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some keith things

• him and shiro are best bros but because of the age difference, shiro is hard to talk to about things with sometimes

• sometimes when he sees the garrison trio his stomach drops and he has to look away because he’s never had a friendship like theirs, where they seem to make the most of being stuck in space a million miles from home by making silly puns and jokes

• keith never realized how lonely he actually was until he sees lance and pidge leaning on hunk, watching tv. they’re so comfortable around eachother?

• he talks to the mice sometimes

• pidge finds out about his obsession with conspiracy theories and they go onto a ‘haunted’ planet together (with the permission of coran of course). they become best buds there after being chased out by something they couldn’t see. It was traumatising and they agreed to never go again.

• hunk realized how touch deprived keith was so he always took the opportunity to hug him and even though he never returned the hugs at first, keith began to initiate the hugs later on

• he started telling pidge about his crushes. he told her about lance and she was not suprised and then he told her about rolo which earned him a hard punch.

• lance took one look one long look at keith and dragged him to his room. “your pores are filthy, kogane!” he got keith to wear face masks and forced him to wash his hair “your mullet wouldn’t look so bad if you washed it often, it’s so greasy wth”

• lance checks up on keith to make sure he’s getting enough “beauty sleep” almost every night until keith gets annoyed “if you want to sleep with me so bad, you could just ask instead of being creepy in the doorway!” “yes.” “…what?” “…”

• in conclusion he no longer feels left out of the trio, they bond over their hatred for iverson and the trio can’t get enough of the shit keith managed to pull off at the garrison without getting caught. he still refuses to tell anyone why he was kicked out though

i’m at that point where i try to study but i physically can’t bring myself to so i get really stressed and i dont know if i care too much or i dont care at all but it makes me overwhelmed and all i want to do is sleep

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wait tell me in what way is the 5sos fandom sexist

Okay so I’m gonna preface this with clarifying that I am in no way asserting that everyone in this fandom is sexist. The point of me bringing this up and trying to open a discussion about this is so that an acknowledgement of the worrying portion of the fandom that is sexist can be made.

The biggest problem, in my opinion, is how, in general, the 5sos fam treats the girls that 5sos see. Regardless of your personal opinion on these girls, the things that this fandom says about the girls they date are disgusting.

Before we even know anything about the girls, people immediately jump to the conclusion that the girl is dating them for the money, that they’re manipulating the guys, or that their only worth is their relationship with the boys. It feeds in from the ancient archetype of the Evil Woman™ who only cares about vanity and who only has her best interests in mind.

People act as if these girls have no lives outside of destroying the lives of the boys. As if they have no personal lives of their own, like their relationship is literally all that defines them. That. Is. Not Okay. Girls who see people perpetuating these ideas are then led to believe that who they date or have dated in the past are their only defining factors.

Of course, I realize that it’s hard to avoid this since it makes sense that we’d only talk about the girls in context of the boys, but some of the posts that I’ve read that are dedicated to tearing the girls down will make them out to be self-obsessed monsters who truly don’t have anything going for them outside of their relationships. Most, if not all, of us don’t know jack shit about these girls’ personal lives. We have no place to be making such presumptions.

The part of the fandom that actively hate their girlfriends also make it seem like the boys are helpless kids who are the victims 110% of the time. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: 5sos are anything but perfect. They’ve made so many shitty decisions in the past, but most of us recognize that that’s okay (to a certain extent). We realized that their shitty decisions aren’t the only things that define them and we know that we ourselves have done or said equally shitty things before as well. So, acknowledging these things, we move on from their “””problematic””” histories and move on.

But then?? If one of the girls did something on May 22nd, 2011, at 8:02:35 am, you best believe people in this fandom will be pulling up those receipts non-fucking-stop. It’s ridiculous. Like I said, you may have your own personal opinions on these girls, and that’s completely fine, but the notion that the girls must be perfect angels almost every moment of every day while ignoring the fact that the boys are anything but is ultimately and undeniably sexist.

Even just the idea that the boys are helpless and clueless idiots who can’t possibly survive unless we, their 170 IQ, 4.7 GPA holding fans, educate them by “””exposing””” what their gfs have done is sexist to the boys as well!! They’re full grown adults. People in this fandom act as if they’re  children who don’t have the brain capacity to decide on their own whether who they’re dating is good for them or not.

And this sexism isn’t new either. Even before any of the boys began officially dating girls, the “groupie drama” of yesteryear was just as ugly. I’m not gonna get into whether any of it was true or not (because frankly who cares), but even if hypothetically they did have “groupies”: 1) The term itself is gross. It reduces the girls down to nothing but casual fucks to not care about later and 2) The girls would always be the ones getting called sluts or other similar, shitty names, despite the fact that, surprise surprise!! Sex involves at least two parties!! Anything that the girls were being blamed for should have, at the very least, been directed to the guys as well. (Not that any hate like that should ever be directed to anyone ever, for the record.)

The sexism was high key years ago, and it’s just as bad today. Even just searching Crystal’s name on Twitter/Tumblr/Insta will get you to posts of people hating on Crystal for dying her hair blonde,,, as if Michael - her boyfriend!!! - hasn’t dyed his hair a million times before.

And if anyone reading this is still not convinced, I urge you to imagine if any of the boys were dating a guy instead, and then try to tell me if the guy would get even a fraction of the hate these girls get. (Of course, that’s also a product of the regressive fetishization of homosexuality among fandoms in general, but that’s another rant for another day.)

Everyone definitely has differing opinions on these girls that they’re dating or have seen in the past, and I’m sure those opinions will greatly influence your opinion on this matter. However, I think even by just looking at the drama in this fandom objectively, it is undeniable that even if all of the hate caused by the idiosyncrasies of their relationships with the boys were removed from the equation, we’d still be left with the immense amount of internalized sexism that parts of this fandom have wrongfully encouraged for years now.

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White rose with 15 please? :)

15. Loud, so that everyone can hear

Ruby fidgeted with the fabric of her dress, bunching and twisting the red silk between her hands. It took every ounce of her willpower not to tear the stupid thing off of her. It was a pretty dress, and she looked pretty in it, but pretty had never been her thing. Cool, maybe. Strong, for sure. But never pretty, or dainty, or anything that would let her fit in at this dumb rich-person party Weiss was dragging her to.

‘Dragging’ was the wrong word. Weiss had asked and of course Ruby had said yes because it was Weiss, who she would never be able to say no to.

“You look lovely.” Ruby glanced up into the bathroom mirror and found Weiss’ eyes in it looking back at her.

“Thank y–” The words died in her throat as she turned to face Weiss and realized that pretty wasn’t Weiss’ thing either. She was miles past pretty–stunning, gorgeous, goddess-like. In her midnight blue ball gown and with her hair swept off her face in an elaborate twist, Weiss was a star. “Wow.”

Weiss rolled her eyes but Ruby spotted the grin tugging at the edge of her lips. “It’s just a dress, you dolt.”

Ruby giggled and stepped closer. “I wasn’t really looking at the dress.”

Weiss flushed and shoved her away. “Oh, stop it Ruby, you’re shameless. We’re going to

be late.”

“Aw come on. Can’t I at least have a kiss?”

Weiss grabbed the front of Ruby’s dress and pulled her in for a peck on the lips. “There. Now let’s go.”

Ruby frowned, another wave of uncertainty washing over her. “Are you… are you sure you want me to come?”

“What? Ruby! Why in Remnant wouldn’t I want you to come?”

Ruby shuffled her feet on the bathroom tiles. Her heels were already making her feet cramp up. “I’ve never been… you know…” She gestured vaguely towards herself. “I don’t know how to be all fancy like you. I don’t want to embarrass you in front of your friends.”

“Ruby.” Weiss’ voice was soft and coaxing. “Ruby, don’t say that.” She took Ruby’s hands in hers. Rubbing soothing circles against Ruby’s knuckles with her thumbs. “You could never embarrass me.”

Ruby chewed her lip. “But what of they don’t like me?” She felt like a child worried about her classmates on the first day of school. But nevertheless the thought was still there. “What if they think I’m weird?”

Weiss sighed, and her hands moved to under Ruby’s chin, lifting it so that their eyes met. “They will love you, Ruby. Because I love you. That’s why I want you to come. I want the world to know how much you mean to me.” Something flashed across her face and Weiss’ hands dropped to her sides and within a few seconds she was at the window, leaning out over downtown Atlas. “I’m in love with Ruby Rose!” she called over the noisy city.

“Weiss!” Ruby yelped. “What are you doing?”

Weiss stuck her head back inside, a satisfied smile on her face. “There. You see? I’m not ashamed of you. I will never be ashamed of you.”

Ruby blushed as red as the fabric of her dress. “I love you too, Weiss.” Then she held out her hand. “Now let’s go to your fancy party.”

[march study challenge] • 08/03/17

Day 8: notes

Today was a productive day where I made notes for two of my tests coming up - maths tomorrow (see the arithmetic and geometric series formula cards) and then biology the day after (pages and pages of osmoregulation notes because it’s so content-heavy that I had to handwrite them to actually memorise properly!) The colours I used for both notes just happened to coincidentally match, so I stuck them together for today’s photo. Now is it a coincidence that my tests are one day after the other or are my teachers just messing with me?


I’ve decided to make my art progress/improvements from last year to this year and share it with you guys! The one on the right is my ever first fanart of flowerfell frisk (never posted it tho). And my first thoughts after finishing the sketch, i was so proud how the hair flower and face turned out~ it took me more than one and a half hours to finish xD then i did the redo, which actually surprised me. I really though that my art improves just in months, and im really happy with that results~ im really glad my art is improving and hopefully will improve more in the future~

TC Imagine - Cute; SFW; he's worried about you

Hey guys! So this is my first TC imagine and I don’t know whether I’ve used the acronyms etc right and I don’t know how good it is so feedback is appreciated!! Also was typed on my phone so formatting could be dodgy…
REQUESTED BY @angiekurosaki

You walked into class, trying not to make eye contact with him. It was the second lesson this week and you knew he had noticed that something was up the lesson before. He had seemed so confused when you left as soon as the bell rang, with your bag having been packed 5 minutes before the end of the lesson.

Maybe he had gotten used to you packing up slowly and always being the last one out? Maybe he even liked -
You squashed the thought as soon as it entered your mind. It was pointless hoping. It was pointless trying. You probably inconvenienced him more than anything, by being so slow at packing up. Besides, why would he enjoy your company? It’s not like you had the courage to even speak to him, and you would stutter out every other word, turning bright red as you did so.

You took your seat at the back of the class and made sure that your hair fell over your face in a way that seemed almost natural. You felt his gaze - but didn’t look up.

For the first time that year, you barely listened to a word he said throughout the lesson. You managed to write your name and the date on the paper and then held the pen poised to look as though you were writing for the rest of the lesson.

It seemed to be an interesting lesson. They were all laughing at one point. He had probably made another of his jokes. But it felt as though you were in a bubble, detached from everyone else. Everything seemed muted and hazy. You just wanted to get away, go outside, be anywhere but here.

Suddenly the laughter stopped.

You looked up.

Everyone’s eyes were on you.

“Y/N, you can answer this one! It’s your favourite topic, remember?” He was looking at you, desperately it seemed, with his reassuring smile. It seemed he wanted to know if you were ok, for you to give a sign of some sort. A part of you fluttered - he had remembered that this was your favourite topic!

You glanced at the board and quickly understood what they were learning today. You grasped the subject almost intuitively and could interpret things almost instantly - and he had noticed from the start. It was the reason why he had started to notice you in the first place.

“Sorry, what was the question?” you asked tentatively. You looked up and met his eyes for the first time this lesson. His eyes, bright and passionate as ever when teaching his subject. You noticed the slightly crinkle around the corner of his eyes, the slight squint, a silent question - are you ok?

You smiled back at him, trying to hide the emotions from your face. It was a fake smile if he had ever seen one. But it was also a silent exclamation - not in front of everyone! You hoped he’d understand.

“Yes everyone, she’s back!” he smiled. He knew the smile had been fake, but he also knew that you wouldn’t say anything with everyone around. The others turned back to face the front, seemingly satisfied with your expression.

“The question was, why does urbanisation increase literacy rates?”

You answered the question. It was strange how he managed to do this. It had just been a smile, a look, a short phrase to show that he remembered things about you, that he cared. One of the few that did. And he had reminded you that you weren’t useless. That you could do stuff!

“Exactly! Well done, Y/N! Alright everyone, lesson’s over! Have a great weekend, I’ll see you on Tuesday! And as a treat from me, no homework today!” he shouted over the ringing of the bell and the clamour of people packing up.

You scrambled to pack your bag. You needed to get away quickly, before he asked you what was up. Before you lost all control in front of him.

“Damn it!” you yelled as your folder fell on the ground, slipping from your hand in your haste to pack up. Pieces of paper flew out of it on the way down. Great.

A few people stopped to help but left after a few seconds - it was Friday, no one wanted to spend any more time than necessary at school. Besides, it would probably take a while.

“You want a hand with that?” you heard a familiar voice ask, as the final person left the room, the door quietly shutting behind them. You paused. Waited for your heart rate to slow down again. How could his voice do this to you?

“Thanks!” you replied, not looking up. You could feel the warmth emanating from his skin beside you.

You both knelt on the ground over the folder, barely inches apart. You saw him glance at you a few times but you didn’t, couldn’t, look at him. You scooped up the paper and shoved it in the folder, not caring about the order, whilst he meticulously arranged each sheet.

Your hand reached for the final few sheets just as his did and your fingers brushed each other.

“Sorry” you said, blushing furiously and moving to retract your hand.

“She speaks!” You could feel him smiling without even turning to look at him. “Y/N, talk to me. What’s up?”
You could hear the genuine concern in his voice and it made you tear up.
Fuck, you thought. I can’t cry in front of him.

“Um, yeah I’m fine! Why wouldn’t I be?” You kept staring at the ground and tried to make your voice sound jokey. You moved to stand up.


“Y/N. Hey, look at me.” You stared furiously at the ground, suddenly interesting in the fibres the carpet was made from.

“Y/N.” His voice was soft but had that slight gravelly tone which happened when he tried to whisper. You felt a warm touch on your hand.

You looked down and saw his hand placed lightly on top of yours. You looked up at him in surprise.

“You know you can always talk to me?” He looked really worried now.

You looked into his eyes, at his concerned expression. He hadn’t shaved recently and there was a light coat of stubble on his cheeks, and his hair looked slightly ruffled. His shirt sleeves were rolled up as usual and you noticed that the top button of his shirt was undone.

You realised you were staring at him and quickly looked away. Fuck it, you thought. I’ll tell him.

“Thanks. It’s just… everything. It’s all falling apart you know? Like everything? And I don’t really know what to do?” You kept looking at the ground.

“Ok, but what? What exactly is falling apart?” He sounded calmer now, seemingly relieved that you had replied. You felt rather than saw him lean against the wall and you did the same, conscious of the little space which separated you both. You pulled your knees up.

“Everything. Grades, friends, family.” The huge crush I have on you, you thought, but didn’t say. “It’s like… this year has gone by so quickly. And everyone is telling us to start looking at universities, and open days, and courses. And this just doesn’t work for me, you know? I can’t see myself that far in the future, if that makes sense? I can’t see myself past next year, let alone when I’m older. And everyone else seems to be able to do this and I just can’t and it just seems like there’s something wrong with me!” You saw him open his mouth at that but you carried on speaking. It was all rushing out. Everything you had held back for so long.

“And… and it’s like, this whole year has just slipped by. I don’t know what I’ve done, and I’m going to be 18 next year, and leave this place, and I just… it’s like I haven’t lived? It’s like my teenage years have rushed past me in this constant worry about grades and school. Not that that has even done any good! I mean, I just failed my mocks and I actually revised this time around. I don’t enjoy anything anymore and I just… Urgh. Sorry. That wasn’t all supposed to come out. I just… I don’t know. I haven’t really let myself say all that to someone before.”

You glanced up at him, expecting a look of shock and horror. A look of regret for even asking. Why would he even want to deal with the mess that you were?

Instead, he was looking at you with an expression you had never seen on him before. A strange mixture of rawness, concern and something else you couldn’t quite place. He looked younger then, in that moment. The emotions he always kept well hidden were written all across his face. You had never seen him like this before.
It was strange. You had just poured out your soul to him but you felt like you should be the one comforting him instead.

You were still looking into his eyes - transfixed by the stream of thoughts which were flashing behind there.

“Mr TC/N? Are you okay?” you ventured.

He kept looking at you with the same expression, but the emotion you couldn’t quite place was becoming more prominent in his eyes.

He smiled. “Yeah… Yeah. Don’t worry. Just a small flashback into the past, you know?” It was a sad smile.

“Do you want to - I mean, I know you have friends who you’d talk to about stuff and you probably don’t want to talk to me but um, do you want to talk about it?” You looked down quickly.

“Y/N. Why would you think that? Why would I not want to talk to you? You know how much you mean to me!”

You looked up, startled.
Had you just heard that right???

“Don’t look so surprised!” He laughed. “Wasn’t that pretty obvious?”

‘Not to me’, you wanted to reply. 'Not to me, when I always overthink and think the worst and never let myself hope. When I notice that you treat me differently but don’t want to admit it. Because if it’s true, if I am right and you do treat me differently - what would that mean? I’d start to hope. And that? That never works out.’

“I mean… I guess?” you replied instead.

He stared at you. “Y/N. I’ve always connected to you in a strange way. It took me a long time to realise why. But you remind me slightly of how I was at your age. Intelligent but insecure. Opinionated but didn’t like confrontation. Quiet but always thinking. And I also didn’t know what to do, where to go. Hell, I didn’t even want to go to university. I mean, can you believe it, I wanted to drop out at 14 and start a rock band!”

You both laughed at that, imagining him with thick black eyeliner in a screamo concert.

“Hey, it sort of worked out, right? I mean… rock band, DJ - pretty interchangeable?” You nudged his elbow, teasing him. Your confidence around him had grown in the last few minutes and to be honest, you had more to lose if you didn’t say anything.

“Piss off,” he said, smiling. “But yeah, I never knew where to go and what to do. And I could never picture myself that far in the future.
I mean there’d be random moments where I’d think that something would be really cool, but when I tried to picture myself in that position, it would all fall apart.”

You nodded. He was describing everything you had been thinking.

“But that’s not the point. This isn’t about me. I’m just hoping this will help with perspective. Because I’m not the most successful person ever, but, and I’m not exaggerating or lying to you, I really enjoy my life. I love my job. The thing is, it all works out, you know? Shit happens and we deal with it and life goes on. And I think we all forget that at times but, again, don’t take me for someone who’s superstitious and all that, but what I’m trying to say is, if you’re meant to get somewhere, it’ll work out! And every single step there doesn’t have to be perfect or the way you thought it’d be. And so it’s fine for people like us! Better, I’d say! For people who don’t have their lives mapped out, I mean - because we’ll go with the flow and if something happens we deal with it and move on. So don’t ever think there’s something wrong with you. Ever.”

He paused, as if he was thinking about whether to say something.
He apparently decided to.

“And… on the opposite side of that, if something, or, um, someone, comes into our life and makes it better? Then we hold on to them too. Against the odds. Against what we are told is right. We take the risk. Because… thats… um.” He had turned slightly red and seemed to be analysing your expression.

You decided to take the risk.

He was trying to backtrack. “Sorry. Um, I don’t know where that last bit came fro-”

He paused and looked down at his hand in surprise. His hand - which you had grabbed a hold of and laced your fingers through.
He looked at you - a mixture of shock and relief, and smiled. Everything was in that smile. Relief and shock, yes. But also, hope.

You smiled back.

And without thinking about it too much for once, tilted your head slightly so it rested comfortably on his shoulder.


So it’s cannon that people at the Garrison at first thought that Pidge was the vengeful ghost of Matt Holt right? Righttt?

I don’t even know what path to take with this? The angst ridden one where Pidge fights anyone who even thinks Matt is dead, or the one where Pidge takes full advantage of the situation.

Either way I think we can all agree that Pidge is tired