Oh my, I queued(?) a picture, which says 'give me a name and I will tell a story behind it' or something like that and totally forgot that : DDD so got a message with a name and answered like 'what?' to that : DD

So yeah, lauzosviesa gave me the name Karolis. 

Well, I have a cousin named Karolis, he was like my best friend, we used to hang out a lot, although both were a bit shy : D

Also, the name of one guy I like is Karolis, and he doesn’t deny that he likes me too, but we’ve only hang out like one time for real. We used to text each other a lot, but that kinda ended after he got a gf. Now he’s single, but seems to be into another girl, don’t know for real, he doesn’t tell. I asked him to let me go (I need to be let go so I could move on), but he just said ‘I don’t want to, you’re a nice girl, we should meet up’, but he never has the time.

So yeah, that’s two stories behind the name Karolis : D I know more guys with that name, but whatevs ; D

I’m not saying this tattoo is my idea - no. I found it on the internet and fell in love with it, so thanks to the person who got it first (;

Love is enough - for me it’s a rephrase for The Beatles song All you need is Love.

Like some people in God, I believe in Love (and Music, and Peace). I just don’t think that you can really achieve anything without loving what you do. And I think you can overcome all obstacles if you have love. If you give love, if you receive love (:

P.S. I did not take this picture, but it’s my hand : D Tattoo was done by Emilis at Ink Factory (Lithuania, Kaunas), but picture was taken by another artist.

oh, and this is my second tattoo (: