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… I’m still alive! and tomorrow I’m going to post Yellow ♥ (Yes, yes, of course I’m postponing the lettering, of course).

In the mean time humor me with this Altean!Lance - I wanted to draw my own version this AU for months now, and of course when I choose to doodle it I was in a full “Oh, Aladdin, I want to rewatch Aladdin. Hey.



I wouldn’t want to live this life without my best friend @dinoshade 🤘🏾

Left: both pre T
Right: Kai is 4 months, I’m 8 months



The latest set of pages in my crystal grimoire! I decided to make a new post as if I kept adding to the first one it will end up way too long by the time I’m done. I still have lots more to do and I’m always adding to my collection so maybe I’ll never be done 😁

Link to part 1 here, link to part 3 here, link to part 4 here