tomorrow is yesterday

yesterday i was spontaneous for the first time in a while and we took the car and went to the beach house of a friend at night and we went out and danced to old songs and today we spent the whole day by the sea talking about life and our friendship and laughing together. i felt so free. i’ve been friends with these girls since i was a kid and it’s amazing to think that they’re not even my closest friends in the group but i still feel so comfortable around them and they transmit such a good energy to me even if we are completely different persons, i know they will be there to share good and bad moments and to take improvised road trips to the coast on a wednesday night.
we stopped to see the sunset on our way back home and marina said “one more sunset, one more day of life” and i understood how we should be thankful for the simple fact that we are here today and we can see the sun set, one day at a time.

Mail August 25th

Flash sneak peek

Very fresh & cute & cool

This black clothes is
of course…a swimsuit

Do you want to see more swimsuit( °▽° )?lol

Flash Sneak peek

I really love this
Yellow dress( ´ ▽ ` )

It’s very hard to carry out
the photoshoot in the middle of the heat…

It’s so hot…

I almost lost my consciousness as the sun goes up…

Praise me for make it
till the end!lol


After finished with my work

I went to watch
“aozora yell” with yuiri \(^o^)/

Last night
「are you free tomorrow?」
She invited me yesterday

Before we went to watch
we went to cafe and had some talks

Then we went to see the movie

This is my second time for going to cinema with yuiri
the first one is “maze runner”
( 1 year ago? )

So I feel really happy
for watching the movie with her again( ´ ▽ ` )

We promised to watch
“kimi no na wa” together next

aah~!I can’t wait!

I’ll do my best too tomorrow\(^o^)/

Excited and stressed at the same time about our doctors appointment tomorrow. Yesterday we found out she has gained weight really really well since Monday, and were following up tomorrow. I’m just praying her weight has continued to go up so I can *finally* relax about it.

Kirk’s fight with the three Air Force security guys is amazing. I swear that at one point someone off-camera simply throws him at them horizontally; I can’t imagine how he could have jumped at that angle. It’s the most awesome display of flailing in tight black pants you’ve ever seen.