tomorrow we head to boston !!!!

Gradblr Challenge - Day 10

Thank you for all your well wishes on my last post! This community is so encouraging for productivity :’) I’m really glad I took part in this challenge.

Brief post for today - My day started very productively, as I worked at Starbucks on two paper outlines and the beginnings of my presentation! But after lunch, I had trouble staying focused to move forward on one of the final presentations… it’s for a class that lacked guidance on this final project. I’m feeling a bit frazzled as I have to present both tomorrow and Friday, and I’m not entirely ready D:

I did take a little break this evening – I hosted two dance friends visiting from Boston for dinner, and we all went out swing dancing together! Lots of fun and a nice break to remove my head from the stress of Week 10 for a little bit. 

So much work to do tomorrow, on top of having to meet with a prospective student :’^(