Were Ui and Matsuri in one kindergarten growing up or something? /unduly entertained/ 

Ui called Matsuri 「バカ祭り」(stupid Matsuri), which is a stunningly preschool insult all in all: Matsuri is written as 「政」(read: matsuri; a slightly unusual reading of the word “government”). Meanwhile「祭り」(read: matsuri) means “festival”.

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i read a recent fic that was really domestic and someone asked dan what the sexiest thing he saw today and as a joke he posted a picture of phil messily eating a doughnut but the fans said he looked freshly fucked and it was really cute. thanks!

open soul in an open sky - He paused reflectively. “I bet the edits with the dicks are going to be so good.”(for the anon who requested: I was thinking for your 30 min request thing, maybe, someone ask Dan on twitter what is the sexiest thing he has seen today, and reply with a picture of Phil with sex-hair and glasses or something like that)

- Eliza