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maybe 66 for the drabble thing

66 Stay over

Gaby’s skin is soft, her embraces even softer, and it’s hard to get up from under the covers, from her warmth. The floor is cold under his feet when he reaches to grab his underwear.

“Stay over,” Gaby asks softly.

“I can’t,” Illya says. “No sleeping over. Your rule.”

Gaby hums. “Stay,” she asks again. “Let’s forget about that rule.”

Illya lets the fabric fell back on the floor but stays on the edge of the bed. “If you are going to forget about that rule are you going to forget all the others too?” He twist his head to see her over his shoulder.

Gaby crawls up, the rumpled sheet under her knees, pressing herself against Illya’s back. Her arms wrap around him; one around his shoulder, the other under his arm, smoothing it’s way across his abdomen. She buries her face on his neck, inhales his scent, bites his earlobe gently. She squeezes Illya closer, purring like a happy cat.

“Yes. Let’s forget all the rules,” she promises, muttering the words against his skin, lips pressing warm kisses on him. “Stay,” she purrs.

“Those are your rules,” Illya reminds, letting her pull him back to the bed, eager to explore the opportunity to stay a bit longer with her. “Tomorrow you are going to reinstate those.” He can barely get the words out from between her kisses.

“Then enjoy this while it lasts,” Gaby mutters, pulling him under the covers with her, back to her warmth, under her deep kisses and caresses, enjoying when there is no rules. At least tonight.

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Ah headache =[

We’ve just finished a good portion of the decorating - I’d say we’ve done half of doing what needs to be done with @gazasaurus-rex
in terms of upcoming decorating plans

We have now officially finished the living room =D 🎉 (minus flooring but we’re not counting that for now xD) as well as the hallway/entrance (all we need now are the canvas pictures that Ed wanted)

Upstairs we’ve sanded and painted the ceilings and boarders, as well as painted the radiators and now all we have to do is paint the walls and finish the boarders around the doors to the rooms

Then we need to get an electrician in to fix in Ed’s fancy lighting 👍🏻

After that we can finally - finally - get new carpeting in for the stairs which I know will make Ed very pleased indeed

Gaz and I have promised to finish the rest tomorrow after work and I can’t bloody wait - I think that’ll feel like a milestone to have the hallway, living room and landing completed

White lies 3rd chapter

It’s been 84 years but finnally chapter three!!

To the girl who helped me start this blog @bbreactions



You were the weird kid in school, you never fell in love with someone or like particullary someone.
You were casted and debuted in YG as a solo, you were shy and looked cold, but one day Seungri sunbaenim said something to you that make you decided to change.

Here it is chaper THREE!!!! Hope you like it!!!

Let me know what you think of it!!!


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You waived your hand to your fans, getting in the black car where your manager was waiting for you.

After the last recording for your goodbye stage, your packed scheduled should have been less full so you could rest and prepare for the nest one.

-Good job Jiminie, let’s go home and rest a bit.. you have an interview tomorrow at 9 am, then some recording and practice for the next comeback



Seungrissie: good job..wanna meet tonight?

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I still have more messages to answer but I need to turn in for the night. So my blog celebration of Beyond the Horizon hitting one million views will continue tomorrow with the rest of your questions (feel free to send more!) and reblogging of the gifsets and edits that lovely people have made based on the story.

Thanks all for marking this milestone with me!


9 mile morning- slow but with a friend, so we chatted the whole time, and planned for our marathon this fall, then had coffee afterwards! I’m definitely planning a rest day tomorrow- as you can see from all of the KT tape I am basically holding my body together with tape and good luck. But everything felt good today, thank goodness, and this run breezed by! Came home and made snacks for the next week or so- granola and PB&J granola bars. 😍 Both super cheap, healthy, and easy!

Sealing off requests for tonight!

I’ve got six outfit challenge requests lined up right now and will prolly be heading to bed after the next one, so I’m going to have to cut it off here.
I’ve got scripts to work on for tomorrow, but I’m going to finish the rest of the challenge requests before I get started.

A big thanks to everyone who participated!! This was a great way to take a break (and still will be as I finish these up) and I had a lot of fun.
I’m always a sucker for fashion illustration, ehehe.

“don’t look down, just keep your eyes ahead of you”

victuri howl’s moving castle au gives me life….man…..