tomorrow never knows: the beatles' last concert

Scan - Joan Baez and George Harrison backstage at Candlestick Park, prior to The Beatles’ final concert, 29 August 1966. Photo © Jim Marshall. Another scan, cropped, has been posted at thateventuality previously, here

“The one consistent thing is that they [The Beatles] were all terribly funny, always, all of them. Wisecracking, wisecracking, wisecracking - really funny.
When I was on tour with them [in 1966] I remember that they were tired. They were more cynical than ever. I remember them saying, ‘Your bloody American fans are trying to kill us.’” - Joan Baez, Tomorrow Never Knows: The Beatles’ Last Concert

Scan - Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Paul McCartney backstage at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA, 29 August 1966. Photo © Jim Marshall. Scanned from Tomorrow Never Knows: The Beatles’ Last Concert (and previously posted at thateventuality here).

“There was a certain amount of relief after that Candlestick Park concert. Before one of the last numbers, we set up this camera - I think it had a fisheye, a very wide-angle lens. We set it on an amplifier, and Ringo came out of the drums, and we stood with our back to the audience and posed for a photograph, because we knew that was the last show.” - George Harrison, Rolling Stone, 5 November 1987

Scan - The Beatles onstage at Candlestick Park, 29 August 1966. Photos © Jim Marshall. Scanned from Tomorrow Never Knows: The Beatles’ Last Concert, and previously posted at thateventuality here.

George Harrison: “Really, all I wanted to do was just be in a band; I didn’t really want to go to work, I wanted to be in a group and that’s what happened. And then we happened to get famous. And it was fun for a little while… But [Beatlemania] became such a nightmare. It was - it became like a prison. And on top of that, the thing that really made it the worst was that when we finally got the place we were going, and the reason we were doing it was to play the music, and you couldn’t even hear the music - we couldn’t even hear it ourselves because of all these people yelling. So, you know, we just got tired of it and packed it in.”

Q: “And you didn’t miss Beatlemania at all?”

GH: “Oh no. We stopped the mania by retiring from touring and press and stuff, and we just went in the studio.”
- Swedish interview, 1990