“I feel like a postcard…I wish you were here.”

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Hi! I have never seen a flirty Law before and would love to see a2 or b2. I think it's cool u are drawing these things! I love ur artwork!

blessed law requesting anon! i’m rly glad you picked him because i have a thing for him (as surely most people do b/c seriously)

two laws for the price of one, who can resistt

albania - the land of the illyrians   retlaw snellac

Berati, a city in south central Albania. Located near the Osum River, Berat is the commercial center for the surrounding agricultural region in which tobacco, grapes, and fruits are grown. The town of Berat, overshadowed to the east by mount Tomorr (2400m), is built on an ancient Illyrian dwelling site, which goes back to the sixth century B.C. Its innumerable monuments and beautiful and characteristic architecture of its houses have proclaimed Berat, a museum town. Much of the city is built on terraces in the steep hills overlooking the Osum. The city has many historical monuments, including mosques dating from the 15th to 19th centuries and an 18th-century seven-arched stone bridge. A 13th-century citadel built along a ridge high above the river gorge houses a museum and several old churches. The castle and its fortified walls are interrelated just like a mosaic where various stages of buildings such as " Kala ", " Mangalem ", " Gorice " which are settled on hills units of the toun make up an impressive example of our genius creative people. Gorica, on the far side of the river ; Mangalem, on the fortress side of the river; and the residential quarter within the fortress (known as Kalaja). The houses on the fortress side which date from the seventeenth century, have typically two stores, with the upper storey slightly overhanging and rich wood carving within. With their wide facades and large windows, they seem to be built almost on top of one another, giving Berat its name of : The town of a thousand windows. Berati has a population of 37,000 inhabitants. The hills and the mountain slopes around Berat, are planted with fig trees olive trees and other fruits. Cult buildings and important monuments are well-known for a prominent architecture. Their foundations belong to paleochristian buildings. Monuments that preserve a complete view are of XIV centuries. Within these monuments there are some masterpieces of our distinguished painters just like : Onufri, Nikolla , Qipriot , Cetir and many other nameless persons, whereas the institution fund of cultural monuments in Berat preserve abaut 400 religions objects and icons which in the greatest part of them as the result of the missing of financial sources are still unrestored. Mosques and small mosques are brilliant examples in their rising skill of architecture execution, but in particular the iterior part of ceilings and stained glass windows too. Institute affilation of cultural monuments in Berat is an institution that, restores and propogates all these inheritable values. Museums such as Onufri, Ethnographic and Historic preserve and devote prior importance to this treasury placing the bases of a cultural tourism. Being proposed as a world property, Berati is going to be sooner under protection. There is very developed home tourism in Berat where foreigner’s preference is the characteristic native kitchen.

Italian Alpini (elite mountain warfare troops) trudge up one of the slopes of Mount Tomorr in Italian occupied southern Albania during the Greco-Italian War carrying a heavy Skoda 75 mm Model 15 (Obice da 75/13) mountain gun that could be disassembled into six pieces. the Greco-Italian War lasted from 28 October 1940 to 23 April 1941 and marked the beginning of the Balkans Campaign and the Greek counteroffensive; which was the first successful Allied land campaign against the Axis forces during the war. With the Greeks pushing the invading Italians far back into occupied Albania, Germany would be forced to intervene on Italy’s behalf and the Battle of Greece would commence on 6 April 1941. Berat County, Albania. February 1941.

me: idk i really shouldn’t get my hopes up since it’s a bit of a stretch that they would cofirm such a major theory tomorr-

some person not invested with the theory at all: i’m getting weird Not What He Seems vibes from this episode?


So not only does my boyfriend acknowledge my love for Avenged Sevenfold, but he also supports it by spoiling me with a signed fuckin’ self-titled CD (and yes, that’s The Rev) and A7X guitar picks. I don’t deserve this and I definitely don’t deserve him.

You kiddin’?  Soon as we document a lil’ more’f these “Arctic anomalies” or whatever, you can bet I’ll be settin’ this bad boy straight on course for California!

And yeah, sure, Piedmont’s on th’ coast, but I’m thinkin’ that’s not enough. See, I wanna show up at their doorstep, you got that?  I’ve been tryin’ for weeks t’convince Ford t’invent some gizmo that makes this sucker sail on land, but he’s all “Oh, no, we gotta worry about property damage!” or “Stanley, our insurance doesn’t cover drivin’ down the interstate!”

Heh, if this knucklehead doesn’t watch out, I’m gonna be renovatin’ this thing myself! 

Come t’think of it, I’ve stolen and tricked out my fair share’f vehicles…it shouldn’t be too difficult t’soup up this thing an’ commandeer it like there’s no tomorr—

What my brother is trying to say is that it’s undoubtedly in our schedule! Sure, studying Polar Selkies and “Chill-thulhu” has been riveting, as always, but cheesy as it sounds, nothing is quite as thrilling as spending time with those kids.  

Their lives are far more exciting than that of these beasts, and heck, they don’t even spit fire water!

We’re hoping to catch them around their Thanksgiving break, doesn’t that sound reasonable?  I’m sure we’ll have plenty to exchange over a nice holiday turkey. Which isn’t fish.  Have I mentioned I’m tired of eating fish?  Because I’m very tired of eating fish.

But rest assured we are well on our way!  And in the meantime, we’ve been keeping contact with them in any other way possible. And yes, both kids are fond of Stan’s idea for land travel.  But I feel we’d need a permit for that first.

Any idea where two elderly men can acquire a boating permit around the Arctic Ocean area?

Please let me know quickly. Stan’s currently disassembling the rudder.

–Stan(ley Pines)


▽Stanford Pines▽