23-07-2015 // I spent tonight brainstorming ideas for my masters dissertation and hit on a few things that I’m hoping I can turn into a cohesive, comprehensive piece of work. I need to do some extensive reading on the topic over the summer to re-familiarise myself with the main issues in Cognitive Linguistics so that I can meet with my professor (who is coincidentally one of the authors of the pictured book) and hopefully propose to him an idea that’s worth all the time and effort I’m putting into it.



In April 2007, Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez launched Generation Y as a tool to vent her frustrations about life under the Castro regime. Due to limited internet access in her country, she would sneak past the gatekeepers at tourist hotels to publish her updates, aided by her ability to speak German.

Soon after, international news outlets began to cover Sánchez on her quest for freedom of expression, leading to an increase in attention, opportunities and accolades. She was invited to share her entries on The Huffington Post, named one of TIME magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World“ and received praise from US President Barack Obama. She was honored with the 2008 Ortega y Gasset Prize for Journalism and Columbia University’s 2009 Maria Moors Cabot Prize.

Unfortunately, she was denied permission to leave the country and accept either award. The increased attention led to the Cuban government censoring her site by March 2008, forcing Sánchez to rely on friends and allies abroad to distribute her content. In 2009, she was kidnapped and beaten on her way to a peaceful protest, and later in 2012, she was briefly arrested in an attempt to prevent her from covering a conservative politician’s manslaughter trial.

Recent years have seen more positive developments for Sánchez. In 2013, she was finally granted a passport and offered freedom to travel around the world. She proceeded to launch the first independent digital media outlet, 14ymedio, the following year, and as of today, her Generation Y blog posts can be read in over 25 different languages.

Heather Lee Rogers

S/tick is proud to share a new poem from Heather Lee Rogers! Heather may be contacted via her website. Welcome, Heather, to the S/tick community! 

Curves and Lines

40 years after Roe v Wade
I still need to pass through
a metal detector
have my bag searched
and show ID twice
just to see a Doctor
and pick up some pills.

The lines were drawn
before I was born
the lines were drawn
before all Mothers were born
the lines were drawn
with Lillith and Eve
and all the Adams then and since
are still
of women.

See Women created life
so Men created God
in their own divine image
as an ally
to protect themselves

So today
a young girl
in a pink “volunteer” apron
shifts from foot to foot
outside the high security clinic
because a young boy
on the corner
is passing out pamphlets.
I’d lived three lives
and seen four countries
before this pup
popped from his Mother’s choice
yet he still presumes
so much authority
over me.

So I cross the line
to see a doctor
I cross the line
to just be seen
I cross the line
for One American Hour
where I’m treated like
a Person
who is qualified
to make up her own mind.

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