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1D Hiatus: Day 529

* More pictures of Louis shooting in Doncaster a few days ago are released

* Caspar Lee’s video featuring Liam will come out on Sunday

* A video with bloopers from the set of Caspar and Liam’s video is released

* Louis meets a fan in London

* Niall is on the cover of Billboard Magazine’s June issue

* HQ pictures of our handsome boy Niall for Billboard are released

* Niall posts nine pictures on Instagram

* It’s the day of Niall’s performance and appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

It’s May 25th, 2017.

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Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Series: Vegas

Note: The moment you all have been waiting for… Hold onto your caps, people, because this one is a roller coaster.

Word Count: 3586

Warnings: Language, angst…no smut in this one, guys. 😳

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You knew you’d fucked up.

The second those words flew out of your mouth, your eyes shot open and your breath caught in your throat. You were quickly shaken from the spell Daveed had placed you under, and as reality settled in, you began to panic.

Without delay, you pushed Daveed off you and clambered off the bed. He was silent and you didn’t know if it was because he was in shock or because he was still coming down from his high, but either way, you knew you had to get out of there before he started speaking.

You were pulling your jeans on hastily when you finally spoke up. “I uh…I-I gotta go.” You said, trying to hide the fact that you were on the verge of tears. “It’s really late and I think I forgot to do something back home.”

“Y/N…” Daveed breathed softly, pushing himself up on his elbows to look at you.

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What It Means (Ethan)

Summary: You and Ethan are both Camp Counselors with a weird love-hate relationship going on.
Word Count: 3,496
Warnings: Lots of mentions of sex, sexual tension all around, sexual innuendos. Yeah.
A/N: I’ve tried to sooo hard to get my writing going, but work is sucking the energy out of me. I sincerely hope you like this imagine though! xx Also, sorry for any mistakes. I’m gonna edit this tomorrow!! xx

It was no secret that you and Ethan had a weird love-hate relationship. Some days you’d get along, and other days you’d fight like there was no tomorrow. You were both counselors at a Summer camp, this being the second year. You had met him last year and taken an immediate dislike to his cocky attitude and his confidence that he could get any girl to get on her knees for him. It pissed you off and you had wondered why the hell he had been hired in the first place. Some people would call it sexual tension, but you called it hate.

Some days, you would both get along but other days you were at each other’s throats. This was one of those days where he’d do everything in his power to annoy you, and you weren’t having it.

“Everyone pair up, grab a paddle boat and a vest. Please, stay safe and remember what we just went through.” You shouted over the sea of murmurs as the crowd dissipated to get their boats out.

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Belonging to Negan

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Summary: Negan had come for his pickup but wasn’t happy with the supplies presented. Negan is about to kill someone when he gets an offer he can’t refuse.

Characters: Negan x Reader 

Requested by @eldritchmortician​, thank you so much for being patient! I had a lot of fun writing this! 

Special thank you to @prettyepiic,​ for giving me an INSANE amount of inspiration! ;) You can thank her for the red scarf smut!

Word Count: 2,003

Warnings: Language, MAJOR Smut, NSFW

Huge thanks to @i-am-negan-trash for being my beta reader!

“Someone’s gotta pay,” Negan growled, as he towered over the group that was on their knees in a line up.

He slowly walked down the row with Lucille over his shoulder. He stopped in front of a young woman that had always caught his eye. He had wanted her the first day he saw her. Negan knew she was a rule breaker, which made him want her even more. He offered to take her back to the Sanctuary many times, but she was too stubborn to say yes.

Negan was looking down at her as he licked his lips. “Unless… we can come to a compromise?”

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Smile For Me - Part 1

requested by the lovely @thecoffeestudyblr

“S-sorry! Sorry! So sorry! Here’s your coffee! Uh sorry!” You came bustling through the GCPD with coffee in one hand and your bags in the other. Your heart pounding due to the shouts of anger towards you.

“It’s cold!”


“Don’t send her on the next coffee run!”

“Can we get a new intern around here? This one sucks!”

“(f/n)! Gordon needs you at the desk!” Alvarez shouted to you. You just walked into the GCPD, maybe even two hours late, but everyone loves you so that shouldn’t be a problem at all right?

“You’re in big trouble this time.” He whispered as you walked past him.

Wrong. It was a HUGE problem. You were late these last three weeks, for something was troubling you. Well, someone was trouble you. WELL, the lifeless corpse of the someone was troubling you. And for that reason, you couldn’t think straight.

“Good morning to you too, Alvarez.” You said in your mind, while your body gave him a nervous smile. Walking up the steps, you eyed your Uncle who gave you the “I’m-so-disappointed-in-you-why-can’t-you-just-be-on-time” look. That’s right. You’re niece to detective Jim Gordon. So everyone, everywhere always had their eyes on you.

“(f/n). Late again.” Jim crossed his arms looking at you.

Harvey took a sip of his drink and nodded. “Someone is getting a whooping tonight.”

“Harv, please.” Jim groaned.

“Uh-I-uh-I know I’m late y-yet again but, I had car trouble, I ripped my pants…right in front of the mailman, I had to do a coffee run. The coffee is cold by the way. I-well it’s just hard for me this week, okay?” You rubbed your upper arm.

“And the week before last…and the week before that.”

“I know and I’m sorry.” You sighed, letting your shoulders hang low.

“Listen kiddo, I understand what you’re going through, almost. I was afraid when Jerome hurt other people as well, but he’s dead now. He can’t hurt you anymore.”

“I can’t believe you actually dated that psycho.” Harvey took a bite of biscuit and shrugged at Jim. “I thought you were kind of loony yourself to be honest.”

“Wow…thanks Harvey. My confidence just boosted up past one hundred.” You mumbled under your breath.

“Ignore him.” Jim said, eying him coldly. “If you need anything, just remember I’m here.”

“Thanks.” Tears brimmed at the end of your eyes as you mumbled. Quickly taking the unorganized files, you hurried away to the filing room, not wanting anyone to see you cry.

Shutting the door, you quickly ran behind a row of file cabinets, sliding down on to the floor. Your shaking hands covered your now wet face. Remembering Jerome always did this to you. It was just routine to you now.

His body was lying right across the hall. At times, you would feel the need to want to see him, but that thought was only countered with another thought of why you shouldn’t see him. All of those bad memories would only flow back, but so would the good ones.

When he kidnapped you, you were frightened, but happy. You were worried, but you also felt safe. Anxiety overcame your heart and in that moment you felt like you couldn’t breathe. There was a part of you wanting to feel that again.

“Woman up, (f/n).” You told yourself. Nodding, you got up and wiped the tears from you eyes. “He can’t hurt you anymore.”

Straightening out your clothes, you picked up the files and began to put them where they belong. You looked up at the clock. It read “10:37 am”. Sighing, you knew it was gonna be a long day.


It was 4 pm now. You were almost finished, but Jim thought it would be best if you headed home a few hours early.

“Get some rest. You don’t have to come in tomorrow if you don’t want to. And forgive me for being to hard on you. I just don’t want you getting hurt, kiddo.”

“I know.” You smiled, hugging him. “Just let me give Lee the file, pen, scalpel, and gloves she asked for awhile ago.”

He returned the hug and smile. “Sure.” Letting you go, he sighed. Of course he was still worried for you. From what he saw, you weren’t doing okay mentally or physically. “All she needs is rest. Hopefully.” He said to himself.

You arrived at the morgue shortly, all the items in your arms. You went to put them in her pouch that remained outside her door for that reason. You stopped however, when you saw the door was cracked open.

“I’ll just give them to her since she’s here.” You pushed the door open with your foot, peeking your head around the corner. “Lee? I got everything you asked for. Sorry I’m late.” You squeaked, hoping she wouldn’t be too angry with you. Turns out though, she wasn’t in there at the moment.

“Lee? I hope you’re not mad at m-” You screamed, dropping everything when you bumped into the table, an arm sliding out from under the dark green sheet.

Your hand over your heart, you quickly backed away from the body, picking up everything and placing it on the counter behind you. You turned to leave, but as you did, you saw ginger hair poking out from under the sheet as well.

That anxiety you felt before, started to return. You swallowed, slowly walking up to the body. You removed the sheet and there he was.

“Jerome.” Tears streamed down your face, a few dripping onto his. His skin was a bit cold and a bit warm to your touch, but you paid no attention. For your own skin felt like it was on fire. His lips were a faint blue and his smile was the same as it was the night he died. Relief and regret boiled within you as you covered his face with the sheet once more.

Hurrying out of the morgue, you didn’t realize his finger twitched. Your only focus was to get home, to get away from here.


It was a bit later now and Lee just arrived at morgue. She saw the supplies you left her and gave a small smile. She turned towards the table to tend to Jerome’s corpse, but when she did, she realized he wasn’t there.

“What?” Without a second more Jerome was behind her with a gun to her head.

“Boo.” He whispered.

Jerome then began to question Lee about certain topics. His fans, Theo, Jim, whether he and she-

“Did you and I ever…”

“Oh God! No!”

“Oh wait wait wait, maybe it’s not you. Hold on the image is coming to…….WHAMMO! (f/n), where is she?”

“…” Lee only sat in silence, staring at him as if he was the dumbest thing on this earth. She wasn’t at all afraid of him coming back, she was more annoyed. Especially with him being the third thing going wrong in her life.

Jerome rolled his eyes and began to try to recreate your figure with his hands. “She’s this high, her body is like smoking hot, she’s crazy hot. She also had the most beautiful (s/c) skin and these eyes that would make you melt. Kind of shy too, I remember. Hey…did she and I ever-”

“NO. You were too busy getting murdered by Theo. I’m glad she came to her senses after dating a psychopath like you.” Lee sat with her arms crossed, a cold glint in her eyes.

Jerome dropped his shoulders, already tired of how long this was going on. “Look Doctor, I don’t wanna be here, you don’t wanna be here. So, let’s cut to the chase. Tell me where she is or I blow your brains all across this room.”

“Go ahead. What else do I have to live for?”

“Oh right. Jim, your dead fiance. Sheesh.” Jerome was contemplating on what to do, when he remembered something from long ago.


“This is my place! It’s not so much for two, but if you ever need a place to stay…” You blushed at your boldness, arms behind your back.

“I’ll remember.” Jerome smiled. “Now come on. We have to get ready for tonight. The star of the show needs to be there on time!”

“Alright! Stay out here. I’m gonna go put on my best dress!”


“Nevermind! I know exactly where she is. But first, I need to pay this handsome devil a visit.” He groaned, hitting the nose of the gun on the TV screen. “Now, I’ll be on my way. Keep watching! You don’t wanna miss what happens next!” Jerome put the gun in the back of the police pants he had put on and walked out of the morgue.

It wasn’t long before he started wrecking havoc in Gotham. He stole a police car, ran over a guy, and by this time Jerome and Dwight were on their way to kidnap you and bring you with them. But you had no idea what was in store.

Dwight sat in the back, fidgeting with his fingers. Nervous because his idol, role model, maybe even the love of his life, was sitting right in front of him.

“So this girl we’re kidnapping, who is she?” Dwight asked.

“Ughh. Again, she’s my girlfriend, who supposedly isn’t my girlfriend anymore, but she will be my girlfriend, because she was my girlfriend in the first place.”

“Right, o-of course.”

The vehicle finally came to a stop in front of your place and Jerome looked out the passenger side window from the driver’s seat. He wanted to see if you were home, but he couldn’t tell from down here.

“Dwight, how do I look?” Jerome asked fixing his collar and hat.

“Like you just came back from the dead.”

“Thanks buddy, I can always count on you.” He said rolling his eyes.

“………won’t be coming after all……..for the day off. I think I really needed it.” A faint voice could be heard in the distance along with door slamming shut.

What are the odds you’d be arriving, just as Jerome pulled up. You had a box in your hands and a few grocery bags dangling on your arm.

Closing your car door with your foot, you turned around and started walking to your house.

“I’ll stop by though. I misplaced my book and I think it might be in the filing room.” You laughed.

Jerome stared in awe. You were even more beautiful than he remembered. That (f/c) coat you would always wear. The way you’d stumble when you were carrying a bit too much that you could handle, but you’d eventually regain your balance and it wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Your smile, your laugh. Everything was coming back one by one.

“Okay. I’ll be there around 3? Alright. I love you too. Bye.” You took your phone off of your shoulder and put it in your bag. You put your key in the door, but you broke it when a voice startled you.

“Can I help you with those miss?” Dwight approached you, a nervous smile playing on his features. You looked at him up and down, studying his body language. There was something wrong here.

“No, but thank you. I do appreciate it.“

He grabbed your wrist stopping you from leaving.

“Please, (f/n). I insist.”

The once nervous grin turned into a scowl and fear struck your heart. “How do you know my name?”

His eyes widened, a little shocked by himself. “I said let’s go!”

“No! Let go of me!” You twisted his arm and then kicked him away.

Dwight winced in pain, landing hard against the concrete. "She’s stronger than she looks.”

Jerome sighed once again. “If you want something done, do it yourself.” Getting out of the car, Jerome walked behind you and held the gun to your head.

“Listen dollface, I suggest you get in the van without a fight and maybe you’ll make it through this.” He said, inhaling your favorite perfume. “God did I miss that smell.”

You froze in your place. Scared to speak, scared to do anything. “Jerome?” You said under your breathe.

“Dwight do the honors.” Jerome slightly pushed you towards the van so Dwight could tie your hands. Satisfied, he walked back around to the driver’s seat.

You only stared in fear and confusion. That piece of action you said you were missing, well you got it. Your anxiety, that started to make it’s way back too. It was all too much.

“There’s nothing to worry about, (f/n). This is just like old times.” Jerome smiled back at you from the driver’s.

And not being able to breathe, you eventually passed out.

“Yep. Just like old times.”

for surgery anon (a little something to cheer you up and hold you over till you get to that gdau update) :


Lexa has always suspected, of course, but she never knew for sure that breaking an arm would hurt like a bitch.

“But, hey,” her sister Anya told her on their way to the hospital, eyes wide with barely concealed fear, “at least you have your broken foot to distract you from your broken arm.”

Lexa would’ve loved to be able to kick her in that moment if she weren’t already duped up on painkillers. Because breaking your foot and your arm hurt like a motherfucker.

“Dad is going to kill us,” Anya said in lieu of a farewell when Lexa was wheeled away to have her injuries properly looked at. The doctor’s tag read ‘Dr. Griffin’, and Lexa blinked before lifting her eyes and gulping.

Clarke’s mother stared back, concern evident on her face. “Lexa? I hoped it wasn’t you.” She tugged her chair closer before sitting in front of Lexa and wincing as she took a look at her injured limb. “What happened?”

“I – I fell,” Lexa tells her. Suddenly, it seemed much less horrible and much more funny. “For your daughter,” she added, before letting her chuckles take over. Technically, that wasn’t wrong. She really did fall from a tree for Clarke. Well, for Clarke’s fat, ungrateful cat, but the only reason she volunteered to save the fluffy bastard was so she could strike a conversation with the girl.

(Okay, and maybe she also kinda liked the cat despite him being a giant pain in her ass. He had some redeeming qualities. And, well, he was a living being, and she couldn’t just leave him up there. Not when he was mewling so tragically.)

Abby Griffin’s blue eyes twinkled with amusement. “Of course my daughter had something to do with it.” She proceeded to inspect Lexa’s arm, tsking as she went. “I’m sorry to say this, honey, but I think you need a surgery.”

That put a temporary stop on Lexa’s painkiller-induced laughter. “I can’t have surgery,” she protested. “We’re up against Sky Rat– er, Rangers next week.” They had to knock those self-entitled kids down a peg. The fact that Clarke was good friends with most of them didn’t mean shit, how Anya put it.

They sucked at hockey anyway.

“Are you serious right now?” A new voice asked from the door, incredulous. “Lexa, you have two broken limbs.”

Lexa stubbornly lifted her chin. “So?”

(She quickly deflated, however, when she realized it was none other than Clarke Griffin herself glaring at her, dressed in pajamas and a jacket hastily thrown over them.)

“So?” Her tone rose in volume and disbelief. “Your arm is snapped in half!”

“Girls,” Abby interfered. “Not now. Clarke, you shouldn’t be here. Did Wells let you in again?”

“No,” Clarke easily lied. And Lexa knew she lied because there’s no other way she’d be able to sneak into the room, and Wells’ crush on her was public knowledge. She kind of felt sympathetic towards the guy. She knew what it was like to pine after Clarke Griffin, with no hope of ever gaining her affections.

“I’ll deal with that boy later,” Abby muttered to herself before rising to her feet and walking to her daughter. “Clarke, you need to leave.”

“But – mom, she’s here because of me!” Clarke protested, throwing Lexa a helpless glance. She could only shrug in response, and – ouch. Should not have done that. She cradled her arm to her chest, trying not to wince. It was hard, but she powered through. She managed to stoically pretend it didn’t hurt while Clarke ran around her in circles, alternating between calling the hospital and tearfully asking her if she was okay.

Which she wasn’t, but Clarke was too adorable when all panicked and flustered, and so she dutifully replied “yes but I still need an ambulance” every time.

“I know, and now I need to put her back together,” so that was where Clarke got her stubbornness from. Abby Griffin was firm and resolute. “You’ll see her tomorrow.”

“That’s way too long!”

“Clarke.” The drugs began to wear off, and so did the numbness in her legs and arms, which so wasn’t a good thing. She just wanted to be done with it. “It’s fine. Please go.” Upon seeing the look of genuine distress and hurt on the girl’s face, she tried to soften her words. “I’m gonna be fine, Clarke. I’ll – I’ll call you as soon as I wake up tomorrow, okay?”

Clarke still didn’t look happy, but she nodded. “Okay. I will hold you to that.” She glanced at her mom, and Lexa wasn’t sure, but she thought she heard a very quiet ‘please take care of her’. Or not. Who knew. With the pain coming back in waves, she could’ve hallucinated it.

Abby sighed when her daughter finally left. “Okay, champ,” she said, tiredly but good-naturedly nonetheless. “Let’s get you ready.”


Raven was already waiting for Clarke in her car when she exited the hospital. “Well? Is she okay?” When blue eyes shot her a glare, she shrank into her seat. “Just asking,” she mumbled.

Clarke sighed, starting the engine. “She needs surgery. My mom’s going to perform it. And I’m never, ever listening to you again, you got it?”

“Hey, how was I supposed to know your damn cat would get so high up and Lexa would suck at climbing the trees?”

“Don’t – just, god, Raven, just don’t,” Clarke huffed, clutching at the wheel. “This was our dumbest idea yet. I’ll never forgive myself for it.” She glanced at her friend again. “Or you.”

“You didn’t have to go with it, you know,” Raven defended herself. “Not my fault you’re thirsting after Woods this hard.”

“I’m not – I’m not 'thirsting’! I just like her!”

“Sure. Tell that to the hundred of sketchbooks filled with her face.”

Clarke gritted her teeth. “It’s not a hundred,” she mumbled.

“Hey, at least you have an excuse to visit her every day now.”

“No,” Clarke said, her voice growing strong. “No more scheming and excuses. I’m gonna ask her out tomorrow, or we’ll accidentally put her in a coma next time.”

“Right. And we don’t want that.”

Clarke rolled her eyes. “You’re going to help me pick flowers for her tomorrow.”

Raven nodded. “Sure, as long as we know which ones she’s not deadly allergic to.”

“Oh, she’s not allergic to flowers. Only chocolate.”

“Man, that must suck.”

“Not really, she eats super healthy so it doesn’t bother her.”

Raven squinted at Clarke who was peacefully watching the road. “You scare me sometimes.”

“Two years,” Clarke said, without taking her eyes off the road. “I’ve been pining after her for two years, Raven, I picked up on some things.”

“Tomorrow can’t come fast enough, Griffin.”

my thirst for rafa increases every day, and you guys are not helping.  thank you all for your kind, super sweet words and encouragement!  i love, love getting feedback from you guys, whether it be through likes, reblogs, messages, asks, etc.  i appreciate you all so much.  :)

title: you’re hot in a world that’s cold, pt. 2 (pas de deux)
     ( 01 )
fandom: hamilcast(???), basically lmao
pairing: rafael casal x reader
rating: t for swearing and cheesy flirting
word count: 2647
tagged: @tailored-shirt-tails @nervous-crossbow @ordinaryornate @haletotheking24 @butlinislin @goodhamiltonaesthetic @notalwaysfair @christophercwoods @my-body-is-not-a-temple

After a bad knee injury and surgery, you’ve been forced to take a break from ballet.  You decide to take some classes at NYU Tisch in the meanwhile, where Rafael Casal is guest teaching, and the two of you tiptoe the blurred student-teacher boundary.

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((Ugh. The more I think about Shanks the more I actually absolutely adore this character. 

Like I was just thinking, looking through fanart of him and doujin and stuff, how great he looks with that big ol’ dorky smile of his. And I realized again, he has absolutely no reason to be kind. He had no reason he had to sacrifice an arm for Luffy. He doesn’t need anything from anyone, he doesn’t need their protection, he doesn’t need them to like him, he knows what the One Piece is, he knows where it is. He literally could rule the world with the power and tools at his disposal. 

But instead, he chooses to be kind. He chooses to be respectful. He chooses to throw parties and make friends and be a helping hand despite only having one to offer. When Buggy starts yelling at him at the war, he could have easily put Buggy in his place- he could have, over time, let power get to his head. But no. He’s just so happy that Buggy hadn’t changed a bit. He could have easily wasted the mountain bandit at the beginning, but instead he just laughed it off until the bandit threatened a small child he had randomly met. 

He could literally be the biggest asshole in the world, and no one would be able to stop him. He could arguably create more trouble than any of the villains we’ve seen so far. But instead he invites his rivals to drink with him, he laughs off insults, and he shows nothing but respect (even if a life at sea has left his manners a little rough, his heart is pure) for those around him. Hell, he saved a Marine’s life, and I doubt that’s the first time he had done so given his track record. Two of his most significant appearances in the manga involve him rescuing someone, one person he didn’t even know (he doesn’t even know Luffy and Coby are friends!). Another involves him helping a rival crew by taking time and resources to ensure proper burials. And considering he’s made probably six to seven appearances so far, and maybe three of them consequential (Beginning, his talk with Whitebeard, and the war - I think his meeting with Mihawk is a little bit more just fluff for us, as well as the funeral) I’d say his track record shows him as pretty compassionate. 

He willingly put himself in the path of a powerful, angry, homicidal Marine’s lethal attack to protect some random Marine (A natural enemy of a pirate!). And he didn’t even push a fight with the angry Marine, he simply stopped an attack. 

Shanks is literally just kind to be kind. There is no hidden motive unless Oda will surprise us all with a Frozen-like Hans twist. But at that point I’d just give up on the series tbh XD))

Guys, I’m so excited omg.

Things are happening. ^^
Pendulum ch 4 is being Proofread. I think 1-2 more days if everything goes right. My head-proofy is super busy. But soon.
Also, we’re gonna release 2 things with the chapter. Both made me cry like a baby. You’re gonna love it!!!

Aaaaand, I got a little something Hidoku releated today. Supercuteeeee!
We’re only waiting for the ebook release now. If you can avoid it, don’t spoil yourself. We’re gonna work hard to bring it to you as soon as possible. ^^

Okay, that’s it. Wanted to share my excitement. 

Oh and some of you asked for the next stream. 
I could stream tomorrow but I have to work on Konna Nichijou, so there will be spoilers. Let me know what you think. 
Okay, that’s it. 

Nina out. *rides away on her unicorn*

#390 - You Overwork Yourself

Harry: “I’m so sorry I’m late,” you rushed, letting your bag fall off of your shoulder as you sat in front of Harry in the restaurant, shaking out your hair. Harry sat up and sighed softly, giving you a slight smile. “Don’t worry. How was work?” he asked. “Long. Stressful,” you replied, shaking your head. It hadn’t been the first time you had been late. Work had been busy, more so than you actually knew how to handle. You couldn’t admit that though. “(Y/N),” Harry murmured, shaking his head. “Aren’t you over doing it?” “What?” you looked at him, shaking your head slightly. “I just… you’re always at work,” he answered you, resting his hands flat against the table. “You’re late, and like… I don’t mind, but you’ve been so tired…” You looked at him for a moment and brought your hands up to your eyes. Your palms pressed against your closed eyelids. “It’s just really busy right now,” you murmured out, pulling your hands away. “You still need a break,” he argued. “This is technically a break no?” you looked at him and he breathed out exasperatedly. “It is, yes. But you’re still thinking about work. You need just… two hours or something to lay on the couch, put your feet up, close your eyes. You’re overworking yourself and we both know how that ended last time.” Taking a deep breath, you looked at him and pursed your lips together. He wasn’t wrong. You just really needed to get this work done. “Let me just push this until the weekend okay?” you murmured. “I’ll take a break then.” Harry raised his eyebrow at you and picked up his wine glass. “I”ll make sure of that,” he spoke softly, taking a sip. You looked down at the menu and tapped your fingers, pursing your lips together. “This job is taking so much out of you,” he said softly. “Like… you’re not happy…” “I’m fine Harry,” you shook your head. “Fine.” Harry shook his head slightly. “Okay then.” He didn’t want to argue. “Let’s just have dinner.”

Liam: Your head was absolutely pounding. A first class migraine. The e-mails on the computer screen were completely warped up and you felt extremely irritated with everyone trying to get a hold of you. “Hey,” Liam spoke softly, sliding his hands onto your shoulders and down your arms firmly, creating friction and warmth. “I just… I can’t deal with all this bullshit. It’s bullshit,” you shook your head and put your hands over your face. “I know,” he nodded, leaning over you to gently press his lips against the top of your head. He wasn’t about to argue or do anything that could stress you out anymore. “How about… you let those people wait for tonight… you’ve answered enough, I think they’ll survive… you’ve been waiting on their needs hand and foot all week…” he whispered. “Can you get me some Asprin please?” you whispered, your hands going up to pinch the bridge of your nose. “Yeah… go lie down yeah?” Liam pulled back and went back into the bathroom while you shut your laptop and cut the light off. You got up, keeping your eyes closed and blindly made your way to the bed. The feeling of the cool pillow against your cheek was soothing, cushioning your aching head as you tried to not think about work. You heard Liam pad back into the room, the bed sinking next to you. For a brief moment you opened your eyes as took the medicine he had in his outstretched hand, followed by the water he had made sure to bring. Once they were down, you let out a deep sigh. “You need to stop working for a bit…” he whispered. “I know,” you murmured, keeping your answers short. “I know.” The room got quiet again as Liam’s hand slipped into your hair. The soothing movements of his fingers pressing against your scalp helping slowly to relieve some of the tension in your head. With the silence and the dark, the migraine eventually began to alleviate after a couple of hours, the lingering pain making you feel quite tired. Liam stayed with you silently comforting the pain and the exhaustion. Relaxed enough now, you drifted off, your mind blank for the first time in a while.

Niall: You checked your pulse on the treadmill, breathing heavily with sweat dripping down your forehead. You were determined to go for as long as you could, not stopping for anything. Niall stood in the doorway, watching you with his arms crossed over his chest. The whir of the loud machine was the only thing either of you could hear. “I think you should stop!” Niall called out over the sound. “No!” you shook your head, your eyes straight ahead. “I gotta get to 20 kilometers today,” you puffed out, your hair sticking to your forehead and your skin drenched in sweat. “You’re going too hard (Y/N),” he shook his head, coming over to stand next to the treadmill. “Niall, shut up,” you said without thinking, your heart going as fast. You honestly thought you could get there, but your heart was going a million miles an hour and you started to feel faint. Niall watched with concerned as you pumped your arms and stumbled slightly. That was when he reached over, gradually turning down the speed of the treadmill until it was at a complete stop. As soon as it was, he grabbed onto your waist and you practically fell into his embrace, putting your arms loosely around your shoulders. Niall held you up and grabbed your water bottle, bringing it to your lips. “Open,” he murmured and it wasn’t a question. Panting, you let him tilt the end of the bottle for you and you grabbed the bottom half. He was still keeping a careful grip on you but you were able to stand on your own. He shook his head slightly and ran his hand up and down your back. You took the water bottle from him and took small sips over and over again, your mouth dry. Niall was watching you cautiously. “I’m gonna take a shower,” you murmured, pulling back from him slightly. “You need to get your heart rate down first,” he shook his head, bringing you over to sit on the weight lifting bench for a moment. “Niall.” “(Y/N),” he mimicked, shaking his head. “You almost fell not 5 minutes ago. I’m not gonna let you go fall in the shower. Take a minute.” You looked at him chewing the inside of your bottom lip slowly. “Okay…”

Louis: You found yourself standing in the bathroom at work, trying not to have a break down right there. You felt overwhelmed to say the least. The amount of paperwork sitting on your desk was something you couldn’t ignore. You unravelled some toilet paper and wiped under your eyes as a couple loose tears started to fall. The more work you finished, the more piled up. It was like you just couldn’t win. You jumped slightly when the sound of your phone vibrated against the ceramic sink. It was just a text message from Louis. ‘I’m in your cubicle with lunch, where are you?’ he sent and you bit your lip, splashing some water on your face before stepping out of the bathroom. You hoped no one would be able to tell you were crying. You made your way back to your work space and sure enough, Louis was sitting in your chair, spinning it around mindlessly as he waited. You cleared your throat and he looked up, smiling widely. “Hey!” he stood up, grabbing your hand gently and pullng you in. “I just brought some sandwiches. I hope that’s okay.” You nodded slightly, looking over at the paper bag. “Yeah, thanks,” you nodded, giving him a small smile. “You okay?” he asked a bit softer, noticing your off-mood. “I’m fine, thanks for bringing lunch yeah?” You brushed him off and went to sit in your chair again. “You don’t want me to join you?” he questioned as you pulled out some more paper from the ‘in’ box. “I can’t have any distractions okay?” you shook your head. “Can you take the food? I’ll have them when I get home.” Louis looked at you for a moment. “And when are you getting home? Late? Again?” he raised his eyebrows. “Louis I have work to do,” you breathed out. “You look like you’ve been crying,” he said, completely ignoring your last statement. “So what if I have? I have to get this work done!” you exclaimed, turning to look at him with glassy eyes, another wave threatening to hit. He looked at you quietly for a moment and shook his head, grabbing the bag and grabbing your jacket. “Get up. We’re going home.”

Zayn: “(Y/N),” your co-worked said cautiously, her jacket over her arm. You were still in your spot, your desk lamp illuminating your work space. “Walk out with me yeah?” she asked and you shook your head, not even looking up. This project had been eating up every ounce of your time for the last week and despite people protesting, even your superior, you kept at it. You wanted it to be done, you needed to figure it out. “I gotta keep working,” you murmured. “It’s 10:00…” she shook her head and then the elevator dinged, the light coming on at your floor. When the elevators door opened, Zayn stepped out with his hands in his pockets. It wasn’t just some coincidence. Not only had your boss called him to let him know, your co-worked had texted him to let him know that you weren’t budging. Your peer went over to him and explained quietly before he thanked her and slowly came over to where you were working. “Babe, hey,” Zayn said softly, resting his hand on your shoulder. “No,” you shook your head, shrugging him off. “I know what you’re going to say, no.” “You’re not going to argue with me,” he said slowly, snagging the pen out of your hand. “Zayn!” you turned to face him and that was when he grabbed your arms, pulling you up. “Everyone’s fucking concerned about you. Lose the attitude (Y/N), we’re trying to help you!” You pushed away from him and looked back down at your desk. “Do not talk to me like that,” you stated, looking back at him. “I don’t care how mad you get at me, your boss even called. You are coming home with me, you’re going to stop worrying about this damn project for one night and you’re going to sleep. You have the day off tomorrow. You’re not coming into work. You’re pushing yourself too hard and you’re gonna make yourself ill. Then what? You can’t come into work for even longer period of time. I’m not leaving this building until you come with me. Okay? Okay.”

Clingy - Part 2 (Edmund x Reader)

A/N - Since I got a request for part 2, here you go! :3

Part 1 / Part 3

Word Count: 1384

Warning: Angst and Slight Jealousy and REALLY SHITTY AND PROBABLY BORING TOO.

Request: Yes.

Summary: After the incident, Y/n decided to stop thinking about it and try to move on. Her mother and best friend comforted her, while the Pevensie’s spent their day regretting everything that happened.

The Story:

Things were not the same as before. Not anymore. After getting home, Y/n walked straight to her bedroom, avoiding the questions her mother asked.

She cursed herself for believing in something that was not possible. All these days and months spent, she didn’t let herself get loose to the point where she needed to cry. To cry for all the efforts spent on him, still keeping in heart that he may not give back the feelings.

But this day, she couldn’t keep strong. She just cried and cried her heart out until she was exhausted and fell asleep.

It was 2 p.m in the afternoon when she woke up from a touch. It was her mother brushing her fingers through her hair.

“Hey mom.” She said turning around to avoid her eyes. She knew if she looked at her, her mother could understand everything.

“Honey, you don’t have to say anything. I know what he said.” Y/n’s mother said.

She kept quiet, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her mother continued, “The Pevensie’s called. Lucy told everything. She was very concerned and told you to call back. Do you want to call ba–”

“Not now mom. I want to be alone for some time.”

“Okay” She said getting up, “I will get you some food. And I called Dean. He will be coming for dinner today.”

“What!!” Y/n yelled turning around “You have told this to Dean?! Why would you do that!”

“No no no! You’re wrong. I mean, I only told him to come. He knew this.” She said.

“How did he…”

“I don’t know honey. Ask him about this and…” She put her hand on Y/n’s head, “Everything is gonna be fine.”

She smiled and said, “I know mom. Everything is gonna be’s just that, it is not gonna be the same again.”

Her mother sighed and exited the room.

*Time Skip*

Y/n spent the rest of the time in her bedroom reading storybooks and doodling. But doodling made her remember Edmund more, so she decided to get lost in the books.

Finally she realized that the sun was setting down and a reddish sky appeared outside her window. She opened the windows and for a while closed her eyes and enjoyed the cool breeze.

Y/n was sad, really sad of what happened but she can’t just ignore the beautiful day. It was enough to make a smile appear on her face.

“Oy Y/n!!!”

She snapped out of her thoughts and opened her eyes. Dean was outside her house.

“Open the door!!” He shouted.

“Well, it’s not dinner time yet! Guess you have to stand outside now!” Y/n laughed and said.

“Oh we look like Romeo and Juliet!!”

“Shut up!! I’m coming down! Wait up!”

“No need! Mrs.Y/l/n has already done that!”

Now her mother came out and yelled, “It is very rude to keep guests waiting outside Y/N!!! This was not expected from you!” Dean meanwhile laughed and gave her the ‘you-deserved-that’ look.

“Mom for God’s sake we live in the same house! It wasn’t necessary to inform the rest of the neighbors about this!!” Y/n yelled back before they got in.

It was surprising that Y/n felt fine than before. Maybe because she wasn’t thinking about him much. Maybe because her mother and best friend was there for her. Or maybe she would go back to being sad when she sees Edmund.

Just then she heard a knock. “Come in.” She said.

“I saw you running out of their house today. Didn’t wanna disturb you more by asking you about it.” He said closing the door behind him.

“Oh yeah. Lucy told you didn’t she?” She said smiling.

“Yes. And not gonna lie but I thought you will be very depressed about…about what happened.”

“I am just exhausted. I’m very sad but..I am just tired of getting hurt by waiting for him while he…he continued being emotionless person. Atleast now it’s all over and I know what he feels.”

He sat down beside her and said “I know it is all hard for you now. I mean it’s fine if you don’t wanna come tomorrow.”

She sighed, “Yes. It is actually hard because I loved him. I really did, but that doesn’t mean things will stop just because of me. I AM going on a ride tomorrow with you and I AM gonna walk past that house. It is hard, but not impossible.”

“Damn, you are very challenging. Well then, thank you.” He said smiling.

“Dinner’s ready!!!” Y/n’s mother shouted.


*Time Skip*

Edmund was not fine. He was infact, far from fine. He pretended like he was but he secretly missed her that day. Probably because she heard those words and he felt bad.

And it looked like everyone hated him for what happened except Lucy. She understood that Ed said those things because that was just a flow of speech and he didn’t mean it. Meanwhile Peter continuously poked him to say sorry and Susan didn’t talk to him at all.

Edmund wanted to say sorry but he was just to embarrassed to say that. He could listen to the words he said yesterday again and again and then feel it extremely hard to say sorry to her after what happened.

But he was kind of convinced that Y/n was a cheerful person and she would absolutely visit them again. And maybe ignore him, but atleast she would talk to the others.

“Peter let’s play something! Come on! I am bored. Let’s do something fun.” Lucy whined.

Peter glared at Edmund and said, “Having fun is what usually happened when Y/n came. Thanks to this amazing gentleman that it got stopped.”

“Okay okay I know and I am sorry for that! She is what she is and I can tell you she is gonna come after sometime!” Edmund told.

Yes, it was afternoon and they were going to have a picnic where they invited Y/n and were waiting for her.

“Seriously Ed, do you know women at all? She is not gonna come. Don’t you get it? Peter we are just wasting our time. Mom is gonna come out anytime and we HAVE to go.”

Just when Peter was about to say something, she saw Y/n.

“Oh there she is.” He said surprised.

“Told you she’s gonna come.” Edmund said grinning.

Y/n walked..and with a bicycle and a helmet. But instead of turning left to the Pevensie’s house she completely ignored them and walked straight past them towards another house. Dean’s house.

Lucy went running to her and asked if she was coming to which Y/n replied, “Well, I am with a bicycle so obviously not. I-I am really sorry Lucy but Dean asked me before you all did. Soo…”

“I know you would have come even if Dean asked you first. It’s because of Edmund isn’t it? He really didn’t me–”

“I don’t wanna interrupt you but I am done talking about that. I will visit you all for sometime later. But..well, it’s different now. I am sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Lucy said, “It’s not your fault.”

She smiled and went back to the Pevensie’s.

“There’s a good news and a bad news.” Lucy said.

“Bad news first.” Susan said.

“She is not gonna come. Dean asked her first and she already said yes to him.” Lucy said.

Edmund’s eyes shot up and as he felt a kind of burning sensation. It was..not familiar. Not at all.

He heard some laughter, when he looked at the direction and saw Y/n and Dean hugging each other and then getting up on their bicycles. Now all he could think is–Wow. She already got a new friend. And all these time I thought what kind of a bad person I am?? She hugged him, ofcourse. She IS very clingy afterall.

“We should leave now.” Edmund  said getting up and walking towards the car.

“Well is she gonna visit us later on?” Peter asked.

“Well, that’s the good news. She said she would!” Lucy exclaimed.

Mrs. Pevensie came out and said clapping her hands, “Ready?”

“Very much ready.” Edmund whispered slamming the door of the car.

“What happened to him?” Mrs. Pevensie asked while others stared at him.

A/N - Sorry for the boring chapter but wasn’t feeling really up. But yeah, I think the feelings and change of scenarios was important.


One of those days (Tbjzl imagine)

A/N: Hey so i wrote this one for my best friend Kay @sdmntrxsh and she said it was good, so i thought i would post it:) I’m sorry it isn’t the second part to the charity match but i had forgotten that, that was on my laptop😅 It’s gonna be up tomorrow tho! I promise🤞🏼

Do you ever have those days where all you want is to be alone? And if anyone interrupts your piece and quiet you’re angry for the rest of the day. You also feel a special kind of way, it’s hard to explain but if you know it, you know it.

My boyfriend of 3 years always knew when i was in of these kinds of moods. At first he thought i was being sad and interrupted my day with things to make me happy. Of course i got angry, but i couldn’t be angry at him for long. As soon as i saw his puppy eyes i forgave him and we cuddled a bit before i returned to my state of not wanting to talk to anyone.

Today was no different.

“Hey, i’m going out shopping with Josh, is that okay?” Tobi asked, he always asked you this, as if you had a problem with him being with his friends.
“No, it’s okay! You don’t have to ask for permission” you laughed.

Tobi knew this, but he had a plan and it was important for him to make you think that he was out shopping.

In reality Tobi was going out with Josh, but they weren’t going shopping. He had made plans that involved you staying home and that you were in the ‘i don’t want to talk to anyone’ - mood.

“Did she buy it?” Josh asked as soon as Tobi closed the door behind him. “Yes, she has no idea” Tobi smiled, today it was finally going to happen.

While you read your books and daydreamed, Tobi visited your favourite place in the whole city, the place you and him had met.

It had all been set up, you knew Freya, Josh’s girlfriend and she had made you go on a blind date with him. For you it was love at first sight. His smile that lit up the whole room, his charming attitude and overall amazing personality had made you fall for him faster than you had ever fallen for someone else. You were still together 5 years later.

Tobi remembered the day just as well you, which is why he picked the place to ask you something important.

Once he got home again after his quick trip with Josh, just to make sure that everything was still in place and order according to the plan. He walked over to you, hiding some of your favourite flowers behind his back.

“Hey Tobes, are you already back?” You asked him, a bit tired, you had just had a nap. “Yeah i’m back, now i know that this isn’t a special day or anything” he answered, whilst pulling the flowers to his front, “but i was wondering if you would like to join me to dinner at our place?”

You blushed at how beautiful the flowers were and how sweet he was. “Yes of course i would like to join you for dinner! Let me just get dressed up” you were suddenly out of the rather solemn mood you had been in all day.

Later in the evening, after you had had dessert: you had chosen a brownie with hazelnut and he had had a lemon sorbet. You were having the time of your life, every date with Tobi seemed like the first, you never ran out of things to talk about.

Suddenly he stood up though, making quite the scene in the little restaurant. “Tobi! What are you doing? Please sit down” you whisper yelled, quite embarrassed about the whole thing.

“I will babe, in just a second. But first there is something that i have been meaning to ask you for quite a while and tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity,” he said and then proceeded to go down on one knee.

You were shocked to say the least and started to tear up. You knew this was coming, you had joked about it for a while now along with everyone else. Yet it still came as a surprise when you realised that he was actually going to do it!

“Y/n, i have now had the honour of calling you my girlfriend for the last 5 years and it all started right here at this table. The first time i layed my eyes on you i knew that i would marry you one day. So this is the reason that i’m sitting on one knee, getting all of the attention from the surrounding tables, i will hopefully only have to ask this once but y/n will you marry me?”

You nodded, tears streaming down your face, you couldn’t believe it! This day had just been an ordinary one, nothing special about it, just a regular thursday night in the city that you both loved.

He shakingly found the ring and put it on your finger, he had been so nervous even though he knew you would say yes. The feeling of love between you was overwhelming, just like it had been for the last 5 years.

Nanny Cam

“Open it, open it!” My nephew was bouncing in my brother’s lap, his pudgy hands balled into fists of flailing excitement.

I’d never seen a kid who liked to give presents more than receive them until Noah came along. He’d barely paid much attention to his own gifts, which he’d left scattered about the floor around the tree, and instead insisted on handing everyone else’s out. He was watching me closely with a wide, delighted grin, eager for me to dive into the wrapping paper.

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7 Moments when ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Saved Me

1.  “Seize the moment, ‘cause tomorrow you might be dead.” - Welcome to the Hellmouth, 1x1

2. “Bottom line is, even if you see them coming, you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So, what are we, helpless? Puppets? Nah. The big moments are gonna come, you can’t help that. It’s what you do afterwards that counts. That’s when you find out who you are.” - Becoming Part 1, 2x21

 3. “Strong is fighting! It’s hard, and it’s painful, and it’s every day. It’s what we have to do.” - Amends, 3x10

4. “You have to be strong … the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live.” - The Gift, 5x22

5. “Life’s not a song. Life isn’t bliss, life is just this. It’s living. You’ll get along. The pain that you feel can only heal by living. You have to go on living. So one of us is living.” - Once More, With Feeling, 6x7

6. “ They’ll never know how tough it is … to be the one who isn’t Chosen, to live so near the spotlight and never step in it. But I know. I see more than anybody realizes because nobody’s watching me. I saw you last night, and I see you working here today. You’re not special; you’re extraordinary” - Potential, 7x12

7. “When it’s something that really matters, they fight. I mean, they’re lame morons for fighting. But they do. They never… They never quit. And so I guess I will keep fighting, too.” - Chosen, 7x22

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Congratulations! You deserve the follows because you are so amazing! If you feel like it, how about Shiro and Pidge, Shiro being a good stand-in dad to her? Thank you!

“You’re not my dad!” she screamed, and ran from the room.

Shiro stood there flummoxed for a moment, then gave chase. “You’re not my daughter, either!” he bellowed.

Pidge laughed like an electrical storm, sharp and fierce. Shiro caught up and dragged her to the ground, then pinned her there, tickling her stomach until she shrieked. “Now are you gonna listen to my orders?” he asked, trying to speak sternly around a grin.

Pidge lay there, panting. “I won’t go to bed. You can’t make me!”

“We’ll see about that.” Shiro stood up and flung her over his shoulder. She laughed and pounded his back, not hard enough to hurt. “Tomorrow is a big day, young lady, and you need your rest.”

She went limp and let herself be carried, still giggling against his back. Shiro hoped this didn’t become a routine, but for a one-time thing, it worked.

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You know what hit home really hard today?

When my last hour teacher said, “Have a nice life”, as the last thing when everyone exited their room.

They didn’t say, “See you tomorrow” or “Don’t forget this and this for tomorrow”, just “Have a nice life.”

Then it hit me, like really truly hit me. I wasn’t coming back to their classroom for the rest of the year and I would no longer be attending that school for the rest of the year.

I’m fucking ᴳᴿᴬᴰᵁᴬᵀᴵᴺᴳ.

Avenging Angel: Part 3

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1550

Warnings: None

Part 1Part 2

The pulsing light of the nightclub tempted you to forget your life for one night and just let go. It had been a long time since you allowed yourself to have any fun. You always had to be on your guard.

But the thumping bass and flashing rainbow of lights had a pull that was too strong. One night couldn’t hurt. After all, you didn’t know how to get in contact with anyone in the Covington family. There were too many small details that pointed to that family to be coincidence. Somehow, they were involved with your father. They might even be the key to finally proving his innocence

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So my dog has been really sick lately. He’s been at the vet since Saturday and he isn’t getting much better, they say he probably has dysautonomia which has a mortality rate of 70-90%. So if he’s not better by tomorrow, I’m going to have to make the hardest decision of my life. I’ve had Gabriel since the day he was born, I love him more than most people. So it’s just gonna be really really hard. I cried all day yesterday and on and off today. Pray for me, y'all.


ALSO THIS IS ETHAN FROM CRANKGAMEPLAYS BECAUSE HE IS FANTASTIC. I’ve been watching him a lot since Gabriel got sick, and he’s basically been the only youtuber that will cheer me up. So, here’s some fanart for you @crankgameplays because you are a freaking awesome human and you’re so hilarious. I may actually digitalize this because I really love how it turned outttt.