tomorrow is friday friday friday

Heeeeyo so I haven’t updated art on here for a couple of days. Reason being is that I’ve gone out and bought myself a new tablet. I get to pick up my new one hopefully by this Friday. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and start painting again :3

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Are you jealous of Jimin bcs he was ranked higher than you for abs?

Jin: Nahh not really

Jin: Since he has the nicest physique out of all of us and he’s always willing to pose for me when I need him to.. but that’s just because he’s a very nice friend and is willing to help me with my art struggles! 

Me, a category theorist:

Hypothesis: elementary category theory is the mathematical version of “me, an intellectual”.


You: the empty set

Me, an intellectual: the initial object in Set.

You: nullspace of T

Me, an intellectual: equalizer of T and the zero morphism between its source and target (in a category of vector spaces)

You: natural numbers

Me, an intellectual: a natural numbers object

You: a Nötherian ring

Me: a Nötherian object in the category of rings

You: Lie groups

Me, an intellectual: Group objects in the category of smooth manifolds.

You: A poset is a set together with a reflexive, asymmetric, transitive relation.

Me, an intellectual: A partially ordered set (or ‘poset’) is a category having at most one morphism between any two objects.

You: A diagram (of sets) is a directed graph where the vertices are sets and the edges are functions.

Me, an intellectual: A diagram in Set is an object of the functor category Set^J for some indexing category J.

y’know, that whole “nintendo banning people who pirated sun/moon from accessing the 3DS’s online features” thing is pretty funny at first, but it’s kinda messed up that due to the method they’re using to detect it (i.e., people trying to use the game’s online features before the 18th), people who bought the game legitimately from stores that broke street date and even review copies have been hit with the same ban

nintendo really needs to get their act together from a technical standpoint, because i feel like they’re gonna get a lot of complaints tomorrow when people’s amazon-ordered copies arrive early and their 3DSes get banned


wanna be mine starting from today?