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(screeching and slithering in the background) (angry demigod noises) ‘dON’T YOU DARE USE YOUR UNDERWORLD POWERS’ ‘JUST TRY AND STOP ME’

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Luke Song Preference: ‘U.N.I’ by Ed Sheeran

Author: Rhine


I don’t get waves of missing you any more
They’re more like tsunami tides in my eyes

It’s become almost automatic to miss you, he thinks.

It comes in rolling waves; bouts of loneliness that hit him when he least expects it.

You see, everything reminds him of you.

The taste of chocolate in his mouth, as sweet as your lips. The familiar strumming of a chord that sounded just like your choice. The soft droplets of rain that used to match your content breaths. The falling sunset that once made your eyes glow.

Small, trivial things that stop him in his tracks in the middle of the day that remind him of you.

That remind him of what he lost.

It hits him with a pang – the kisses that he’ll never get, the smiles he’ll never see, the love that he’ll never give.

It pulls at his heart until there’s nothing left, until he’s left feeling empty and hollow on the inside – you always had a piece of him, and he notices with every passing day the crevice you left behind when he walked away.

He has no one to blame but himself for the empty sheets of his too-big bed at night, his tears coming out silent and sobs muffled against his pillow that he hopes the other boys won’t hear.

He wishes he has your shoulder to lean on, your skin to murmur sweet nothings into.

But instead, Luke is left with nothing but a cold bed and an aching heart.


Everything’s great, not everything’s sure but you live in your halls and I live in a tour bus

He thinks about you, more than he’d like to admit.

Luke imagines you in your dorm room, organizing your clothes the way you used to – or perhaps not at all – picturing you with your books scattered across your unmade bed and your backpack strewn across the other side of the room, purposely forgotten.

He imagines you walking to class with an arm full of books and messy hair that you gave up on combing; your sweatpants that hung loosely on your hips and your sweater still dusted with the crumbs of last night’s chips.

The thought of you makes him smile.

But he always pictures you with someone else. Someone else next to you holding your books, or someone who would stay up with you to watch Netflix on your too-small dorm room bed; someone who would knock at your door and invite you to frozen yogurt, or would make you smile in the morning when you read their text.

Someone else you would love while he was gone.

And why wouldn’t you have someone else?

You would be living with others and meeting new people in your classes; bumping into others in the hallways and having embarrassing encounters in the washroom that you’d retell to your friends at some late night dinner.

You’d find people to laugh with, people to talk to, people to accept you, people to help you.

Luke wonders if you’d find that special person to love you.

Someone that would make you smile the way you used to when you looked at him, someone that would call you by those silly pet names that you loved; someone who would hold you close when you were cold and comfort you even when you didn’t ask for it.

Someone who would love you like he did.

But he knows, he knows that that’s impossible.

Because no one would ever love you the way Luke loved you.

No one else would notice how your eyes were brighter than the stars you gazed up at, or how the curve of your bones were perfect valleys for his arms to hold. No one else would understand the unspoken words on your lips or the pleas of your touch like him.

But it didn’t matter because he was a thousand miles away and you were quite possibly in another boy’s arms that didn’t fit you as perfectly as his.

It’s his own fault, he admits.

You’re living the life of just another student – fast food and unmade beds and homework that seemed unfeasible and tests that came too soon.

And he was living the life of a star – the life he always dreamed of – full of bright lights and screaming fans and new cities in cars and buses and planes all with his closest friends.

You lived different lives now, but Luke still stares out the window at night and wonders if you feel as if something was missing, just as he did.

He wonders if you’re missing him as much as he’s missing you.


Because if you want, I’ll take you in my arms and keep you sheltered
From all that I’ve done wrong

Luke knows he’s made some mistakes – and not just the stupid ones with the bad haircuts or embarrassingly bright t-shirts.

He’s made up of wrongs that perhaps led him to a few rights; and all of his mistakes led to you.

His perfect right. The only thing that made sense in his life.

But then he let it all go.

And that, he thinks, was his biggest mistake.

He realizes this every night, his blue eyes staring up at the blank ceiling with the thought of you imprinted in his mind.

His hands reach out for you, but he always ends up with a fistful of cold sheets, and it’s only a reminder of the moment he regrets the most.

Luke wishes he could take it back – the hesitant speech, the tearstained goodbye, the promises of something better, the well-wishes of a hopeful future.

He remembers how you said you hoped his dreams would come true, and at the time, he truly did believe what he was doing would be the next step for him.

But now, he only dreams of you.

Of your tears that clung onto your eyelashes that you tried to hold in with a shaky smile, telling him that you loved him and that if he believed this was the best for him, then you weren’t going to stop him.

Of your lingering hug before he turned away from you; of your trembling chin on his shoulder and your heart beating with his for the last time.

Luke remembers with unfaltering detail the memory of your heartbreak.

His follows soon after, but he tries to sew it up with the chants of his name and the cracked lyrics that he sings for you.

He tried to deny the heartbreak – it’s just homesickness, I’m just homesick – but he could only fool himself for so long.

Luke knew he made a mistake, and he knew it was one he couldn’t fix, no matter how hard he tried.

It’s for the best, he thinks.

You’re out living the life you always wanted – books and schools and friends – and you’d find someone new to replace him, someone else to love.

And he’s living out the dream he had ever since he was fifteen – cameras and microphones and interviews and gigs – the life of the star he always strived to be.

But unlike you, he doesn’t think he can find anyone else to fill his hollow sheets; no one else could even come close to you, even if you were a memory in his head.

You’d always take up a corner in his head, a place in his heart, a page in his notebook.

And he’d be nothing but a mistake to you.


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