tomodachi qr


here have some tomodachi life qr codes for the lazytown kids and their dads


  • robbie is a female mii so he could be gay with sportacus. feel free to remake him if you want him male.
  • i couldn’t think of good last names for most of them so i think the way i made the codes, you will have to name them. sorry if my awful last names came through with them
  • i’m sorry

As requested by Angelsepticeye on YouTube, here are some of the Tomodachi Life QR codes. These include Yandere Dev, Bijuu Mike, Yan-chan and Senpai, the Basu sisters, Osana, Budo, Info-chan, and Midori.

Use them as you wish, but do not claim to have created them yourself. Cuz then you’re a liar. And liars are mean. Go make a copypasta Yandere-chan instead.

I’ll probably upload more QR codes later, but for now, this is all I have. Consider this Tier 1. Tier 2 will come at another time.

weaversong  asked:

hey would it be alright if i could get the qr code for the baby hazel mii? someone i know would like to have her in tomodachi life

Here ya go, amigo!


Fun fact:  She’s actually the daughter of PeanutButterGamer in my game.

Also fun fact:  I had to get through all these announcements when I turned my game back on, and it just so happened that Danny from Game Grumps and Nui Harime from Kill la Kill had their first child and…uh…



black-saber  asked:

Hi! Your Squid Sisters and Off The Hook Mii's are really good! Would you mind sharing the qr codes so I could add them to my island? And my apologies if the qr codes are listed somewhere already, I couldn't find anything. :)

Hello, I’m glad you liked the Miis! Here are the four QR codes.


I’m sorry if you’ve been having trouble finding stuff in the blog, I’ve been meaning to change the theme and make it look prettier and easier to navigate.

The line between the eyes of the squids is a moustache! So keep that in mind if you want to dye their hair.