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hey since i made two of these already i decided to put them in a post together. for future reference
if i gotta add these to my posts may as well make them pretty am i right lmao

uh-oh, dont get in the way of these crystal gem girlfriends they’ll kick ur ASS

@thunderflan totally drew jasper with a giant pink axe and i really felt like i also needed to *m*

“You think you can run?” The hero shook their head and stepped closer. “You’re clever, clever enough to know there’s no trick in the world that can make you disappear somewhere I can’t find you.” 

The villain whipped around to face them, breathing hard. Back against the firmly barred door and fear throbbing through their veins. “Maybe you should stop wanting to find me then.” 

The hero grinned. “I like knowing where you are - you need someone to keep an eye on you. Make sure you’re not getting up to trouble.”

The villain tensed. “Currently,” they bit out, “ the only trouble in my life is you.”

The hero grinned harder.

Leia's soliloquy
The Force Doth Awaken
Leia's soliloquy

Leia’s soliloquy about her son from Act IV, Scene I of William Shakespeare’s the Force Doth Awaken by Ian Doescher.

O, mix profound of feelings, thoughts, and news—
My Han return’d unto my side again,
My son reveal’d as enemy to us,
A newfound hope we still might find dear Luke,
A chance the vile First Order may be beaten.
Some of these good reports should bring me cheer—
Contain’d therein is cause to celebrate—

Yet how can I e’er be content when I
Have learn’d about my son, my boy, my Ben?
How shall a mother learn to leave her child?
To let her offspring roam, be led astray?
How can you teach a mother to forget 
The very one she cuddl’d as a babe?

If I forget thee, son, then thou mayst hate,
If I forget thee, thou shouldst shun my voice.
If I forget thee, heed not my appeals,
If I forget thee, I am then no mother,
But turncoat, traitor, and a vile betrayer.
Yet this shall never happen, as thou know’st:
Though thou unto the dark side mayst have turn’d,
’Tis deep within thy breast, the knowledge of
Thy mother’s changeless and abiding love.

I would deceive my friends ere thee forget,
I would endure the rack ere thee forget,
I would give up my life ere thee forget,
The galaxy would end ere thee forget.
O son, I bid thee let thy father speak,
His words fall tenderly upon thine ear,
Then listen with an open, willing heart,
Respond by spreading wide thy youthful arms,
And come again unto thy home with us.
Pray let it be, O soul within my son:
Feel thou our love, that three may soon be one.

harbinger-khadgar  asked:

my draenei shaman is a huge fan of mr handsome vaard and she swears she has a picture of vaard as mr valentine from a calendar sold for a good cause (childs week). it shows him in a suit with a rose between his teeth. ... she probably claims the only copy of the calendar, i guess...?

SW Request for @solohux of Hux and Techie in matching shirts that say “Big brother” and “little brother”.

Hope you don’t mind me making Techie just a bit shorter ;v;…went with the “new” techie style…lol.

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Seriously, a plus size superhero makes no sense, especially a girl, they'd be slow and useless! Also none of the guys on Legends or any other superhero show would want them as a love interest because they're fat. You can argue all you want but its a fact.

OK, I’m taking this off private now because its getting crazy and I want more opinions.  All I said was I wanted to see more plus size characters on shows, especially superhero shows since I enjoy them, but I don’t want just stereotypical plus size characters, particularly women.  Legends I brought up because they have a character leaving and I think a plus size female superhero character would be AMAZING.  They wouldn’t be ‘slow’ or ‘useless’ as you say.  I am plus size and lift weights and can do all kinds of things that I see in Legends and other shows, and there are 1000s of others who are plus size who could too. So that is ridiculous and cruel to think that just because someone is big makes them useless.

Also, I know plenty of plus size women (including myself) that do just fine with people who they are attracted to.  I’m married to someone I think is hot and he sees me as attractive even if I’m fat.  So any character on a tv show can be the same if the writers make them.  If a woman on Legends was plus size, liked science and nerd stuff I really think Ray wouldn’t give a shit about her size.  If she was a good drinker and could punch as hard as Mick he would want her even if she had a few extra pounds on her.  And Jax would probably love someone no matter what as long as they were kind and funny and really adored him back.  There is no reason that a plus size character shouldn’t be on a superhero show and also shouldn’t have a love interest if it makes sense so I’m just going to say your wrong and bid you good day, this is the last message I’m answering of yours.