a lot of things happened the last time and i thought an update would be necessary now!

- i’m writing my first A-Level exam on tuesday and i started studying like 1,5 months ago and i’m just exhausted and tired from studying, i’m just SO scared that the exams turn out bad
- i’m going to canada in august for three months (toronto, montreal, quebec, vancouver), if anyone is intrested in a lovely meeting to eat delicious food or just to hang around, just message me (i may answer a bit late because i’m just really busy with studying at the moment)! :)
- i’m sorry to say, but the canadian embassy is horrible. the way to get your work and travel visa is as horrible as getting tomorrowland festival tickets and round one opened yesterday and i didn’t got it because their server was overloaded and even if i was on point the website didn’t worked and 2100 visa were away after 4 minutes and they closed it again. there was no chance for me to get one. i hope i will have more luck the second round.
- every apartement i tried to book for quebec had cancelled my request, it’s really frustrating
- i have a lot of trouble with my feet, i can’t walk a long distance because my little toe (on both sites) hurts like hell in every shoe after a while. so i went to the doctor and he said i have to be operated on both feet. the whole thing will last 3 months, and yeah, this is even more frustrating because i can’t walk without crutches for this time. i can’t do sport or anything else.
- well, at least my progress with yoga at the moment is really nice, and i’m sooo happy with my body the last time. i feel better than ever before because i really start to see my first muscles haha! also my abs are showing up more through my abs workouts :)
- my boyfriend will come and visit me in canada for one month, which is absolutely amazing and i’m soooo happy about it! :)
- a few of my recipes and pictures of my food were puplished in two magazines now, which is also a great thing