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Paint | An Ashton Irwin Imagine

summary: ashton is a photographer who never stops taking pictures of you, his muse.
a/n: ok so i just spent the last hour writing this and i am rather proud of it. i finally got inspired and this happened. i would appreciate it if you would like/reblog, it inspires me to write more. thank you! :)
I loved taking pictures of her.
I loved the way her eyes glistened in the sunlight, specs of green and yellow twinkling as they shone. Her hair always seemed to fall the right way; blowing over her shoulders in a light breeze, tangling in her mouth and around her tongue when she laughed. Her skin glowed in the light, highlighting her facial features and all of the otherwise hardly noticeable freckles and scars. All of her was fantastic, entirely captivating–enthralling.

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People Of Tomorrow - New York, NY, August 2, 1951 (© Bettmann/CORBIS)

Odd original caption:

This telephone call is on the “woman of tomorrow” who carries a neat little inter-planetary telephone about her waist. He’s the “man of tomorrow,” who’s probably calling venus, which is more than the present-day man dares do in front of his girl friend….Behind them is a table laden with the “food of tomorrow,” but how the man gets it past the radar rings is a problem fo[r] the day after tomorrow.

Conservative Master List

I’m attempting to compile a master list of conservative/libertarian/anti-feminism and similar blogs. Please add as you can. This is just from the top of my head and my memory of usernames can be more than fuzzy.



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