tomorrow i have one class

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I’ve been tired for weeks. I swear, I don’t remember the last time I have had enough hours of sleep. I’ve been sleep-deprived ever since the school year started three weeks ago. Most of our subjects now are major ones and I’ve already been bombarded with school work that I’m sure will not receive the grades it deserved for all my efforts . Ugh.

Anyway, I can sleep now and compensate for all the hours of sleep I’ve lost, for I don’t have classes tomorrow and only one probably easy school work to do. But suddenly, I am in the mood to fix this new blog. I can sleep tomorrow day. Who fucking needs sleep, anyway? I’m gonna live forever!

Me and Olivia last night about summer school
  • Olivia:When are you going to get your books?
  • Me:I don't know, around lunch what about you?
  • Olivia:I'm going to get my books at eight,then walk my classes before school starts.
  • Me:What? School starts Wednesday.
  • Olivia:No, it starts tomorrow.
  • Me:What?! Noooooo
  • Olivia:*checks school website* yeah the start tomorrow.

i have 2 days off work this week. (or 3, if you count my thursday) 
today for adequate panic bc i have 1 day left for the 1st paper and 2 days left for the other. and i should go to some libraries today. 
and friday for tddl. 

so today it will be hardcore writing + libraries + maybe copying stuff. 
tomorrow i have to work in the morning, then exam for one class and then i should hand in the 1st paper at another department (before 4.30, i guess) (and then i will freak out bc of paper #2 but i have to hand it in via e-mail which means i will hand it in 23:59) 
wednesday i’ll work and maybe meet the schaufelbagger guy in the evening (why? i don’t even know) but if he’s not worth it, i’ll head home after an hour for the tddl opening. 
thursday + friday not leaving my laptop. friday evening party, probably. 

sure i forgot something. 

hi guys sorry for not being on the last days. i went to the doctor and apparently i am sick so i’ve been having to take meds and u know stuff and yeah :-) but i just have to do some math shit and then eat and i’ll be on for the rest of the night and most of tomorrow bc i just have one class :-)

anonymous asked:

What kind of OC characters would you like to see?

How much would you hate me if I say “we want to see the characters that you want to create”? 

I just know that in my experience in writing, both for roleplay and in creative writing workshops, a person’s best work is when they’re writing what they really want to be writing, so I’m always trying to encourage people to do exactly what they want and not to let anyone or anything influence that.

But, if you would like help planning out an OC because you’re stumped or trying to find your footing or whatever it may be, we’d be happy to shoot ideas back and forth with you off anon!

My dad towed my car back to the dealership today, and he said that they won’t be able to look at it until next Tuesday. So, if they can fix it, it’ll probably end up being longer than a week or two before I get it back. I dunno. Anyways, after tomorrow, I’ll only have one more week of class! So, that’s some good news, haha.


We have done so much in the last week!
We started classes on Wednesday.
The classes here are pretty long which is not very fun, but I feel like it’s helping my Spanish a lot!
I have classes from 8-5 Monday, Tuesday and Friday with a 1 hour break. On Wednesday I have classes from 8-5 with a 3 hour break. On Thursday I have classes from 8-1. I’m taking a Spanish class, a medical sociology class, and a class where we shadow doctors in clinics around the city! Our first day of shadowing is tomorrow. The second picture above is from one of the buildings I have class in.

Wednesday was the first night I went out here. Every Wednesday is ladies night, so ladies get free drinks until twelve. The clubs, or discotecas as they call them, are pretty fun. They’re very loud and can get pretty busy though. They also don’t go out until midnight at the earliest usually. One of the fancier drinks I got before the discoteca is pictures above.

On Saturday we had dance lessons with the estudiantes de apoyo. They’re the students from the university we go to that help us. The dance lessons were fun, but I don’t think I could actually do any of the dances :p

On Sunday we went to the beach! It wasn’t like any beach I’m used to at home, but it was really cool! It was also really busy there. When we got there we took boats over to a really small sand bar/island to go snorkeling. The island was really cool and the water was really blue. Snorkeling was fun! I saw a ton of fish and coral that I had never seen before. It was also my first time swimming in the ocean. I’m not sure how I feel about the salt :p but it was a lot warmer than swimming in a lake. Unfortunately when we got back I found out my bag had been stolen. I didn’t lose too much so it’s okay though.

Today I finally got to go running which was nice! We ran around the monument I have a really bad picture of the monument above. It’s really cool to run around though, because you can see a lot of the city!

My family also had 4 dogs that usually stay outside. I grabbed a picture of one of them above. They’re so well behaved here!