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Saw that everyone was sharing their ml zine piece, so thought I’d share mine too! This was from the summer for a charity zine that sadly didn’t happen. I’m still p proud of this piece as A) I’ve never done a zine before & B) I had never made a full-blown background before ovo;; Also Happy New Year’s Eve from the US!!!
a girl, a boy, and a graveyard - celaenos - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Eight days after the conclusion of Lex’s trial, Lena steps across the threshold of their apartment and knows abruptly that she can’t live there anymore.

Astral and communication stuffs

So I got an ask semi recently(Okay not so much anymore) where someone said I seem to easily communicate with Dragons and travel and all that. I’m glad I make it sound easy but its not lol

A few starting notes. I may not have ADD or anything but I have the attention span of a small child, I need constant stimulation or I will probably break something expensive. I suck at meditating and trancing and all that. I fuck up a lot. Like socially speaking I am one step shy of a failure and have no idea how to hold a relationship 99% of the time. 

This doesn’t mean how I communicate with Dragons and other beings is easy. No. It means I work super hard at it. And I’m giving a shot at sharing with others what I do. 

Practice. Yeah, last thing you wanted to hear, I’m sure. It’s true however it doesn’t mean practice only one method.Try meditating. Try using music. Research. Test the waters, dabble for a bit. Find the one you like the most. Do you need motion to help focus? Do you need to be sitting? Lying down? Try it all out. 

I have a few things do, the first of which is meditating. I lay down or sit up, close my eyes, turn off and tune in. I focus on feeling my body, how I feel being inside my body. Me from the inside out. When I started out this was the easiest step. I could spend minuets zoned out on what I was feeling. No real thoughts. These days I find this harder to do and have had to change my methods depending on the day. I do, however, still follow this method for days when my mind and attention span are in agreement. 

When I can manage this I will eventually slip into a state where I can feel my body moving, usually as if I’m moving up, down, backwards or as tho I should be facing the other way. I associate this with coming to the in between zone. For the most part every one has a in between place, for some it’s a hallway. Most I read about say hallway actually. Mine is not. Mine is an underground tunnel and that place can be a mystery all it’s own. When I was fresh to this travel stuff reaching the in between place was exciting but never enough. I always wanted a door to take me to some place on the other side. It didn’t work that way. I needed a guide, someone to get me the rest of the way over. I made a friend and. Well long story short I was lead over. And that was the easiest it was for a while. I couldn’t get over for a while without help. When I did get over I hardly knew what was up. Practice practice however and things do change. These days to cross over I almost day dream. I zone out, focus my eyes on something or close them and walk my mind through a haze between sides. The problem I run into this way is keep focused since I haven’t cleared my head out. Drifting off into another frame of mind while trying to meet with a new being is pretty rude and usually taken badly. On the hand when I meditate I often fall asleep. Rude either way.

Now my usual communications with beings on the other hand is different. I do a lot of work with various divination systems, often starting out with pendulum work and progressing from there. Sometimes I can actually hear things. A voice to get my attention type of things. I also feel, get mental nudges and discern from a large collection of things. One conversation of sorts can either take effort and time or or a short nudge in a better direction. There is no traveling or anything involved in this. In a sense it’s easier. In others its not. It doesn’t happen all the time or everyday or every other day. 

Which is why I don’t do this kind of thing every day. I can’t. I can’t focus that often. I can’t even always focus on or hear people sitting in front of me, beings who aren’t there in the same way? Yeah I make a shitty interaction for them often. Also why it doesn’t get posted about all that often. 
Why yes, this hasn’t actually gone over my actual methods of doing things like meditating, shutting things out and focusing in. I have a few depending upon my moods and I’m yet unsure as to which feel right to share. 

So thats my ramble. Ask any questions you may have but I hope that at least comforts some people in knowing that what some might make look easy is often backed by as much struggle and work as you have. 


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Could you do some spirk cuddling?

i got a few prompts about cuddling, so this is for all of those, hope there’s enough cuddling in this for y’all :0

A Shot in the Dark (read it on ao3 here)

Jim keyed in the codes to his room, careful to keep his steps soft as he walked through the door, not wanting to wake Spock if he had decided to go to sleep early while waiting for Jim to finish up extra paperwork. He grinned as he saw dark familiar eyes blinking at him from under the fluffy duvet, feeling a muted warmth spill into his mind through their bond.

“Hey, love.”

“Hello. It is cold.”

Jim snorted, heading towards the temperature controls. “You want me to turn it up?”

“No. I desire for you come to bed. You are always very warm.” Spock’s voice was muffled, but his eyes were bright, and Jim froze for a few seconds before he started laughing.

“You sneaky Vulcan. Let me brush my teeth and get changed and I’ll be right there.”

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When Will My Wife Return from the War

Som.Va Week - Day Three

NSFW / Promise

When Hana goes away on a mission, she’s all Sombra can think about until she gets back… but then, something goes wrong.

Chapter One

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Over 1,200 years ago, the Caddo built a village 26 miles west of present-day Nacogdoches. Last summer, members of the Caddo nation helped volunteers & staff - build again! East Texas is proud of our Caddo Heritage - come celebrate with us!
Travel Tip: Tomorrow, April 8th is Caddo Culture Day at the Mounds!! There will be live performances of Caddo music and dance, guided hikes, children’s activities, exhibits by Caddo artists & more!
Photo courtesy of Richard Faviell & @caddo_mounds_shs.

To Death

For @fandomwritingchallenge.

Fandom: James Bond
Pairing: James Bond/Q
Rating: PG
Word count: 4,781
Prompt: carnival
Warnings: swearing, non-graphic violence, very light sexual content (nothing really happens though)

Q returned home from a very exhausting, tedious day at work, bearing the image of a steaming hot cup of tea in his mind. He has been looking forward to one since the moment he left his lab, and now he could enjoy it at last.

Only—he found his flat’s door open by a cranny as he approached it with a key in his hand. He panicked. His other hand automatically reached for a pen with a mechanism that could shoot poisonous darts if the right button is pressed. He always kept it in the front pocket of his bag.

He narrowed his eyes and proceeded with utmost caution. There had been an intruder in his flat, and maybe still was. He had to be ready. One slow step at a time, he approached the door and opened it; it emitted a creaky sound. Whoever was inside must have heard it.

Pointing the dangerous pen in front of him, he entered the foyer. No visible damage had occurred in there, but there was no sign of his furry friends, either. When he listened carefully, he could hear a female voice coming from the living room.

Though, he had a glimpse he had heard that voice before. But that was impossible, because that woman was—

Q neglected all of the previous cautiousness and rushed to the source of the noise. He nearly forgot to breathe.

The door between the living room and the kitchen was open ajar. He burst through it, and came to an immediate halt when he sighted the figure standing in front of the telly.

Why wasn’t he surprised to see 007 in there?

However, he was surprised by one different thing: the reason why it was so, that is to say. Well, it was two things, in fact—that, and whom he could see on a video tape.

M. His M. The silver-haired iron lady just as he remembered her and very much alive. It was merely a tape, but his brain was suddenly flooded with memories. She was telling Bond about an unfinished business; giving him instructions.

Bond acknowledged Q’s presence without moving by a bit. “M’s given me work. I’m going to Mexico,” he said matter-of-factly, without a twitch of his face. He did not add any explanation so as to why he had gone to his flat and not his fucking own. “And I need your help, Q.”


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so it should probably be mentioned that I’m heading out of town tomorrow and won’t be back until Sunday night so I won’t have my computer with me. but I will have my phone so please feel free to message me for plotting or headcanons or anything else!!!

@elizabethh1x1 @lowndesrps @tabithasmusings @writerscube2 @mattyhlys and hopefully that’s everyone!

Guys I need requests to work on (although I’m just writing random shit now.. like a bts organised crime fic…)

I HAVE TO TRAVEL ALL DAY TODAY AND TOMORROW I need more things to work on plss <3

Also have some Park “I don’t wink or stick my tongue out” Jimin doing both AT THE SAME TIME
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“They have a saying here… there is still time to make a happy life”
Day 608: I can’t stay here another day. Tomorrow i will be traveling back to Bremen. I rented myself an small furnished apartment for a month and will try to find a nice place permanently and seek salvation. I feel like i aged 3 times as much since i lived in Berlin and with the stress it involved. I just wished my body wouldn’t ache that much and i had the strength to complete the move away from this place and never look back.