Logging off. Leaving Maryland for Michigan tomorrow morning T-T I don't wanna go home, but 14 days is a long time...

Gotta get back to my dog, my family, my friends, my work….

I really loved my time here and I truly cherish the memories I have of the people I met down here, especially the BABYz: bajinbajinbajin, ctrlaltfangirl, lessworkmoresleep. Also, tomorrowistomorrowright and manjae, the tumblr homies I finally had the pleasure of meeting irl.

Back to real life.

Though, I’d love to be able to call D.C my new  home one day.

*It’s been real.

alwaysdotherightthing replied to your post: Growl is my shit. It has been since I saw the dance practice leak and I honestly give 0 fucks about EXO being in a room this time because it’s about the dancing. It’s not a “dance version” with 3 sets and 5 costume changes, but one that dance groups could actually duplicate. I love it.

girl yes! this is the first comeback I genuinely like A LOT. wolf was horrid, i’m sorry. but this shit right here?! and the video is perfect in my opinion because it allowed EVERYONE to get some face time and that’s hard to do with twelve folks

Wolf was horrible, I still jammed to it though…while laughing hysterically. BUT THIS SONG. I COULD LISTEN TO IT ALL DAY. Then the school uniforms… SM is not playing this time around.

ANNNNNND D.O’s new hair infused him with some major confidence because he is putting himself out there like he didn’t before.  It looks good on him and I’ve never even checked for him like that, but GET IT, KYUNGSOO!

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yea i just saw some stuff on it. I gotta say I’m rather disappointed in them. I feel like the celebs really do get away with too much. And isn’t Se7en in like an 11 relationship with someone? Damn smh

Yeah, Se7en is with HanByul and I really feel bad for her. She’s getting attacked by people saying he wouldn’t have don’t it if she was doing what she was supposed to, she should’ve treated him better, etc. Like… in what world do these men get conjugal visits?

I’m partially disappointed, but at the same time, I realize that other officers probably do this as well, but as non-celebrities, no one is FOLLOWING THEIR ASSES WITH CAMERAS. However, that is the end of my sympathy because they assaulted a cameraman and tried to break a camera. While it wasn’t awful, they left marks on that poor man and drew blood.

They had on caps, tug down the bill, keep your head down, and keep it moving.

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Kyungsoo has become my bias because of that hair and his new attitude. All of those smirks!!! ugh. He is gorgeous.

He’s wormed his way into my heart now.  I appreciated his voice before, but now… this boost to his confidence jhdajdhsad I’m just so happy for him! I feel like he’s just so much happier with this image <3 Kyungsoo, Fighting~! <3

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thanks to this video I finally know who D.O. is lol I knew his voice but not his face.

LOL You are so wrong for that XDDD

alwaysdotherightthing asked:

cookies n cream and strawberry!

Strawberry what??? ;A;

Cookies n Cream: 3 things you can do to make me automatically like you: 1. Open with how much you love KPOP (especially my bias groups) 2.  Explain how scarily in-line with my political ideals yours are 3. “Hey #*$@#% (that blurb is my real name),  wanna go get burritos for lunch and then go get milkshakes at the hand-dipped ice cream place then go for a long walk downtown and then go get Panamanian/West Indian food for dinner, ending the night with a K-Pop/K-Drama sleepover and a bottle of soju?“

I’ll assume Strawberry Froyo: 3 insecurities - My weight, my nose, my health.

alwaysdotherightthing said: damn. And that’s just stupid. People would find a way to bail the man out. “It’s your fault you’re being cheated on" like the fuck? i don’t understand what made them think they wouldn’t get caught though.

Exactly… this happened after you all left a very largely, widely attended event. Why would you think you weren’t going to be followed by press? I really don’t understand…

alwaysdotherightthing replied to your post: I give 0 fucks about Se7en going to a “massage parlor” to blow a quick one, BUT I DO CARE THAT IT DELAYED YG’S STATEMENT ON TAEYANG’S SOLO AND THEIR NEW BOYS GROUPS.

i’m confused, what happened?

While on duty, Se7en and Sangchu went to a “Chinese Massage Parlor” to bust a rather expensive nut. They were also openly drinking and wearing civilian attire (Along with Rain and other celeb military men).

Supporting prostitution is, obviously, frowned upon and caused a stir and the fact that it happened, not during off-time, but while active.

As a result, their management companies have been contacted for comment, but declined. It all sucks for everyone involved, but along with staying silent about Se7en, YG has delayed their statement on Taeyang, their 2 new boys groups, and their reality show-until whenever the fuck they feel like it.