tomorrow i have one class


I’m sick.


Q: did you create fishmob

A: ya

Q: why

A: one time I tried the patronus quiz on pottermore and I got a bass while my friend got a hawk. Ive harboured a hatred for the world and a desire to destroy it with fish imagery ever since


turn off the lights // panic! at the disco

I was thinking about it earlier and, yes, latine cultures are unique, diverse and all that. Heck, I live in Brazil, and I can guarantee you, each state has it’s own culture, customs, traditions, folklore and all that. We can’t even agree as a nation what’s the word for cookie!

(é biscoito)

So like, of course you can’t expect every country to have the same culture and dishes and music and all that, when not even a single country have that. 

But, by following other latines, and talking to people from the neighbor countries over my life, I learned that there are a few things that can be considered Universal Latine Experiences. Among them

🌺 The thing with rice and beans. Like, no country will ever have them the same way, of course. But it’s… Overall, so present. Some will lean more to the rice, some to the beans, but it’s there, wherever you go

🌺 Seeing posts from gringos on your dash complaining about winter where it’s summer where you live, and it’s so bad, your flip flops actually started melting when you went out to buy something cold to drink

(alternatively, seeing posts from gringos on your dash complaining about summer and giving out tips on how to control the heat when you are freezing on your couch and wrapped in three blankets)

🌺  The overall feeling of companionship? Like, I won’t like, I know it’s not perfect. There is a huge problem with xenophobia (I would say Brazil is the worst on this matter, but then again, it’s easier for me to see it here since I live here), and there is some bloody history between some countries. But the companionship is still there, you know?? We call each other hermanos, we receive each other in out country with open arms, we share our culture… I don’t know, there is some beauty to it. Or maybe this is all in my head because I’m feeling specially gushy today

🌺 Going to your grandmother’s house almost every sunday for lunch. Greeting your uncles and aunties, and asking blessings from your grandparents (even when you aren’t catholic anymore, but at this point, it is more a sign of respect and affection rather then religion) before going to play with your cousins in the backyard, while your parents play cards with their siblings or help your grandmother with the kitchen. 

When you notice it, it’s already midnight, and they are still playing cards. Come on, pai, we need to go home, I have class tomorrow. Just one more round, flor. But your said that three rounds ago!  

🌺 Having your natives being wiped out to near extinction my foreigner invasors, if not complete, and then having your fauna and flora destroyed, being forcefully brought to a distant land as slaves, and then when you finally say enough for both the invasors and slavery and call your land as yours, usa comes and fund a dictatorship in your country to which your people is still trying to recover from 

🌺  Little statues of saints and the Virgem Maria and portraits of Jesus and crosses and candles all over your elder’s house. Old houses with old paint on the walls, an old radio playing music in the kitchen, a road of battered down bricks and dirt, and your great grandmother is there, smoking a cigarillo de paja on the steps that lead to her house, keeping an eye on you as you play with your cousins and the neighbor kids you met that day, but it already feels like an eternity

🌺 El Chavo Del Ocho

🌺  Reclaiming your own culture after years of cultural imperialism saying that it’s not a good culture. Falling in love again with something that you were coerced to fall out of love with as you grew up. Learning again how to love the local legends, when you were thought that they were no good, and that the ones from europe and usa are betters. Learning again how to love your traditional music, dances, culture when you were thought that those were no good, that the ones from europe and usa are better. Learning your history in dept, seeing how complex and rich it is, after years hearing that it’s boring, not as interesting as those from usa and europe. Just… Falling in love with your roots again, and getting excited every time you see something from your country making success out there, and then also getting excited when something from you neighbors make success out there and yes! We deserve this! We deserve to have our history told and shared and appreciated too!

🌺  These assholes, somehow


He’s retired too! He’s still in Switzerland, having a great time with his boyfriend! I heard they just got engaged!

Drabble #1 - Diary of adventures with a Kooknut Head Fuckboi

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

GENERE → fluff | comedy | suggestive


❝Stop sending me memes❞

❝Did you get a boner talking about aliens?!❞

It was way past midnight and you had just put your phone to charge on your nightstand when the screen lighted up. You considered ignoring whoever it was sending you a message so late but you lazily grabbed your phone out of sheer curiosity. And you immediately regretted it as a familiar name popped up on the screen. Kooknut Head. Of course, that fucking loser would bother you at an ungodly hour on a weekday when he knew you had classes the day after.

Taking the deepest sigh you open the message and immediately rolled your eyes again and grunted. A fucking meme. A pepe meme.

Stop sending me memes. It’s fucking 1.30

You threw your phone on your bed but it took it less than 30 seconds for the screen to light up again. You slowly massaged your temples debating whether or not looking at his message.

Well you are still awake

Shit Sherlock. I was about to goo to sleep

I can’t sleep. Keep me company

That sounds like a personal problem

Cooooome ooooon [insert pepe meme]

You sighed yet again. Jeon Jungkook sure was a handful. What had started moths before like a one night stand at a frat party transformed into a weird fuck buddies relationship with him sending you memes at every time of the day and late nights online games matches. You knew he was the type to sleep around but you also had no intention to get into a serious relationship - due to your overflowing daily schedule and commitment issues. It was honestly surreal how you two got along, you were kind of friends at this point -not that you hang out or anything like that, but friendly toward each other- but you also used each other when you needed some relief. You honestly had no idea if he was fucking other girls, nor you wanted to know.  Whatever this relationship that you had going on was, you were fine with it.

Kooknut Head is calling…

You jumped awake at the vibration of the phone in your hand. You couldn’t believe the nerve of this kid. Was he actually calling you? You angrily swiped your phone knowing that there was no turning back.

You little fucker

Hello to you too beautiful

Jungkook. It’s late I need to sleep. I have class early tomorrow and you know it

Come on, no one goes to the first lecture in the morning

Well, I do. And I would appreciate if you’d let me sleep

Do you believe in aliens?

What was wrong with this kid seriously? Seriously. He would come up with weird questions for you every time and his randomness just confused you. Nevertheless, you always played along curious to know where his train of thoughts would lead you.

No… yes? I don’t know. Never given much of a thought about it. As long as they are not bothering and keeping my up at 2 AM they are cool with me

So what would you do if they invade the Earth?

What kind of conversation is this? I don’t know… hide?

Oh my god please, you would be so dead. Don’t worry babe I got you, I’ll protect you.

Ha ha ha sure, you can’t even protect yourself you little muscle pig

Oh we both know there is nothing ‘little’ about me

And there he went again. Fuckboy Jungkook at his finest. You scoffed loud enough for him to hear but all you got back was an amused chuckle. You couldn’t believe how he turned a conversation about aliens -which was already fucked up to begin with- into something sexual. But then again, Jungkook could make anything sexual. You decide that the best decision was to ignore his comment.

I doubt you could do anything against aliens, almighty coconut head

Maybe, But I wouldn’t let them touch my baby girl

Your breath hitched at the stupid pet name. It was not the first time he called you like that but lately he had taken it out of the bedroom and started using it on a daily basis. You didn’t want to think too much about it but, needless to say, it made you blush every damn time.

You are weird

Am I weird or are you weirder for listening to me?

You paused for a moment and giggle to yourself. He really got you there.

I guess we are both weird

I like that.  Now open up the door baby, it’s cold outside and I don’t want to wake  your roommate up

What the fuck? Are you serious?

You got up at the speed of light and rushed to the front door. Was he really there? When you swung the door open your mouth comically dropped and your eyes widened. Jungkook was standing at your door with his hand stuffed in the pocket of his gray sweatpants, dark hair a mess and cheeks flushed because of the cold wind outside. You looked at him with your eyebrows furrowed silently asking what the hell was wrong with him. All you got back was a lazy smirk before he made his way into you tiny apartment and to your bedroom. You followed behind him closing your door.

“The hell are you doing here?!” you hissed to him

“I told you I couldn’t sleep” he replied shrugging his shoulders.

You stare right back at him suspiciously as he sat down on your bed. You didn’t trust him at all. You knew the only reason why Jeon Jungkook would come to see you would include activities with no clothes and staying up til the morning. Which wouldn’t be wise considering that you had class early. But who were you trying to fool? You both knew that this was gonna happen when you picked up his call.  

“Jungkook stop playing around I seriously need to sleep”

Your argument sounded weak to your own ears and you both knew it. Jungkook chuckled again gently tugging at your wrist to make you sit on his lap. You complied, as always, your body moving by its own whenever he was around, You hated how much weak you became in front of him. It was easy to keep him at bay over the phone but dealing with him in person was a whole other story. Jungkook had been incredibly charming from the very begging. A dorky fuckboy in his own way, a nerd with a face too sweet for his own good. And you couldn’t help but fall for his tricks every time.

When you sat on his lap he didn’t waste any time and pull you closer to his chest. You shifted resting your arms around his neck and that’s when you felt something hard poking at your thigh.

“Oh my god did you get a boner talking about aliens?”

“Nah I was thinking more about you in a sexy space costume. Tight spandex and all”

You giggle at his stupid fantasy but you soon had to stop yourself from moaning when his hot mouth made contact with your neck. He was trailing a path of warm, wet kisses up from your neck to your cheek and you felt a shiver running down your spine.

“Y-you know that space suits are actually anything but sexy right?”

“Shut up don’t ruin my fantasies”

Jungkook closed the distance between your lips effectively shutting you up. Your breath got caught in your throat as a smell of fresh toothpaste invades your mouth. His tongue immediately went to look for yours and he kept a slow languid pace as his hands squeezed your butt to keep you in place. You gently tugged at his hair letting him know it was ok. You had no idea you wanted this until he showed up. But there you were, already out of breath after barely 10 minutes.

Even if Jungkook was taking his time you felt the urge in his touch as his hands caressed up and down your sides.  His mouth left yours and he tilted his head back admiring your face. You were panting, your cheeks flushed pink. Jungkook thought you looked absolutely delicious.

“I’m gonna take you to outer space baby”

“Oh please shut the fuck up”

You rolled your eyes at his dumb comment because the kid sure knew how to ruin the mood. But your legs suddenly turned into jelly when he pulled you down to rub his crotch on your core. You bit your lip trying to stay quiet and not wake your roommate up but you had no idea for who long you could hold yourself back. The delicious friction on your center and the addictive taste of Jungkook mouth were slowly tearing every restrain you had.

One thing you were sure about though. There was no way you were going to the morning lecture.


Reverse Endangered (Outline)

This got kinda long, and it’s dark in some spots (character death, violence, etc.), but for anyone wondering what happens in the reverse-Endangered storyline, I made up a full (and very rough draft of a) plot in one day. :y The below picks up from chapter ”negative zero-point-five,” because I am the best at naming things.

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So I'm making a new au

It’s basically an apocalyptic world where everyone gets taken over by mind controlling parasite worms, and Aleks and James are stuck in the middle of it.

Probably gonna do some gay stuff too.

Cons: the angst
Pros: the tight glow up suits they get to wear
More pros: Asher’s there too :)

Writer’s Woe #2:

It’s now 12:47 AM.  I’m in bed, in my pajamas, and have been suffering from writer’s block all afternoon.  I have to wake up extremely early tomorrow for one of my classes.  I need to sleep.  

And yet I currently am filled with the passion of a thousand literary giants, my mind a veritable fountain of brilliant ideas.  I can feel the ghosts of Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf nodding in approval.  Alexander Hamilton is cheering me on.  Oprah is promising me future collaborations.  I must write.    

anonymous asked:

106 for an imagine plz and thx :p

106. He’s been like that all day

(sorry these are all coming out a bit late i’m being an informed citizen and keeping up with the election fro president and im sdfjsdlkfj)

Your name: submit What is this?

“He’s not just sick?”

You saw his manager shake their head through the screen of your iPhone, “He’s been like that all day.”

Nodding your head, you leaned back on your bed.  It was early in the morning where you were, but wherever Shawn was in the world, it was closer to the evening.  His manager had FaceTimed you worried because Shawn wasn’t his usual self.  

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