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Little space morning routine

9:15am ♡ wake up, beg daddy to go back to sleep

9:20am ♡ pout cause daddy said no

9:45am ♡ ask for help getting dressed

10:00am ♡ dress build a bear stuffies

10:15am ♡ decide you’re hungry, decide to make food

10:20am ♡ quickly realise you’re no good at making food, cry out of frustration and wait for daddy

10:45am ♡ eat breakfast with daddy and watch cartoons, make sure to ask for several sippy cup refills

11:15am ♡ help daddy with dishes and other boring chores so you get a sticker

12:00pm ♡ naptime!!

12:01pm ♡ lie and insist that you’re not tired

1:00pm ♡ wake up, cuddle daddy till lunch time

The Adolesence Alternative

Chapter Seven: Endings

Previous Chapter: Chapter Six: Prom

Amy did go into school on Monday. She was locking up her bicycle when Sheldon’s shadow fell upon her. Amy was sure he was still so angry. He hadn’t called her once all weekend, but when she stood up straight, he pulled her into his arms.

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Teacher cold: it’s like a man cold, in that you bitch to anyone who’ll listen about how shit you feel, but you insist on going to work anyway, because THE KIDS. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE KIDS IF I TAKE THE DAY OFF???


Almost everyone heads to bed, except Chad who is starving and cooks some Tofu Dogs, and Loch, who does a really un-Loch like thing and gets in the hot tub… That stressed, huh, baby? :(

Tomorrow, the first of the two dates will happen. Nic is up first, then the next day it’ll be Chad’s turn.

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zimbits + 7 💕

“I’ll keep you warm.”

Bitty’s first time visiting the Zimmerman household is like a dream. 

He wasn’t very nervous about Jack’s decision to tell his parent’s about them months ago–after all, he had met them. They loved their son, and both had been outspoken on the subject of LGBT support in the NHL on Twitter.

Meeting them as Jack’s boyfriend for the first time, though? Lord, he was a wreck. 

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This Blog is Now an Anti Free Zone

Following responses to my question regarding how others (and honestly myself) feel about people engaging in Anti SJM content and my own personal preference, 

I am officially swearing off ever engaging/reblogging/discussing anti SJM content. 

Not because I don’t think SJM has ANY problems, but because I do not find the anti SJM posts/discourse productive, educating, FOR ME or people who follow this space, or something I wish to spend my free time on. If you post it, cool, I just wanna talk about the danky dank memes and shit.

So sorry folks for my crisis. Thanks for sticking with me, stay safe, and look after yourselves. 

Lots of love.


(p.s. thanks to @abookandacoffee i.e. the wife for letting me vent and talking me down from feeling like I was basically a nazi for liking SJM books. She is right, smart af, and fucking awesome. Go give her some love. I gotta take a nap :P)

Before we knock ourselves off the list, let’s take a minute to remember that those 6,347,505 views were less than a year ago. How many of us here now streaming DNA for the last 20 hours were even a part of that group?

In a year, ARMY has grown so much that the we almost doubled our own record breaking 6million at the next comeback, and are now well on our way to quadrupling it by the time the 24 hours mark finally hits for DNA.

Come 6kst we will have almost doubled the first 24 hour record, we have already halved the 10 million, and we are about to more than halve the 20 million.

In 4 years, BTS has accumulated over 2 billion views on their music videos, with at least a billion of those views being since the day Blood Sweat and Tears released less than a full year ago.

Just wanted to throw some numbers in there for perspective of how big this family has grown in such a short time span.


you were my future, I was your yesterday