anime love triangles


when an anime is clearly padding for filler time

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OK this is particularly late considering the nature of the request, I’m sorry! I remember getting this one just before I went away for a weekend, and upon returning I kept going through the requests in order. And lately I’ve been very busy with work… Better later rather than never……. right? ;A;

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you know that sharp gasp and voice we give our parents when we go out shopping. like we give them the puppy dog look and shyly ask them about this thing we want them to buy. i want to see that with tomoko and josuke. like josuke holding a shirt he want but cant buy while going shopping with his mom and give her the puppy dog pouty look. if you please. oh, i also want to say that i love your art and art style. the creativeness and techniques you put into it is wonderful to see <3.


(Thank yoooouuu! I appreciate thaaaat~❤ )


I love coming up with josuyasu interactions and headcanons and Twitter has often been an outlet for that. Thought I might as well share some of them here?? Also worth mentioning is this convo Cat and I had recently.

Here’s where to find the Jojo friends in these posts on tumblr

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