tomorrow might never come


MOVIE MEME {a movie that makes you cry every time}
Kal Ho Naa Ho (Tomorrow Might Never Come) 2003
starring shahrukh khan, saif ali khan & preity zinta
a Bollywood film.

so what do you want me to do? tell her the truth? when you can’t even face the truth after knowing everything, how will naina bear it? what do i do, mom? what do i say? how do i say that for the first time, this heart is beating for someone, is breathing for someone’s name? for the first time, this heart has loved someone. how do i say, naina, the love from this heart is very strong but the heart itself is very weak. how do i give her a weak heart, mom? how do i tell her that the girl in the photograph is not my wife but a friend, my doctor who’s fighting day and night just to keep me alive for a few more days? i’m dying, mom.

 - aman mathur (shahrukh khan) about his reason to keep his love for naina a secret


Once upon a time I used to be able to pull pseudo-profound captions for drawings but I guess not anymore.

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Things change.
Like people, like days.

Nothing stays the same.
Ups and downs are what define Life.

So why do we refuse to move on?
Why do we choose to stay still
and to pretend there’s nothing we can do?

Why do we always forget that we are soldiers
in a battle we shouldn’t lose?

Things change.
Tomorrow is not yesterday.

So of what are we so scared?
Of tomorrow that might never come?
Of yesterday that we could survive,
that made us who we are today?

minkefreak  asked:

Fact: I love lazy Sundays a little too much .. like staying in all day wearing pajamas, watching movies and eating whatever is in the fridge :p

(this is so sweet aw!!!)

fact: my favorite time of day is either 1. if im home alone, from like 4pm-8pm, where I can chill out and do whatever and watch tv and make myself dinner it’s real nice OR 2. if I’m not home alone, at like 2 am??? because it’s nice and quiet and everyone is asleep and i have my water and maybe a nice bit of chocolate next to me and i feel this peace?? the peace of the fact that tomorrow isn’t coming yet, tomorrow might never come, im in this moment right now and all that exists or has ever existed is this moment, that feeling of a perpetual midnight, after you’ve gone to bed but before you’ve gone to sleep…. like you can live in that moment forever and do whatever you feel like doing …… sometimes going to sleep makes me nervous bc im not ready to face the day you know???

Love like tomorrow might never come.
—  But that’s the thing, it’s reckless and dangerous to love like that. Treat it soft. Hold hands more. Give more hugs. Take your time. Slow it down. Write more cute notes. Give more cheek kisses. Let them cry. Let yourself cry. Embrace the tenderness of the relationship. Loving someone like there’s no tomorrow? I want to love you like you’re the last one. Like you’ll stay forever. Like I’m yours and you’ll be mine, will that be alright with you, sweet love of mine?
  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: twenty one pilots is an american musical duo that originates from columbus ohio they leaked their own song and i haven't stopped listening to it since i've decided that i'll be playing this song at my funeral because i'm fucking dead the music video might be coming out tomorrow and i've never been so on edge if the new album is going to sound a lot like this i will cry i really like this sound they've really worked their ass off for us and i'm just really proud of the two boys but they've got me asking what's the new era going to look like is the theme going to be yellow because i've been hearing rumours the music video will have a lot of yellow man as much as i love this band they cause me so much stress i just want to know

fangirl challenge: [4/10] movies => kal ho naa ho (there may or may not be a tomorrow) (2003)

Naina, I wish I could tell you how much I want you. I love you, I love you…I love you very very much, Naina. And when I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I want to see you. When you’re not near, I feel you all around me, every second, every hour, every moment. My eyes look for my Naina. Whether you call this love, or insanity, or my heart’s beating, it’s all the same to me. Lots of people can love, but no one can love like me because no one else has you. I can’t lose you, Naina. I don’t want to forget you. You’re mine. I will love you for my entire life, I will love you till my last breath and even after that.
Aman Mathur

30 DAY CHALLENGE OF HAPPINESS: #2 A Quote That Makes You Smile

Every moment on earth, live life to the fullest. Whatever time you have is yours, for tomorrow might never come.

-Tomorrow Might Never Come, Maryam Kazmi-

Banyak juga sih sebenernya quote yang bisa bikin tersenyum. :p Ngepost quote yang satu ini karena teringat masa-masa sulit Januari s.d. Juli 2010. :’)