george devalier headcanons

Gilbert lives.
Vash accepts Roderich and Gilbert’s relationship.
Tino and Berwald find each other.
Mathias and Lukas make it out okay.
Sadik moves on for the better.
Yao realizes he deserves better, and Ivan learns to accept it.
Feliks and Toris are reunited.
Eduard is there for Raivis when the lights go on again.
Lili and Elizaveta live a long and happy life together.
Kiku and Heracles are doing well wherever they are.
Francis and Matthew are able to bond without a war in the way.
Roma lets his grandsons be themselves, and is proud of who they’ve become.
Lovino finally tells Antonio he loves him.

George deValier is happy. 

90% of the Legends of Tomorrow content that has been created (fanart, fanfic, headcanons, gifsets, edits, general buzz) since they announced the show has been about Sara Lance. The majority of the fans (that I’ve seen and interacted with so far) are watching solely for Sara.

They should just drop the pretense and rename the show to “Sara Lance”

Calum Imagine: You Have a Boyfriend

Author: Rhine


It’s cruel, he thinks.

He finds it so unbearably cruel, how he loves someone he can’t have.


And it’s so unfairly painful because here he is, pining over you while you smiled that smile that he loved so much, while you danced just millimeters away but in another’s arms. It’s so unfairly tormenting because every time you’re happy, he can’t help but to feel his heart break just a little bit more.

Because he loves you, but oh, you love someone else.

And he’s already cursed his damned heart for loving you even though he shouldn’t but god, it was hard.

It was hard not to love you when your voice had that lilt just before you were about to laugh, when your eyes glimmered with excitement at a setting sun, when you let yourself go and laugh as loud as you pleased and threw your head back for the sun to caress, when you weren’t afraid to use your voice and when you weren’t afraid to bask in the silence.

You were so enchantingly beautiful with everything you did, so captivating with your boundless mind and radiant smile.

It’s no wonder he fell for you.

It’s no surprise that someone else did too.

And oh, Calum is jealous – of course he is, how can he not be when all he ever wanted was you melded into his arms? Your lips on his skin, your breath in his ear, your laughter just for him?

All he ever dreamed about was the feeling of your fingertips tracing the lines of his arms, of your hair tickling his neck when you lay on chest, of your fingers entwined with his, of the secret thoughts and hidden stories buried between your lips and his own.

Of course he’s jealous, of course because all of his dreams – you, always you when he closes eyes – is handed to somebody else.

And it hurts; a physical pang in his chest when he starts to envision your soft smile on a pillow with your hair fanned out around you in lazy curls, only for the scene to widen and see someone else by your side, someone else’s hands cupping your jaw and a voice that wasn’t his own whispering good morning, beautiful.

And good god, Calum is jealous but he couldn’t be angry for his life.

He couldn’t ever be angry at the other man, not when Calum knew full well that this was the person you deserved.

Someone who would know just how to respond to your little jokes and spontaneous bursts of wild thought with wit and thoughtfulness, not silent shock. Someone who would know when to let you run free in the field with a soft, quiet sigh blooming on your lips, someone who would know when you chase after you just so you would have a reason to laugh and shriek with glee.

You needed someone to remind you what it was like to be cherished, to be loved. Someone who would give you those Sunday morning curled-up books and homemade breakfast, someone who would give you those Friday night rom-coms with Chinese takeout, someone who would give you a daily assurance of care and love even when you weren’t standing next to him, someone that you could just feel was by your side as you walked to work alone.

You needed someone who would linger in your thoughts at night with a soft smile on your lips as you thought, yes, this is it. This is all I’ve ever wanted, all I’ve been waiting for.

And Calum knew – he just knew – that he couldn’t be that someone.

He knew that he couldn’t be the arms to wrap you up after every long day, not when he was gone for a better part of the year, stretched out on some lonely hotel bed.

He knew he couldn’t be the sweet little reminders and casual hangouts, not when the phone call would always be static-filled, not when he had to be at an interview or at the studio or onstage.

He knew he couldn’t be the reassurance of love that you needed, not when there would undoubtedly be hordes of girls that would nitpick you to broken pieces, not when they would all do their best to tear you down and push him to someone else even while he tried to stay glued to your side, even though he’d try to glue you together, glue an us together.

Calum wasn’t what you needed, he wasn’t enough.

And he can’t be angry at the person who was because you only ever deserved the best.

He just wasn’t it.

But you found someone who was – someone who would be there for every birthday and cheesy anniversary, someone who would understand your mind and body and be everything you dreamed of while being a constant surprise – you found that someone, and Calum can’t blame you for choosing him.

He can’t blame you for choosing happiness in company and in love over the constant worrying and loneliness that you would undoubtedly have with him.

Calum can’t be mad at you for driving down a winding road of adventure and gleeful exploration with someone else instead of walking down the lonely path of doubt and uncertainty while he was so far away.

And it was what’s best for you, but god – this was tearing Calum from the inside out.

Because he’d be alone on the hotel bed imagining you in someone else’s, he’d be singing to a faceless crowd of thousands while you’d be whispering tales to just one.

And it wouldn’t be him – it won’t ever be him – and maybe that’s why his voice cracks when he sings that song he wrote about you, sharp breaths into the microphone as he thinks about you with someone else.

He wonders if you know the words are for you.

Do you think you could almost love me too?

But you would always be someone else’s but his and there would be nothing he could do but wake up alone, notebook brimming with words that you’d never read.

Because he’d never be enough, not for someone who deserved so much, not for you.

It hurts him to have you with someone else, but Calum knows it would hurt you to be by his side.

He only ever wanted you to be happy, even if it meant his own silent tears and choked sobs into the worn pillowcase, even if it meant his broken heart for your love-filled one.

It would never be for him – and he has all this love seeping out of the pieces of his heart that was meant for you, but now lies bleeding at his feet – but if it meant your smile even on your worst days, he’ll do it.

Even if he’ll never be the recipient, even if it meant he’ll only ever be as close as a bystander.  

It’s the only thing he can do for you – maybe it’s the only way he can love you, the only way he should.

Letting you love someone else.


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