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Summary: Since you’ve gotten hurt on your last mission, Alec’s behavior changed towards you. Preventing you from being a Shadowhunter and doing what you love, you slowly start to feel lost.

A/N: I know this has been long overdue, but this week has been crazy. There was the Stydia kiss we had been waiting for for years, I went to a Bastille concert, got Ed Sheeran tickets, and finally, after 3 years of trying, I managed to get tickets for Tomorrowland. So clearly, I needed time to process all of this, and I can only hope your week has been as amazing as mine was.

Prompts: “I fall for the worst ones.” – “Stop blaming me for all the stupid things you do.” – “I am here to grace you with my presence.”


“What do you mean, I can’t come along on the mission?” You crossed you arms and frowned.

“Well, I can’t really make it any clearer, can I? You’re not going on the mission.” He emphasized.

“That’s not fair!” You scowled at him. “What did I do?”

He sighted, knowing you weren’t going to let this go. “You got hurt last time, remember?”

“Oh come on, that was weeks ago.” You were fuming with anger at how unreasonable he was being. “I was barely bleeding!”

“Broken bones don’t bleed, Y/N.” Alec reasoned with you. “You are not coming with us.”

You narrowed your eyes at him before giving up. “Fine!” you grunted, storming towards your room.

You watched the flickering light above the door and let out a breath before knocking on the door, only to be greeted with the pair of brown eyes you were hoping to see.

“Y/N,” Simon smiled at you, “what are you doing here?”

“I am here to grace you with my presence.” You smirked.

“You were banned from going on the mission, didn’t you?” He smirked as well, making yours drop.

“Yeah.” You grumbled.

He held the door open for you.

“Come on in.”

You had been staying with the vampires for a couple of hours, spending some time with Simon, who had become a friend of yours over the couple of months. Needing to rant about how unreasonable Alec was being lately, you had almost been talking the whole time.

“And last week, he wouldn’t even let me go on a recon mission. I feel like he just wants me to sit in my room, doing absolutely nothing and I hate it.” You were sitting on the opposite side of Simon,

“Finally! Your friend stopped talking!” Raphael cheered from the other side of the room, laying on the couch. “What are you even doing here?”

You narrowed your eyes at him. “I could ask you the same question.” you said, wanting some time alone with your friend, which he wasn’t.

“I live here.” he retorted.

“Touché.” You looked back at Simon, suddenly feeling hungry. “Hey, you’ve got something to eat?”

He pursed his lips. “Sorry, all we’ve got is a 19-year-old virgin, and a 27-year-old musician.”

“Sorry I asked.” You scrunched your nose, not wanting to know more.

Suddenly, you heard a loud knock on the door. “I guess I’ll get it then.” Simon mumbled when Raphael didn’t move.

“Where is Y/N?” You heard an all too familiar voice yell, making you sigh and roll your eyes. You were so not in the mood for a lecture from him.

“Well, if it isn’t the 19-year-old virgin.” Raphael muttered from his corner, making you smile just a little bit.

“Hey Y/N,” Simon grimaced, “look who’s here.”

“Y/N. I’ve been looking everywhere for you, and this is where you’re at?” Alec was staring at you with fire in his eyes.

“Welcome at the shelter for runaway Shadowhunters.” Raphael exclaimed, still not having moved from his position.

You rolled your eyes at Raphael’s statement. “Well, not for long anymore, because we were just heading out.” You forced a smile at Alec, taking Simon by his arm.

“We were?” Simon asked, looking at you. You just glared back. “I mean, yeah, we are.” He tried to fix his mistake by smiling, making Alec narrow his eyes at him.

“Uhm, on second thought, I might stay here instead. Wouldn’t want Raphael to feel left out.” Simon grimaced.

“He can come with us? Could be fun.” You tried, desperately not to go home yet.

“You know what else sounds fun?” Raphael answered. “Walking around in the sun to work on my tan… I think I would really rock the ‘slightly crisp’ look.” He said sarcastically.

“Ugh, see you later Simon.” You grumbled, disappointed you didn’t have an excuse not to go home.

“Later.” Simon smiled at you before you made your way to the door, Alec following right behind you.

You felt a cool breeze hit you in the face when you opened the door, along with some small drops of rain, making you even moodier than you already were.

After minutes of just following you, Alec had enough of the silence between the two of you.

“So you’re friends with the vamps now?” He asked like it was a bad thing, which in his eyes probably was.

“I’m sorry I don’t see them like walking bulls eyes you can practice your archery on.” You spat back, feeling offended for Simon, and actually even Raphael, who wasn’t really that bad.

“It’s not safe with them Y/N.” He tried to reason with you.

“Are you seriously starting with that bullshit again?” You stopped walking to look him in the eyes.

“Do I have to remind you of what happened last time I walked into that place?” He raised one of his perfect eyebrows.

You sighed, perfectly remembering what had happened last time. “Yeah, who would’ve thought they didn’t like the way you threatened them, pointing an arrow at their faces and all.” You said sarcastically.

“I did it to protect you!” As if wanting to make his statement more dramatic, heavy rain started pouring out of the sky, replacing the small drizzle that had already been falling down on you.

“Stop blaming me for all the stupid things you do!” You huffed out, seriously getting tired of his behavior. “I don’t need you to protect me, I’m a Shadowhunter, I’ll manage on my own.”

“What’s so wrong with me wanting to protect you?” He furrowed his brows, clearly not pleased at the way this argument was going.

“You don’t protect me, Alec. You treat me like a porcelain doll that can break at any given moment. I’m a Shadowhunter, and you’re preventing me from being one, and you know what that makes me?” You let out a sigh and wiped some rain drops from your forehead. “If I can’t be a Shadowhunter, I’m nothing.” You had trouble not to break down at that moment, so you decided it would be easier to make your way towards the institute on your own, leaving Alec too baffled at your statement to follow behind you.

“You’re not nothing to me.” He murmured while you were almost completely out of his sight, and out of hearing distance. He let out a sigh. “You’re everything.”

Turning off the warm water, your hand reached out of the glass door, searching for the towel you had left there somewhere. You walked out of the shower and started drying your hair with the towel when you heard someone knocking on your door.

“Just a minute!” You yelled from your bathroom, hoping that whoever was at your door had heard it, and had the patience to actually wait until you had at least dried yourself off and put some clothes on.

Not really looking what clothes you took out of your closet, you quickly went to open the door, revealing the one person you hadn’t expected to see.

“Oh, it’s you.” You spoke without much enthusiasm.

Alec’s eyes dropped, and quickly looked back up at you, only to divert his gaze yet again, anywhere besides you. “You, uhm, didn’t button your shirt.” He said, blushing.

You furrowed your brows and looked down at yourself, only to see you were revealing some skin of your upper half.

“What’s the problem? I’ve trained with you wearing less.” You inspected his movements, trying to figure out why he had a problem with it.

“Uhm, no problem.” He smiled, fixated on looking no where else but your face. “I, uhm, I came here to apologize.”

You raised your eyebrows, caught off guard by his words.

“I brought you a gift.” His hands suddenly appeared right in front of your view, revealing the small faux plant. You couldn’t help but smile when you recognized the familiar shiny silver flower pot.

“That’s so cute.” You gushed when you took it from him. “I actually bought the exact same one for your sister, but she accidently dropped it, and now it’s chipped on one side, but you can barely —,“ you felt a small piece of the pot missing under your fingertips, just as you wanted to place it on your desk, and turned it around so you could actually see the missing piece, “see it.” You silently finished your sentence.

You quickly turned around to look him in the eyes. “Alexander Lightwood, did you steal your sister’s plant, just so you could give it to me?”

He looked like he was caught stealing cookies out of a cookie jar. Or, well, stealing faux house plants out of his sister’s room.

“Well, I didn’t really know what to get you, and it’s not like there’s much choice in stores at this hour at night, but it’s the thought that counts, right?” he tried.

You raised an eyebrow. “I still haven’t heard an apology.”

He let out a sigh and closed his eyes for a moment, before blurting out his apology.

“I shouldn’t have banned you from going on that mission, and I shouldn’t have come to hotel Dumort to come and get you. I know what being a Shadowhunter means to you.” He confessed, making your mouth fall open, because in all of the years you had known Alec, you’ve almost never heard him apologize.

“And lastly, I should’ve told you I liked you from the moment I knew I did.” He gave you a small smile, not knowing how you would react to his confession. “I only did those things because I was really scared last time we went on a mission, and I didn’t want to see that pain on your face ever again.”

You were shocked at his confession, but not too shocked to not say anything. You crossed your arms and walked a bit closer towards him. “So, let me get this straight: you did stupid things, which almost cost us our friendship, just because you like me?”

He just nodded.

You pursed your lips. “And you never thought it would be easier to just say you liked me?” You let out a sigh yourself and closed your eyes before mumbling something.

“I fall for the worst ones.”

His eyes grew wide when he heard you murmur those words. “Wait, so you like me too?” he sounded hopeful.

“Yeah, I do.” You smiled. “Well, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the Alec that banned me from going on missions and all that, but I do like the Alec that’s standing right in front of me, apologizing, and even bringing a gift, even if it’s something he stole from his sister.” You narrowed your eyes, thinking about what you’ve just said. “Well, maybe don’t steal anything again, okay?”

He couldn’t help but smile. “Okay.”

“You know which Alec I also like? The one I’m going on a date with, later this night, just to watch some Netflix or something.” You smirked.

“I like that one too.” He smiled widely, not believing his luck with you.

“Okay, but now I really need to kick you out of my room.”

His smile fell. “What? Why?” he asked, furrowing his brows in confusion while you pushed him out of the door.

“Because I have a date to get ready for.” You said, right before you slammed the door shut in his face.


okay, soooo a lot of things happened the last time and i thought an update would be necessary now!

- i’m writing my first A-Level exam on tuesday and i started studying like 1,5 months ago and i’m just exhausted and tired from studying, i’m just SO scared that the exams turn out bad
- i’m going to canada in august for three months (toronto, montreal, quebec, vancouver), if anyone is intrested in a lovely meeting to eat delicious food or just to hang around, just message me (i may answer a bit late because i’m just really busy with studying at the moment)! :)
- i’m sorry to say, but the canadian embassy is horrible. the way to get your work and travel visa is as horrible as getting tomorrowland festival tickets and round one opened yesterday and i didn’t got it because their server was overloaded and even if i was on point the website didn’t worked and 2100 visa were away after 4 minutes and they closed it again. there was no chance for me to get one. i hope i will have more luck the second round.
- every apartement i tried to book for quebec had cancelled my request, it’s really frustrating
- i have a lot of trouble with my feet, i can’t walk a long distance because my little toe (on both sites) hurts like hell in every shoe after a while. so i went to the doctor and he said i have to be operated on both feet. the whole thing will last 3 months, and yeah, this is even more frustrating because i can’t walk without crutches for this time. i can’t do sport or anything else.
- well, at least my progress with yoga at the moment is really nice, and i’m sooo happy with my body the last time. i feel better than ever before because i really start to see my first muscles haha! also my abs are showing up more through my abs workouts :)
- my boyfriend will come and visit me in canada for one month, which is absolutely amazing and i’m soooo happy about it! :)
- a few of my recipes and pictures of my food were puplished in two magazines now, which is also a great thing