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Benedict Cumberbatch as Shezza in Sherlock series 3

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black (4B, 6B carbon pencils) and Prismacolor Verithin coloured pencils on 5 X 8 Strathmore toned tan paper. 


first batch of fashion folder jojo rqs w/ some ladies!!

Making their favorite dinner for my favorite girls.

My fiancée and her kid sister, of course.

And now we’re watching Moana.

After a very intense dance session.

God I’m so honored to be becoming part of this family.


La Nación: Were you surprised when he invited you to his wedding?

Agustín Ruani (childhood friend of Leo Messi, part of ‘La Máquina del 87′): “If he hadn’t, it was all good, honestly. I prefer to see him on a barbecue because we have more privacy. I am very grateful and happy though, I want to go. When he came in December and we ate an asado, before saying goodbye he announced, ‘See you in June at the wedding, eh.’ It’s an example of how much he loves us, he is the same kid as always and we are a wholesome group of friends. On the other hand, it will be a shame that at the wedding we will be able to talk for like five minutes at most, ha. But we are all very grateful. What we want the most is to give him a kiss, a hug and congratulate him.”

[…] “He’s not Messi for us, he’s just Leo. Sometimes we only realize what he means for the football world because of what people tell us. But we’ve known him since we were little kids, he’s just one of us and we don’t get starstruck when we see him,” explains Ruani. Juan Cruz Leguizamón, Franco Casanova, Gonzalo Mazzía and Lucas Scaglia (in addition, cousin of Antonela Roccuzzo) are some of the names with which Messi shared the category of 87. “We have a Whatsapp group with several of these guys and Leo.We are always connected but we do not bother him, nobody asks him for anything.We understand the context in which he lives.“

However, during the World Cup in Brazil 2014 a very special invitation came from Rio de Janeiro: tickets for the group to see Messi in the top football competition. "It was very nice. When we see him, Leo is the center of attention. We always talk to him about things outside of football and he always asks us about our families, about the jobs. It’s a healthy relationship. He’s attentive, he always keeps up with everybody and that doesn’t surprise me. To the point that in December, when we ate the asado, he was the first to stand up to clear the table. It seems like a silly thing but I don’t know if other people in his situation could do it”.

[…] “There is a lot of movement in the city and I’m a little surprised. And we are being featured in the media all over the world. That’s when I truly realize what Leo means to the world.”


A size comparison, pre and post blocking. (That’s the same mat, but I had to stand on a box to get the second one.)


The Time to Sleep 🍂

We found a place to which we drive
And I offer you the time
To sleep - to dream
To wake up when we arrive…”

Poses: @simtrovart, thank you 💕


Happy Purim, all! I am the butterfly princess. :)

What’s this? A real art?! Preposterous!

Sometimes I do things that aren’t fanart! This is my art class final. We were revisiting our first unit ever, from two years ago, which was a self portrait unit.

So yes! It me face! We had to complete these in-class, and it took me about an hour.

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

P.S. based on the full photo in this thing!

Okay so I’m going to a con tomorrow and Bryce Papenbrook (English voice actor for Chat and many other anime characters) is going to be there and I’m kind of freaking out???????

Sean and I picked up 3 tarantulas from a guy who came to Sean in Petco, found he was interested in tarantulas, and decided to drop off his wife’s old spiders.

They’re all gorgeous babies, and I am keeping a 4 inch female rose hair but… their enclosures are appalling. They are on paper towels for substrate without so much as a dig box. It is yellow from misting and never being changed out. There are dead crickets and other… I don’t even know, littered around the enclosure. Only one of them has something that could pass as a hide. They all have water bowls too large for them that look like they haven’t been filled in months.

All 3 of them are missing a lot of hair from their abdomens, likely as a result from kicking them out to defend from assailing crickets. The guy fed 4 at a time, dropped them in without waiting. These poor things are terrified.

Like… I know they’re not the prettiest pets. I don’t even think he wanted them, but it looks like they’ve never been taken proper care of. They deserve better than that. Please do research and take care of your pets. They deserve the bare minimum for natural behaviors.

Happy Easter from the Easter Hound!

(This was taken at our pet expo adventure yesterday)