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[3DS Themes] Tomodachi Life & Metal Gear (Dec. 19)

The biggest playboy in my Tomodachi Life island is a manlet with a smiley face with freckles that also happens to be a fedora-wearing time traveler.

He’s an OC of mine. He was supposed to be good friends with my female magician OC. They became sweethearts but my magician OC dumped him for Phoebe of Harvest Moon.

Poor time traveller. Always heartbroken.


And thus, begins the final battle.
Moemura has finally gone nuts with power and sheds her identity as the Darker Lord. Enter: Darkest Lord Moemura! (Oh god, if V-chan had seen this, she’d probably think she would like to be the Dark Lord V-chan again!).
Shadow, Vio, and Zelda take on Moemura’s left hand.
E-chan, K-chan, and F-chan take on Moemura’s right hand.
And Green, Vaati, Blue, and Red take on Moemura’s central body. The Darkest Lord herself!
The battles are raged, and Vaati got the final hit. It couldn’t have been a more fitting ending!

Moemura is freed from the thing that caused this whole mess: a little blob known as the Dark Curse.
We, of course, spare the Dark Curse and give him a face of his own. Enter: Jack, as I’m calling him.

Vaati and the gang are crowned national heroes of Froot Topia, Groose and Ayanami finally get married, Harry teams up with Genie Guzma (not pictured), Flora, Mermaid, and Twinkle presumably become professional dancers, V-chan goes onto better things and redeems herself from all the tragedy that she caused as the Dark Lord, Moemura seems to have taken Jack on as an apprentice and has allowed him to keep a dog as a pet, and peace finally had been restored to the land.

It is then revealed that V-chan got a job protecting New Lumos from idiot wanderers. Kinda ironic, since it was her idiotic wandering that led her to the Dark Curse in the first place!
But then, Green and Vaati become OTP Confirmed Forever, and the people of Froot Topia live happily ever after.

Then, the final picture.
Behold the 10 Heroes of Froot Topia:
Top row, left to right: The Glitch (K-chan), Princess Zelda of Hyrule, Shadow Link, The Eyes (E-chan), and Violet Link (Vio)
Bottom row, left to right: Blue Link, Green Link, Vaati the Wind Mage, Red Link, and the Fortune (F-chan).
Pretend that F-chan is holding her radio, Roger.

Thanks for putting up with this madness.
Thanks for reading.