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thank you for the feedback on the role reverse!pricefield fanfic idea <3 here's the summary on what im planning to do:

After 13-year-old Max Caulfield unavoidably leaves her best friend, Chloe Price, to move to Seattle shortly after William Price’s inevitable death, her and her father’s relationship went nowhere but spiraling downhill when she decided to rebel against him for forcing them to move away from Arcadia Bay.
Working her way back into Chloe’s life one step at a time, she finally breaks her father into striking a bargain with her that if she could manage to stabilize herself into a job at Arcadia Bay, she would get to stay. Max was thrilled to say the least, the possibilty of seeing her best friend again, closer that sver before…but it’s been 5 years.
5 years without a call or even a text towards Chloe.
Those 5 years took a toll on Max’s shy and kindhearted persona. Alone to battle with anger, alone to deal with grief, and alone to face self-blaming and hatred, she had to change who she was in order to keep on fighting.
In order to see Chloe.
Has she changed too much for Chloe’s liking? Is their friendship too broken to be repaired?
Even so, Max would challenge fate itself in order to save their friendship. She didn’t fight to get nothing for so long; she won’t accept that.
Max may have lost herself in the process of getting Chloe back, but God forbid that she’d lose her again.