AX2013 Minami x Umechan x Tomo commentary

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Umechan= U

Minami= M

Tomo= T

U: Wow, it really was a Takamina festival~ Really~

M: S… Sorry~ Like really~

T: You were on a lot~

M: Are, are you alright, Itano-san?

T: Yeah?

M: Really? I thought you were going to say during the commentary that I was on too much or something

T: I did but that’s different~

M: Really? I’m glad then, thank you~

T: But, like Itoshisa no Accel and, …. what was the other one?

M: Oteage Lullaby

T: Oteage Lullaby were similar

M: Yeah, the taste is kind of the same

U: Yeah I think so as well

T: You were on 3 times, so I wanted to see a different where I could see a cute Takamina~

M: Aa.. Well like thank.. thank you ///

U: Advise?

M: I got some advise from Tomo~

T: Next time get a cute song made for you

M: But isn’t a cute song kind of hard?

U: Like Waruki~? (Milky)

M: Like Waruki! Majidee~ (for real) Like this?

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T: Warumina

M: It’s not Warumina

T Warumina~

M: It’s not just about adding everything to “mina”

U: Warumina cute~

T: I wanna see Warumina~

T: Warumina~

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U: For the next shuffle concert, lets do that Takamina

M: But Warumina is a little hard for me…

U: Lets do Warumina! Warumina is so cute!

T: I really want to see Warumina

M: Yabai Yabai… (Not good…) Even if its just playing around that’s scary..

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U: So cute, so cute

T: Next time we’ll be sure to let you see

M: Who are you saying that too?

U: Its the gap, gap MOE~~ 

M: That’s so scary~

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Tomo seems so happy when she’s with Minami and Umechan T^T