tomorrow is so far away

Signs as H.I.M Lyrics
  • Aries: "World was on fire, no one could save me but you/It's strange what desire will make foolish people do" -- Wicked Game
  • Taurus: "A drop of her blood tastes like wine/I answer her call with a rhyme" -- Serpent Ride
  • Gemini: "Side by side: darkness and light/Play their game so unafraid, their heartbeats synchronized" -- Into The Night
  • Cancer: "I admit my defeat and want back home/In your heart under the rose" -- Under the Rose
  • Leo: "Today tomorrow seems so far away/And the wait in vain, yeah/So safe, in the blinding light of love unchained/In yesterday's grave, yeah" -- Sweet Pandemonium
  • Virgo: "It's poetry carved in flesh/This beautiful hell of ours/To the deadliest sin we confess" -- Passion's Killing Floor
  • Libra: "She'll be the light to guide you back home/Just give her a kiss worth dying for" -- Venus Doom
  • Scorpio: "We steal the fire from a sacred heart/And bleed the wine unholy/We fall in love with the serpent's song/And fear nothing" -- In the Night Side of Eden
  • Sagittarius: "We will be so free from all that has been./So free from all that we’ve seen." -- I Will be the End of You
  • Capricorn: "Death served wine for lovers/Brought from the world where devils reign/And intoxicated angels with sorrow/They witnessed in the eyes of their slaves" -- Behind the Crimson Door
  • Aquarius: "My church is not of silver and gold,/It's glory lies beyond judgement of souls/The commandments are of consolation and warmth" -- The Sacrament
  • Pisces: "Labyrinth in a shape of a heart/Love's secret architecture/I find myself to be lost in the/Arms of your fate" -- Face of God

17 june 2017
♬♪ bts - 4 o'clock so far away we don’t talk anymore , remember tomorrow (ryuseralover remix)
so, i went library hopping today, turns out, the libraries in the central has so many books on art (and look at the design of the library, it’s the most gorgeous thing ever) ╰(*´︶`*)╯
| 21/100 days of productivity |

Whirlwind- Chapter One (EXO mafia!au)

You laid in bed with the a few of your boys laying around you. Kai and Chen were laying on your chest, Chanyeol was using your thigh as a pillow and Baekhyun laying on him. You absentmindedly played with Kai’s hair as you made a list in your head of all you needed to do. You groaned at the thought of work. 

 “We should probably get up…” You said, although not moving to actually get up. 

“Orrrrrrr….” Chen dragged out, flipping onto his stomach using his elbows to hold himself up, “We could not.” You giggled and kissed him quickly.

 “Come on, my loves, mafia’s don’t run themselves,” You said, slowly sitting up, displacing Kai in the process. He groaned unhappily, while curling his lips into a pout. You kissed his forehead and ran your nails slowly down his chest. You kicked your legs a bit, causing Chanyeol and Baekhyun to move with hesitance. 

With ease, you hopped out of bed and threw the boys their clothing. You put on your own clothes and watched the boys get dressed, licking your lips. It was a nice feeling, being in charge. You walked out of your room and down the long corridor that led to the office. You then proceeded to enter your office, where Suho was already leaning against your rich colored, wooden desk. Before pressing a loving kiss to his lips, you shot him a warm smile.

 “The post sex afterglow always looks amazing on you…” he whispered into your neck as he nuzzled his face into it.

 You smiled and nibbled his ear, then moving away from him to sit at your desk. “Report?” You asked in a mock-serious tone, teasing him.

 He licked his lips and spoke, “The drug deal went well. I already put the money where it’s supposed to go. No deaths and no outside interference.” 

 “Perfect. And Sehun is still out as well, yes?” 

 “Last I heard, yes,” He responded, coming around your desk to stand in front of you.

 You looked up at him with a smirk playing on your lips. “You know, most people really aren’t supposed to come behind my desk,” You teased. 

 “Good thing I’m not most people,” He got down on his knees, making you both more level, “When am I going to get to be the supplier of your post-orgasm glow? It’s been like three days since I have gotten to touch you. It’s my turn,” The man whined, selecting a pout to pair with his words. 

 You laughed out loud. You loved seeing Suho pout, seeing as how he was the most mature and adult person in your little harem. 

“Aww is poor Daddy Suho feeling neglected?” You purred. A large growl ripped through his chest at your silky tone. 

 “Princess, don’t tease me right now,” His grip on your thighs tightened.

“How about this: tomorrow I will pawn off all of my work on the others and you and I spend the wholllleeee day together, doing whatever you please,” You suggested, playing with the ends of his hair. He leaned into your touches, 

“Tomorrow is so far away…” He whined

 “Yes but it’s the whole day, lover. With just you and me…” You stood up pulling him with you, flipping him so he was against your desk, “No others to interrupt us, no work. Just you,” You kissed his neck, “and me.” He groaned and nodded, not able to speak. 

You smiled at him, loving that you could turn all of them to putty in your hands; but you especially loved doing it to Suho. It had been fascinating at first—watching someone like him fall at your feet each morning. Sometimes, you still wondered how it was that such a powerful person turned to mush for someone like you. It didn’t seem like him, yet it was, which is what had prompted you to continue.

 You both had exceptionally odd ways of displaying your affection for each other, for anyone from the outside looking in would doubt the strings that attached you to each of your loves, but each knot was sturdy. The love you had to give for all of them had yet to show an ending, no matter the ways it presented itself. 

“Good. Now shoo. Mama has work to do,” You said while pulling away from him and, without warning, smacked his ass as he walked out the door.

You got on your laptop and started looking over your profits and losses, hoping to get some of the work done and over with. Sehun walked in about 30 minutes later and smiled at you darkly.

 “We’re all good on my end, baby. The BIGBANG guys agreed to do something about Monsta X, just until D.O and I can come up with a better solution to this bullshit we’re dealing with.”

 “And what’s preventing you from doing that right now?” He rolled his eyes in response to such a sassy tone of voice, watching as you quirked an eyebrow at him. 

 “I had no idea that it’s such a crime to want to visit my pretty girlfriend before planning a retaliation,” He smirked, seemingly pleased with his own choice words. 

 This was often how you spoke with one another—witty, fast spoken conversations. Neither of you liked to sacrifice the last word, but at the same time, it was amusing to watch each other attempt to grab hold of it. Especially on your end, as it was always a treat to hear what he was able to come up with each and everyday. Sometimes, it was hard to compete with the things that left his plump lips.

 “Flattery will get you nowhere little one…” You snarked back.

 “We’re the same age oh great and mighty leader,” He rolled his eyes.

 “I was talking about your dick size,” You said training your face into a bored and uninterested look. 

 “We both know it’s not little and if you ever need a reminder of that just let me know…” He said winking at you. You snapped your jaw at him playfully. He laughed and walked out. That boy…. 

 Your phone sounded and you looked at it. It was info from an ally. Your eyes darted all over the screen as you read the text. A ferocious growl worked its way out of your chest as you took in what the message had to say. 

“Boooooyyysssss,” You screamed. You heard various sounds, most being thuds and laughs. You rolled your eyes at the images that formed in your head and bit back a smile. Your office was soon filled with all 9 of your boys. 

 “We have a little problem that needs immediate attention,” You said with a deadly smile on your face. Your boys smiled back, ready for blood to be shed.

Thank you all so much for reading!! @seokist and I have had so much fun writing this and were looking forward to continue the series. As always, PLEASE REQUEST omg please <3 But I hope you enjoyed this and are looking forward to the rest!!


Request: “Hello! I’m so in love with your imagines! I was wondering if you could write one with young newt x reader when the reader is also a hufflepuff and they’re best friends and she has a crush on him but he gets expelled from school because he took the blame for Leta’s experiment or whatever it was? 🙈 or just something when he gets used by Leta? Thank you 💕”

Word Count: 1,321

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @whatinbenaddiction @studyforthreehands @thosefantasticbeast2 @benniesgalaxy

For the first time in a long time, it’s quiet in the Hufflepuff common room. The crackle of the gentle fire burning away in the fireplace brings a peaceful feel to the room, as does the sound of bugs chirruping outside the low windows. Stars blink lazily in the sky outside, hardly paying you and your best friend any attention. You both sit with your backs against the wood of the mantelpiece, thighs pressed together, a shared patchwork quilt draped over both your shoulders.

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea.” You keep your voice low, quiet, hesitant to break the peace that’s built in the room hours after everyone else left for the night.

“I have to.”

You watch Newt unravel two strands from the corner of the quilt, fingers quickly tugging the ends apart. “She’ll still like you even if you don’t.”

The firelight dances across Newt’s nose, highlighting the faint freckles that cross the bridge of his face and splatter over his ruddy cheeks. “Do you think so?”

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Someone who is far from Islam today may be closer to Islam tomorrow and someone who is close to it today, may be far away from it tomorrow.

I’ve seen this happen so many times. May Allah keep us steadfast.


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(A/N: I put out this idea a while ago and someone recently said I should do it so I tweaked it a bit. Tiny bit of angst but mostly fluff. Includes daddy taemin…as in real father lol.) 

Taemin let himself in to your house, ready to watch your three year old, Harry, while you got ready for the first date you’d had in almost four years. 


Taemin called out cheerfully, his voice echoing through your kitchen.

“Where’s my favourite little man?!” 

Of course, Harry came running towards the sound of his fathers voice with a huge grin on his adorable, plump face. 

“I’m not a little man daddy! I’m a pirate! Arghhh!”

Taemin beamed, chuckling at his son, realising he was getting such a wild imagination. 

“Woah! Captain Harry I surrender!”

 Taemin put his hands up before hauling him in to his arms. Harry’s conception was complicated to say the least. Taemin used to be your very best friend, joined at your hip 24/7. The two of you met in your music class in college, attended the same university and practically lived in each others student accommodation because you became so close. All of that changed soon after you graduated. Everyone was throwing their own ‘goodbye and good luck’ sort of parties; everyone loves an excuse to get wasted and of course, you and Taemin went to every single one together. You never saw him go home with girls and whenever boys hit on you, it never seemed right to go out with them. For some reason, you felt like you belonged to Taemin; that it would all happen with Taemin. Well, it went something like that. 

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a kid!myungjin fic heavily inspired by this fic by @astrofireworks . shoutout to the anon who shared their story bc it rlly rlly inspired me to write this! uhh i definitely got a little carried away, pls enjoy the first part bc i had to split it up with how long it is. 

  • myungjun and jinwoo don’t even remember when they became friends bc they’ve always been friends
  • jinwoo’s parents moved in to the house next to myungjun’s parents the year before jinwoo was born and being the 2 youngest couples in the neighbourhood they really hit it off
  • jinwoo and myungjun’s parents are basically bffs and they go to each other’s houses all the time
  • jinwoo’s mom adores myungjun before she can even really know him 
    • the first time jinwoo’s parents meet him is just after his 1st birthday when they go to the kim residence for dinner
    • myungjun starts crying and freaking out when jinwoo’s dad tries to come near him so jinwoo’s mom shoos her husband away and begins talking with the toddler
    • the only things myungjun can say other than “mama” and “dada” are “yes” and “no” 
    • somehow they make the conversation work and soon enough they’re sitting in the middle of the living room playing with blocks with myungjun babbling and jinwoo’s mom beaming at the 1 year old
  • jinwoo’s dad is basically myungjun’s second dad and jinwoo’s mom is his second mom
    • every once in a while myungjun and jinwoo’s dad’s take him to baseball games on saturday afternoons to give myungjun’s mom a bit of a break
    • their wives will spend the afternoon relaxing somehow; they sometimes go shopping, get their nails done, just hang out at one of their houses, etc
    • this tradition continues once jinwoo is born and gets a little bit older
  • right after myungjun turns 2:
    • jinwoo is born
    • he’s old enough to understand that jinwoo is a baby but other than that he’s got nothing
    • is v gentle and caring when he’s around him though and really likes to sit in his mom’s lap and hold jinwoo with her
    • loves making jinwoo giggle
    • actually the first time jinwoo ever laughed was because of myungjun pulling his signature duck face at him
  • when jinwoo is 1.2 and myungjun is 3.2:
    • jinwoo starts walking
    • nobody really knows how jinwoo learned so quickly but they suspect he learned faster by following myungjun around all the time (crawling isn’t effective with how energetic myungjun is and so jinwoo had to adapt somehow)
    • jinwoo also can’t really say myungjun’s name very well so he starts calling him mj as prompted by their parents (the nickname sticks and to this day jinwoo still calls him mj)
  • when jinwoo is 2.7 and myungjun is 4.7:
    • it snows for the first time all winter
    • myungjun obviously wants to play outside and this means that jinwoo has to play outside too (jinwoo literally follows myungjun everywhere)
    • so their parents bundle them up in sweaters and long sleeve shirts, putting on their snow pants and hats and mitts and winter coats before sending them outside and sitting on myungjun’s porch to watch them
    • the boys try to run around in it but jinwoo is still a little clumsy when he walks and keeps tripping in his clunky boots
    • myungjun giggles each time he falls before helping him back to his feet and making sure he’s okay, brushing snow off his shoulders and anywhere else its gotten stuck
    • both boys are all bright smiles and wide eyes, trying to take as much in as possible before they have to go back inside
    • myungjun shows jinwoo how to make a snow angel and laughs loudly as jinwoo tries (and fails) to make one himself
    • their conversations mainly consist of myungjun talking in semi-full sentences and jinwoo babbling much of the time but the 2 understand each other so well anyways
    • both of their dads come down from the porch and start teaching the boys how to build a snowman
    • excitedly they begin helping, successfully completing a full snowman about the same height as myungjun in about 20 minutes
    • myungjun wants to name it but wants jinwoo to help him pick
    • myungjun: “jinwoo, what should we name our snowman?”
    • jinwoo, looking up at myungjun from where he’s sitting on the ground: “*talks about nonsense and unrelated things, just saying random sentences*”
    • myungjun, not at all frustrated bc he’s totally patient with jinwoo and understands that the boy is still learning and leaning down to his friend: “jinwoo, do you want to name our snowman?”
    • jinwoo, excitedly: “yeah, yeah, yeah”
    • myungjun, smiling: “okay, what should we name him?”
    • jinwoo begins concentrating hard, their parents can tell bc his tongue is sticking out of his mouth slightly, a habit he’s stolen from myungjun, who does the same thing
    • jinwoo: “we name him Bugs”
    • myungjun quickly agrees, willing to go along with whatever jinwoo suggests (and also bc he likes the Looney Toons cartoons too and it’s one of the only ones jinwoo watches with him)
    • myungjun: “then his name is Bugs!”
    • jinwoo claps excitedly and myungjun smiles widely at him
    • now that they’ve named it, its time to go inside bc they’ve been out for almost an hour and their moms don’t want them to get sick
    • they sit in myungjun’s living room on the couch watching cartoons and their parents bring some hot chocolate for myungjun and a tiny glass of warm milk for jinwoo
    • myungjun totally lets jinwoo have a sip of his hot chocolate when he asks for one (he’s a giant sucker for the boy)
  • when jinwoo is 3.2 and myungjun is 5.2:
    • jinwoo’s parents have a pool put in their backyard
    • myungjun and jinwoo spend the rest of the summer in their water wings (myungjun) and life jacket (jinwoo), climbing in and out of the pool and playing imaginary games
    • their favourite is to hop on to the pool floaties and pretend to be cruising through a river in the jungle and exploring for rare creatures
    • myungjun’s parents bought them each a pair of plastic binoculars to carry around with them
    • jinwoo is very easily distracted and so the game doesn’t always work but myungjun doesn’t even care bc as long as his best friend is having fun then so is he
    • usually end up falling asleep sometime during the late-afternoon on top of each other on jinwoo’s couch bc they’re tired from swimming and being out in the sun for so long
    • myungjun begins calling jinwoo jinjin that summer, no one really knows why, this nickname also sticks
  • when jinwoo is 4.5 and myungjun is 6.5:
    • myungjun starts school
    • jinwoo watches his friend get on the bus every morning from the park residence living room window with a pout, wanting to go with his best friend
    • bothers his mom all day about where myungjun is and when he’ll be back bc he misses him
    • tells his mom every single day that he “hates the bus for taking mj hyung away” and his mom just shakes her head with a smile bc myungjun will be back in just a few hours to see him but she can tell how much her son loves and admires the boy
    • most days, the two boys play in jinwoo’s driveway for just under an hour before jinwoo begins rubbing his eyes and yawning
    • even though he wants to keep up with myungjun and continue playing, the poor boy is still little and needs a nap most days (he could have one while myungjun is at school but he refuses to do anything except stay in the living room playing until he spots the bus bringing his best friend back)
    • as soon as myungjun sees him yawn he begins picking up whatever toy they had been using and grabs jinwoo’s hand, leading him into the house to find jinwoo’s mom
    • “jinjin is sleepy”
    • jinwoo’s mom thanks myungjun and tells him that if he wants to go watch some tv or play in the living room then he’s welcome to and when she comes back she’ll bring him a snack
    • he nods his head, hair bouncing around as he smiles widely at the mention of a snack and heads to the living room, searching the toy shelf for one of jinwoo’s colouring books and some crayons and kneeling down at the living room table
    • jinwoo’s mom walks in every day and spots him with his tongue poking out of his mouth in concentration as he colours whatever pictures he’s chosen, his hair messily flopping into his eyes and forcing him to push it out of his way every once in a while (she has a feeling that the boy is going to be a really great artist when he grows up bc of how much he colours and draws and how much he enjoys it)
    • around 5:00pm, myungjun’s mother will knock on the door to pick him up, thanking jinwoo’s mom for watching him
    • jinwoo often makes his way back down the stairs as myungjun is leaving and the two boys talk quietly while their moms are talking
    • jinwoo, pouting: “i just woke up and you’re already leaving”
    • myungjun, ruffling his friends already messy hair with a giggle, “i’ll be back tomorrow, silly”
    • jinwoo, still pouting: “but tomorrow is so far away hyung, i don’t want you to leave yet”
    • myungjun, smiling even wider at his younger friend: “you’ll see me before you know it”
    • myungjun’s mom, unknowingly interrupting their conversation: “okay myungjun, time to head home so i can start dinner, say goodbye to jinwoo”
    • both boys quickly mumble goodbyes before wrapping their small arms tightly around one another, their moms beaming down at them as they do
    • jinwoo running to the window after the door closes to watch them cross the lawn to their house and waving at myungjun one last time when he turns around, smiling goofily and waving back
  • when jinwoo is 5.4 and myungjun is 7.4:
    • they’re sitting on the floor in myungjun’s living room with blank paper spread out around them and various crayons and markers
    • jinwoo is happily scribbling and messily drawing random shapes, more concerned with the colours than anything else (definitely colouring on himself and myungjun with the markers, would get in trouble but myungjun’s mom couldn’t bring herself to be upset with him for drawing hearts all over himself and her son)
    • myungjun is drawing people and animals with pretty good skill for a 7 year old
    • myungjun, suddenly announces: “jinjin i’m going to draw you!”
    • jinwoo, giggling: “why would you draw me?”
    • myungjun: “bc you’re my best friend and i want to draw you!”
    • so jinwoo agrees and sits still across from myungjun for as long as he can while his friend draws him, watching the crayon move around on the paper and myungjun use various colours for different things like his hair and t-shirt
    • after about 20 minutes he’s finished and shows jinwoo who claps happily and tells myungjun how amazing it is before shouting that its his turn and proceeding to try drawing myungjun
    • he finishes after 10 minutes and its less of a person and more shapes put together to make a person but myungjun smiles widely nonetheless and tells jinwoo how good it is and that he’s so talented
    • they make one another sign the drawings and have myungjun’s mom put the date on it for them
    • both jinwoo and myungjun pin the drawings up on the walls of their bedrooms (the drawings remain there well into their teens)
  • when jinwoo is 6 and myungjun is 8:
    • a new family moves in across the street
    • both boys don’t know much about the family until their parents tell them that they’re coming over for a bbq at jinwoo’s house, and that they have a son a year younger than jinwoo
    • so the day for the bbq arrives and jinwoo and myungjun are excitedly running around the park family’s backyard and jumping into the pool while their dads are talking by the bbq when the lee family arrives
    • dongmin hasn’t yet turned 5 and is standing in his swim trunks and a shirt with pool goggles in his left hand, clutching onto his mom’s skirt with his right as he hides behind her leg
    • his mom grabs his hand off her skirt and motions for him to talk to the boys as myungjun and jinwoo, all messy hair and dripping water, walk up to him
    • dongmin is nervous for .3 seconds bc as soon as he sees myungjun smile at him he feels totally at ease (bc myungjun’s smile could make literally anyone feel welcome)
    • myungjun, shaking dongmin’s hand: “hi, i”m kim myungjun, i’m 8… what’s your name?”
    • dongmin smiles back sheepishly, still a little shy, “i’m lee dongmin, i’m 4, but i turn 5 in 6 days”
    • both myungjun and jinwoo are a little surprised at how soft-spoken dongmin is, his voice coming out crystal clear and small
    • they brush it off as jinwoo smiles too, also reaching for dongmin’s hand, “i’m park jinwoo, i’m 6 years old”
    • just like that, any shyness dongmin initially had is gone and he’s running after his 2 new friends to the edge of the pool, quickly (trying to) taking off his shirt and throwing it on a chair near the waters edge (after he finally get his head through the hole)
    • he puts his goggles over his head and follows myungjun and jinwoo when they jump into the water
    • jinwoo and myungjun’s parents are a little worried about him being in the water without any kind of flotation device as jinwoo had only started being able to swim without water wings at the end of the previous summer but quickly learn from dongmin’s parents that he’s been in swimming lessons for the last year so he’s okay
    • myungjun and jinwoo are curious about why he’s wearing goggles and decide to ask him
    • dongmin: “i like wearing them so my eyes don’t sting in the water”
    • suddenly jinwoo and myungjun are begging their parents to buy them goggles too so that they can be like dongmin
    • pretty soon its dinner time and all 3 are quickly wrapped in towels by their mothers and sat on the patio furniture in front of plates
    • they all begin rambling to each other about various things, myungjun and jinwoo talk about school and dongmin tells them stories about where he used to live
    • when its time to leave, dongmin, being that he’s only 4 (nearly 5) throws a bit of a fit bc he’s a bit sleepy and also wants to stay and hang out w his new friends
    • somehow the three convince their parents to let myungjun and dongmin sleepover
    • at 9:00pm (which according to the boys is so late) they head to jinwoo’s bedroom, sliding into his double bed and staring up at the glow-in-the-dark spaceship stickers on his ceiling, accompanied by a few stars and planets
    • myungjun: “i wish i could explore space”
    • dongmin: “but space is scary, its dark and there’s lots of scary things like aliens”
    • jinwoo: “i think it would be fun… but only if we went together”
    • myungjun: “of course, and i’d protect you from all the scary things dongmin, the aliens wouldn’t even be able to come near you”
    • dongmin, being only 4 and still afraid of monsters hiding in closets and under beds: “myungjun hyung, will you protect me from scary things here too? i mean, the scary things not in space?”
    • jinwoo: “myungjun and i will protect you from everything dongmin, nothing will get you while we’re here”
    • dongmin: “promise?”
    • myungjun: “always”
    • all 3 hold out their pinky fingers and swear on it, vowing to protect each other
    • dongmin then begins falling asleep bc he is 4 and tuckered out from running around and swimming all evening
    • myungjun and jinwoo try to stay awake talking but also fall asleep pretty quickly afterwards
    • when they wake up, jinwoo’s mom makes them breakfast (dongmin clumsily spills about a quarter of his breakfast into his lap as he eats)
    • each boy returns to their respective home for about 10 minutes before they’re back outside and ready to play
    • spend as much time together as they can on weekends bc myungjun and jinwoo have school during the week
    • they also begin calling themselves the 3 musketeers and go on adventures where they save people from monsters and evil villains like in movies
    • dongmin carries around a telescope and map to lead them places while myungjun ties bandanas around his head like a ninja and fights off bad guys and jinwoo wears a blanket as a cape and carries a foam sword around in order to kill monsters and slay dragons
    • and those 3 characters would never really be together but the boys make it work and run around their neighbourhood on crazy adventures
  • when myungjun is 9.4, jinwoo is 7.4, and dongmin is 6.2:
    • they watch their first horror movie
    • it’s the week before halloween and one of jinwoo’s classmates was talking about the movie Gremlins and so the boys want to watch it too
    • dongmin’s parents are hesitant to let them when the boys ask but after they beg for over an hour they finally let them bc they know its not too scary but enough for the 3 (but not without talking to myungjun and jinwoo’s parents first)
    • so the boys snuggle close together on the couch in dongmin’s living room under a blanket and his parents put the movie on
    • and whenever they’re scared, jinwoo and dongmin will hide their faces in myungjun’s shoulders as he’s sat in the middle, and eventually they just end up holding hands and squeezing one another’s hands tightly too
    • they laugh at the funnier parts but dongmin and jinwoo, being slightly younger, seem to be getting more freaked out by the gremlins than myungjun
    • once they finish the movie, the rest of their sleepover is spent with the lights in dongmin’s bedroom on and all of them triple-check that the doors are locked (and also that there are no gremlins playing with the electricity wiring outside)
  • when myungun is 10.6, jinwoo is 8.6, and dongmin is 7.4:
    • a boy in school begins picking on dongmin
    • myungjun and jinwoo don’t really know about it until one day, dongmin gets onto the bus crying
    • myungjun, extremely concerned for the younger boy: “dongmin, whats wrong? what happened?”
    • jinwoo, wrapping his arms tightly around him and gently wiping at his tears with his fingers: “its alright dongmin, me and mj hyung will protect you”
    • dongmin stutters out that a boy in his grade had been calling him names and he tried to ignore it but today as he was leaving school the boy had told him that jinwoo and myungjun didn’t even like him and just thought he was annoying
    • and this hit him pretty hard bc he didn’t like hearing people say things that he had worried about before, especially when he’s so much younger than myungjun (he’s little but he’s dongmin so of course he worries about this kinda thing)
    • myungjun, throwing his arms around dongmin too: “thats not true at all dongminnie! me and jinjin love you, you’re the third musketeer!”
    • jinwoo: “yeah, myungjun’s right… without you we wouldn’t be able to go on adventures or anything bc we wouldn’t have 3 of us!”
    • dongmin, smiling with tear tracks down his cheeks: “i love you guys”
    • and people might look at them a little funny bc of their exchanged i love you’s but they don’t really care bc its myungjun and jinwoo and dongmin and thats them, and they wouldn’t want their friendship any other way
  • when myungjun is 11.2, jinwoo is 9.2, and dongmin is 8:
    • by now all of their parents see the other 2 boys as their second and third sons
    • that being said, they agree to let them have a campout in myungjun’s backyard after the boys have been begging for a few weeks
    • myungjun’s parents set up a tent and the boys bring sleeping bags and pillows and pile them onto the air mattress myungjun’s parents have blown up
    • and they stay up late watching the stars overhead while laying on myungjun’s patio furniture and talking
    • dongmin: “will we be friends forever?”
    • jinwoo: “i hope so, dongminnie… i don’t want any other friends but you guys”
    • myungjun: “me too, you guys are my best friends, even better than my school friends”
    • dongmin: “i think i’d be sad if we weren’t friends anymore, you guys are my first friends ever and i don’t want new ones”
    • the boys sit in silence after that, each thinking to themselves
    • dongmin thinks that he wouldn’t rather have anyone else but myungjun and jinwoo help him with homework when he doesn’t understand, nor would he rather hit anyone else on the head with things whenever myungjun falls asleep
    • jinwoo thinks that he wouldn’t want to ride the bus with anyone else but myungjun and dongmin, nor would he like to play games and run around with anyone else
    • myungjun thinks that he wouldn’t want to protect anyone else except jinwoo and dongmin, nor would he rather come home to any other friends each night
    • they go to sleep in their tent not too much later, squishing as close together on the air mattress as they can in order to stay warm (and definitely not bc all of them are a little emotional about how much they love each other, its not that at all)
  • when myungjun is 13.2, jinwoo is 11.2, and dongmin is 10: 
    • dongmin’s family announces that they’re moving once again for his father’s work
    • they don’t really know how to react bc “what do you mean dongmin won’t live across the street anymore?? what about the 3 musketeers?? what about all our adventure plans??”
    • dongmin cries when he tells them bc he doesn’t want to leave them and myungjun and jinwoo just hug him and try not to cry themselves, insisting that it would all be okay
    • dongmin doesn’t know that when he leaves, jinwoo and myungjun embrace each other instead and cry to one another bc their third musketeer is leaving??
    • the day they leave, jinwoo and myungjun aren’t even really sure how they haven’t started crying yet
    • they stand on the curb with dongmin while their parents talk with his parents as the moving van finishes being packed and is closed 
    • and dongmin’s parents motion that its time for them to go and so dongmin hikes his backpack higher onto his back and wraps his arms as tightly as he can around jinwoo as tears begin sliding from his eyes
    • dongmin: “i’m going to miss you so much jinwoo hyung”
    • jinwoo: “i’ll miss you too, but its okay dongmin, we have our emails and you have my phone number, and myungjun’s too… we’ll still talk every day”
    • dongmin wants to tell him that it won’t be the same but he needs to hurry and finish his goodbye’s
    • so he turns to myungjun and throws his arms around him too, burying his face into the eldest boy’s neck
    • dongmin: “i’m going to miss you so much too myungjun hyung”
    • and myungjun has never really been one for words so he presses his lips to dongmin’s forehead instead just before they pull away
    • dongmin: “promise me you guys won’t stop protecting me”
    • and all of a sudden all of them are taken back to the first time they met and pinky promises made while talking about their plans to go on an adventure in space
    • jinwoo is trying really hard not to cry at that so myungjun takes over instead: “of course not dongmin, we’ll always be looking out for you! and next time we see each other, we’ll be ready to leave for space”
    • and then he smiles so widely, and pulls both boys in for one last group hug before dongmin rushes to his parents car and climbs in the backseat
    • his hands are pressed to the glass and he waves at myungjun and jinwoo until the car turns the corner and he can no longer see them standing at the end of what was once his driveway and then he cries even more bc now it’s real, and he won’t see them anymore
    • and myungjun continues smiling until the car turns the corner bc he wants to make sure that dongmin’s last memory of him is the same as his first and isn’t one of him crying, he doesn’t want dongmin to remember him like that
    • once their parents take them back to the park residence, jinwoo is crying into myungjun’s chest and tears are sliding down myungjun’s cheeks silently bc they really just had to say goodbye to their best friend of 5 years and they’re not ready for him to go
    • they fall asleep like that, huddled together on jinwoo’s bed, and once again it’s the 2 of them against the world, just like it had been when they were little
    • after that jinwoo and myungjun are closer than ever bc they may have lost dongmin but they were determined not to also lose each other 

the end of this had me crying as i wrote it but i had to have some kind of drama happen in their lives right? (thats what I’m trying to tell myself anyways). part 2 soon?? (hopefully)

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dan is in reading but doesnt he have to get ready for wimbledon tomorrow

reading isnt too far away from london at all so it makes it easy for dan to just take a day trip whenever he wants honestly

Scars - Frederick Chilton/Reader

Author’s Note: Happy Friday, everyone!!! It is my supreme privilege and honor to post this beautiful story on behalf of my sweet and spectacular writing partner, @vintagemichelle91, as she enjoys her amazing vacation. @mrschiltoncat, this is for you and all the Frederick fans on this fabulous Friday! Enjoy, lovelies!!!

You sighed as you looked at yourself once more in the mirror. Tracing the outline of your scar now faded into a long line of pink. The pain no longer stung; after all it had been two years. Sometimes it seemed hard to believe that you managed to pull through that terrible time. But whenever you so much as glanced at the scar, you were taken back to that awful night without wanting to… to relive the horrors. But tonight would be different. Tonight was not about the past. Tonight you were in the present, far away from dark, distant memories.

Pulling down your ivory silk camisole, you switched off the light and walked into Frederick’s bedroom. You smiled when he glanced up from his iPad and tapped the empty spot on the bed, beckoning you to join him. A wave of sadness suddenly washed over you. Soon you would have to go back home to another reality, miles and miles away on the other side of the country. The long-distance thing was far more difficult than you ever imagined… in your case even more so.

“You have been awfully quiet this evening, my love,” he started. “You know I prefer it when you talk to me… endlessly.” Frederick chuckled as he kissed the top of your head.

“I just hate to think that tomorrow I have to go back home and be so far away from you. This weekend went by too fast.” Burying your face in his chest, you felt warm tears prick your eyes.

“I know; I hate it too. But it is only temporary. Soon we will see each other again. I promise.” He inhaled the sweet scent of your jasmine perfume with a sigh. “But…”

“But what?” you softly asked.

“It does not make letting you go any easier.”

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Ryan: “Myrie…I’m so sorry I would have told you sooner but I didn’t know myself till last night…”

Myrie: “Ryan what is it?”

Ryan: “I’m moving tomorrow…I’m so sorry”

Myrie: “How far away are you moving? Is it close enough that I can visit?”

Ryan: “Not really its Windenburg so at least a day of travelling from here…”