tomoko takahashi


I’ve seen the Dearest covers of Aichan, Linlin, Risako, Airi, Sakura, Kanatomo, Captain, and I can say that the best covers of Ayaya’s song right now are Airi’s and Captain’s. Airi’s version reminds me so much of Ayaya while captains’s is so soothing that I can just listen to it as a lullaby. If I’d rank all of these, then it’s 1- Captain, 2- Airi, 3- Sakura, 4- Linlin (full of emotions, btw), 5- Aichan (VG but idk, it lacks something), 6- Risako, 7- Kanatomo.

Ryusei : Wait, Yuki-kun. Won't you give mine too?
Tomoko : Here. She made a couple ticket for us.
Ryusei : Eh?
Others : Wuuuuuuuuu~
All : ...
Yuuki : Director!
Hayami : ..Cut!
Tomoko : It's embarrassing.
Hayami : Because it's look fun. Seriously.

In the age of the throwaway, Abstract No. 2, by installation artist Tomoko Takahashi, untangles the wasteful web we weave by converting clutter and chaos into a collective calm. Old photographs and files fill the wall into a perfect masterpiece, while the ground before the wall is littered in papers, photos, and file boxes. Her piece screams of our busy lives that do not take the time to step back and consider the aftermath.