a fairy tale (not for the soft hearted).

“A princess sat up in a tower -
dreaming her life away -
while a prince rode cross-country -
with thoughts of saving the day." 

and she waited with her hair brushed straight
because that was all there was to do up there
while she waited for what she thought was fate
to appear out of empty thin air

he called to his driver to step on the gas
thinking nothing more than a fair maiden awaiting
and when the shiny car stopped at last
he couldn’t wait to get a-dancing

she pulled out a beautiful sparkly tailor-made gown
and greeted him at the window with a lipstick smile
all the while her eyes settled upon his golden crown
like candy dangling in front of a child

he flashed her his perfect teeth and perfect grin
pulled her close and kissed her hand
"to seal the deal your lips i’ll sin”
he whispers as he sweeps her off back to his land

she liked his smile and his promises of happily-ever-after
he liked her rosy cheeks and the way she laughed
but the king died and the prince was forced to take after
she felt abandoned and abashed

the castle crumbled and the princess moved out
the prince fell in lust with a kitchen maid, see
and the princess only knew how to pout
so all that glitters didn’t set her free

and no one rode into the horizon on white horses
as he fell to getting high and blowing cash
as she used her pretty face to create love-triangle divorces
and this once upon a time fairytale fell away to lonely ash

(for tomonkey4, who started this off. i don’t know where i took this, but this is how it turned out.)