tomorrow i wish

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #25
  • Dan: *wins another Dan vs. Phil*
  • Phil: all or nothing

@undercovermcdfan came up w this scene this morning (NIGHT FOR HER LMAO) while talkiNG and ok i had to gtfiug

its quick and rushed but i dont have much time

also if theres typos

too bad im not fixing them htigujg

i am in free fall

i feel like i’m living history without any goddamn way to change it

i feel hated

which is strange considering this is brought on by an election in a country very far away from my own

but the assholes only truly win if we give up

so don’t

have a good cry 

call a friend

wake up tomorrow

and fight back 

by working for change

by loving

by surviving

i’m at that point where i try to study but i physically can’t bring myself to so i get really stressed and i dont know if i care too much or i dont care at all but it makes me overwhelmed and all i want to do is sleep