tomodachi life


if you want a sweet and juicy taste of a robot’s tomodachi life heres 9 slices

my personal favorite is a tie between clemont the king, ling yao the loner and selim the “lol im gay   dik”

any time i see Nick Jonas’s name i can’t think of anything other than a stupid Mii from tomodachi life that my sister made whose name is Jick Nonas.

I am so exhausted I’m revamping everyone in my tomodachi life to become clan mates. This blog may or may not be getting tomodachi screenshots holyshit


so midna, who i’ve never ever seen interact with CDi Link, wanted to confess her crush on him

then Tetra showed up

then Chocolat showed up

and then Link actually hooked up with Midna, leaving behind CDi Zelda, who if you’ll recall he’d been with since before Christmas

what just happened



I can let the above video speak for itself, but I’ll sum it up like so:

You own a fancy little island somewhere in the middle of the ocean. You move your Miis in. You assign them a name, a personality, and a voice. You give them food, clothes, living space, and other necessities. They hang out, play games, get into fights, fall in love, marry, make babies, break up, cheat, get into rap battles, throw frisbies, travel the world, explore a dungeon RPG-style, and have bizarre dreams involving dancing around a Virtual Boy.

This is one of those weird life sim games. It’s like Animal Crossing and The Sims trying to raise a Tamagotchi while on less than legal substances. The fun of the game isn’t playing the game, but rather watching how the Miis interact with each other.

The game came out last year in June, and I will say, it’s not for everyone. Give the video above a watch. If you scratch your head and wonder what the point is supposed to be, the game is probably not for you. If you watch and get a good laugh, and imagine the sorts of Miis you could add and the adventures you could have, I recommend giving it a shot.


Going forward, here will be the place where I will be posting my adventures in Tomodachi Life. Also, I will be posting guides, recommendations, and QR codes for those who are new or just curious about this game.

Why am I doing this? Because:

  1. I love this game, and
  2. Nintendo had no idea how to market it, and there needs to be more people playing. :V

Watch this space!

- wolfnanaki


Nintendo’s recent announcement of a localized version of game Tomodachi Life has sparked an uproar from gaming’s LGBT community—the game places emphasis on building relationships and a life with others, of the opposite sex. Nintendo’s formally apologized for this mistake, but gay couples are unable to officially create their relationships through the game as of now.

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