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Giving Your Character the Introduction They Deserve

The simple directness of Neil Gaiman

Shadow’s Introduction from American Gods

I think the way Gaiman introduces Shadow is just near perfect.

“He was big enough and looked don’t-fuck-with-me enough that his biggest problem was killing time. So he kept himself in shape, taught himself coin tricks, and though a lot about how much he loved his wife.

The best thing — in Shadow’s opinion, perhaps the only good thing — about being in prison was a feeling of relief. The feeling that he plunged as low as he could plunge and he’d hit bottom. He didn’t worry that the man was going to get him, because the man had got him. He was no longer scared of what tomorrow might bring, because yesterday had brought it.”

In the opening page, Gaiman describes:

  1. Shadows appearance.
  2. Shadow’s passion.
  3. Shadow’s Mentality.

I think the way Gaiman introduces Shadow is just near perfect. It’s nothing too flashy and Gaiman just comes out and states “Shadow loved his wife.” 

Now you try! Emulate shadows intro. What does your character look like? What is his passion, how do they think? Write two sentences about each and mold them into a paragraph. See how it turns out. What? You already have an agent?? Good job.

Bod’s Introduction from The Graveyard Book

“Bod was a quiet child with sober eyes and a mop of tousled, mouse colored hair. He was, for the most part, obedient. He learned how to talk, and, once he had learned, he would pester the graveyard folks with questions”

From this we have.

  1. Bod’s appearance. (Sober eyes/ mouse-colored hair)
  2. Bod’s actions. (Obedient)
  3. Bod’s mentality. (He loves to ask questions and learn about the world around him)

Again, three characteristics all rolled up into a direct introduction. 

It’s ok to be direct with appearance, but show how your character thinks when you are introducing them. It can be as simple as, “so and so loved to ask questions.“

Richard Mayhew’s Introduction form Neverwhere

“The night before he went to London, Richard Mayhew was not enjoying himself.”

If you don’t see that pattern yet, then I’ll tell you. Neil Gaiman is simple and direct. This is really all we need to know about Richard: “He was not enjoying himself,” because once Neil contrasts Richard’s mood with the scene (they are in a bar celebrating), then we get an idea of what type of person Richard is. So the advice from Neverwhere is:

  1. Be direct
  2. Contrast how your person is feeling and thinking about to what is going on around him.

Final Thoughts:

It’s ok to be simple. It’s ok to tell.

  • “Bod was a quiet child.”
  • “Richard Mayhew was not enjoying himself.”
  • “[Shadow] kept himself in shape, taught himself coin tricks, and though a lot about how much he loved his wife.”

Here are some examples I wrote just now:

  • The thing Susan thought about the most, was how she was going to die.
  • Elliot liked to punch people in the gut. Elliot was an asshole.

Woah, slow down there Neil

live young love - a bughead au, loosely based on “my tomorrow, your yesterday”

20-year-old aspiring novelist Jughead Jones dreams of writing the novel of his life. There’s only one problem: the perfect story has so far eluded him. A disenchanted and hardened person molded by a lifetime of hardship, Jughead finds himself leading an idyllic life in the small town of Riverdale while dealing with a perpetual writing slump on top of it all. Enter Betty Cooper, the new girl in town. Seemingly an entirely unremarkable person on the surface, Betty becomes the sole unpredictable but positive force in Jughead’s so far predictable but disappointing life. Little does he know, Betty is keeping a secret of her own: their days together are numbered, and will come to an end sooner than he might expect.

In the end, does the fact that two people are not meant to be make the love they shared any less real? Does having the power of hindsight make saying goodbye easier or harder? Does it give a person a deeper appreciation for the right now, or does it put them in a constant state of dread, awaiting the inevitable end? Given the choice, would they go through a lifetime of heartbreak all over again just for one short month of love and happiness? Most importantly, is this the perfect story Jughead has been looking for all along?

- coming soon to AO3

Fic list for anon

In which Mccree sits in an interrogation room in the first few chapters cuffed to a chair (or other surfaces). This also doubles as a “go check these out” list, obviously, so go check them out!

Dust and Gold (background r76)

Son, you’ve got a way to fall 

Red Ink


Alto Mediodía (background r76)

Tomorrow Isn’t Yesterday (soulmate AU)

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Ace of Hearts (background r76)

There’s more, probably, but they’re in the tags I don’t go to, so feel free to add them.

And before anyone gets upset, I am not making fun or calling anyone out. I enjoy these chapters and each fic has something special. I live for Mccree recruitment stories, please write more. 

Mail January 17th

January 17th

Good Morning~~~

Even though I want to talk a lot
About my solo concert
And immerse myself on it
I have to focus on RH & STU solo concert now…

I’ll switch my mind
To remember all 21 songs
For STU concert!

I will send you some mail
About my solo concert song and costumes
On my break  (*・ω・*) lol

I will do my best
To catch up with other STU member
Who already had rehearsal!

I have to believe in them too…

Rehearsal now

My head is filled
With the movement and songs
For the upcoming concert. Aaaaah

Remembering is hard…

Eat well

My late lunch is
Salad, Hot dog
And Chocomint ice cream for dessert
So delicious \(^o^)/

I will keep doing my best at rehearsal

I really want some cola

After reharsal
I need some refreshment~

Ah this photo is taken during the concert
It’s the costume when I performed
NANA \(^o^)/


Today’s rehearsal has finished
I will do my best too tomorrow

Yesterday YuiYui
Gave me some congratulation present
It’s animal crackers… so cute ( ; q ; )

Also come~ ! So happy.


upcoming heart-fluttering also heart-wrecking movies