tomorrow is my birthday and no one gives a shit

So my dad told me that there was going to be a heat wave in my area tomorrow and possibly the next day and the first damn thing I think is “Well of course, you gotta celebrate the hottest person’s birthday with the hottest day” and then I just imagined Oikawa saying that and Iwaizumi just throwing a chair or some shit at him like gdi why are you like this

Just because I can. My birthday is August 27th, and since literally no one in my life gives a shit I’m going to the true heroes. You guys. All day today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll be accepting headcannons and fun chat about sebstan in general because I need this like a glass of red wine. So buckle up, enjoy. I’ll probably write some drabbles, and maybe even post part of stories. I love you guys, thank you so much for all that you do. ❤️

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Baby Adie Series: Daddies Birthday.

Harry was currently at the studio doing some last minute recordings. Adie and I were currently at a café with Anne, Gemma and even Des to celebrate Harry’s birthday. And even though Adie’s nearly four months old it’s the first time that Des has seen his granddaughter and she’s currently in his arms playing with a jingly toy.

Gemma had picked out an onesie for her to wear this morning when she and Anne came to pick us up. Anne had laughed when Gem had walked out with her niece in the bright pink outfit. Because it was still cold out I had pulled some denim leggings over her legs and wiggling butt and a black hoddie on over the top.

When Adie starts to cry Des passes her back over to me and she curls into my chest pulling my necklace into her mouth to soothe her cries but I can hear the muffles that she’s still admitting. I’d only just changed her nappy before we had left and I had fed her as well so I just leave her to her own way of communicating but I know eventually she will fall asleep against my chest, hopefully not before Harry gets here.

Twenty minutes later when Harry pulls into the car park Gemma is trying to get Adie to stop crying by tickling her sides and playing with her hand. When Harry walks up to the table he shakes his father’s hand and presses a kiss to his mums cheek before he sits down at the end of the table between me and Anne. I feel his hand squeeze my knee under the table in greeting before he leans forward to kiss the light dusting of brown curls on the back of Adie’s head.

A light conversation falls around the table before our meals are bought out. I had tried to shift Adie over into Harry’s arms but her cries turned to piercing wails when I lifted her from my chest so he just shifted his chair in closer to me so he could still have a hold on her.

Eventually she had calmed down enough that I could shift her back over to him but she had taken my necklace with her to keep her calm. Taking her quietness as our queue a waitress brings out a lit cake as we all sing him happy birthday. Adie seems fascinated by the light as she leans her back against his chest. When Harry leans forward his hand sturdy on Adie’s stomach to stop her from falling forward or from getting to close to the flames but it doesn’t stop her from her hand grabbing at the icing of the cake.

Everyone laughs as Adie brings back a white frosted hand and Harry’s quick to grab a napkin and wipe it away before she could put the high sugar sweet in her mouth allowing, her to go back to the interest of my necklace now the commotion has finished.

“You need to look at her onesie Harry. It’s a present.”

Harry gives his sister a questioning look before he unzips the hoodie. He lets out a look of mock horror before Adie tilts her head back to look at him who gives a squeal of delight over the look on his face reaching up to grab his nose with her free hand. He goes to bite it and when he does she lets out another squeal of delight oblivious to the fact its daddies birthday.


It’s a bit shit and a bit late but Happy 21st to the little shit. See you second row in 5 days. Follow my insta harliestyles or twitter weyheynarry_ for pictures and updates about the first otra show (here as well depending on internet access) :) love you hopefully I can give you one more update before I leave tomorrow.

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It's my birthday tomorrow! What would UT, UF Sans, US Papyrus & Undyne do on their S/O's birthday?

happy almost birthday! i hope you have a good one! :D


Eyyy, he’s definitely looking to give you a good time. He’s got a whole thing set up at Grillby’s–it comes off like a simple casual date at first, but then next thing you know Grillby brings out a flaming cake & everyone’s cheering & laughing & you’re being drowned in confetti & praise–it’s all very cute & happy.


He’s never been one for birthdays. They’re just an excuse to flaunt yourself around & stupid shit like that. He says this while gesturing to the messy-looking cake he tried (& failed) to make for you, along with the half-assed wrappings on the presents he chucked onto the table.


He kinda does something similar to Sans’s plan, but Muffet specializes at pastry baking–so the cake you get is extravagance to the max. Everything’s much fancier, a lot more elegant, but Papyrus is still very laid-back during the whole thing, wishing you a happy birthday while Muffet starts grilling him about the bill.


YOU READY FOR THE BEST BIRTHDAY OF YOUR LIFE, BABE?! She’s going all-out for ya–a big ol’ party with a big ol’ cake (she made it herself, so you better eat it & LIKE IT, PUNK!!!). She invites everyone she knows to come & shower you with gifts & affection (she kind of demands it), all the while carrying you on her shoulders while screaming about how great you are. Passion is her passion.

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Golden Lace: He's been waiting for the second she turns 18, but with only a few hours to go, he finds he's becoming inpatient. She's not helping. ;)

oh no, this is my weakness. Also, because I am trash, this is meant as an AU of “play on, give me excess” and I am twisting the words of your prompt. “Play on” fans can consider this a reward for dealing with the shit I put them through in that verse.


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