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Imagine: Being Jared’s daughter and dating Cameron Monaghan

Growing up with Thirty Seconds To Mars you are very close to Tomo and his family, so he knows you love to watch Gotham. When Tomo’s sister get’s the role of Selina’s mother he asks her to take you to set with her so you can see how the show is made. On that day Cameron Monaghan is making is return as Jerome, you can barely contain your excitement when you see him and he is stunned by how beautiful you are. The two of you see each other on set everyday, get to know each other and become friends. Cameron eventually works up the courage asks you out right as the new season is premiering. The media starts buzzing about the dceu Joker, Jared’s daughter going out with the TV Joker, Cameron. You’re dad is worried about the press but Cameron get’s a kick out of it.

(Thank you to @lululank​ for the original idea) Full Imagine Series Coming Soon

[This fic was requested anonymously, SMUT AND FLUFF WITHIN. I hope you all enjoy it! :)]

  “Wake up,” I whispered.
  I was sitting in his lap and his right arm was slung over his face with the blanket. I had taken out his earplugs (it brought him a sense of comfort to sleep in complete silence, I suppose it was a result of always being around loud music and screaming fans) but he remained fast asleep. 
  “Jared, ohhhhhhhhh Jaaaaaaaarrrrrrrred,” I said in a hushed sing-song voice, but he merely grumbled. 
 I couldn’t help but smile as I leaned down and rested my cheek on his chest for a few moments. The steady sound of his breathing was almost enough to send me back into a blissful sleep but we had to get up if we were going to make our flight.
  I grazed his earlobe with my teeth and he shifted, “Jared, baby, you gotta get up,” I whispered, sitting back up.
  “Nibbling this early in the morning is not fair,” he grumbled and I suddenly got a face full of pillow.
  I nearly fell off the bed because I hadn’t been expecting it, but he grabbed my wrist and yanked me back so I lay sprawled on top of him.
  “Want to shower with me?” He asked his voice still thick with sleep. 
  “I’ll go start it, but you have to get up,” I moved, and he yanked me back again by my shirt which made me laugh.
  “Gimme a kiss,” 
  I stroked his beard and kissed him tenderly, squealing when he slapped my rear when I got up to go to the bathroom.


  The pressure of the water and the warmth of it felt nice on my tired muscles. I had finished washing my hair when Jared slipped in soundlessly. I felt his arms wrap around my stomach and I leaned my head back against his shoulder. His lips pressed against my neck and I reached back to stroke his long hair. 
  “How much time do we have?” He asked, and we switched positions so he could stand under the stream.
  “We should be out of the hotel in an hour, any later than that and we’ll be cutting it close.”
  I poured shampoo into my palm before reaching up and lathering it into his hair. It took me a while to notice but he was looking down at me intently with a warm look in his large blue eyes. That look made me feel mildly self-conscious, but it also made me feel like we were the only two people on the planet. 
  “I love you,” he said softly, with a small and tired smile. 
  I kissed him, before tilting his head back so I could wash out the shampoo. He liked it when I washed his hair on cold mornings when he was a sleepy bear, he said my hands were like magic in the morning (in every sense of the word, such a charmer). We switched places again so he could grab the body wash, and I couldn’t help but trail my hands up his torso and place a kiss/nibble on that wonderful neck of his. I had a weakness for it, what can I say?
  “How much time did you say we had, Y/N?” He asked, one of his hands moving to cup my breast. 
  “An hour,” I whispered, stroking his growing erection. 
  He pinned my wrists above my head against the cool tile and his lips found mine hungrily. There was no trace of exhaustion in either of us now, I always wanted him. Even when I had just had him, my body would burn and ache for him again almost instantly. He had awakened a desire within me that only he could quench, and he opened my eyes to a love I refused to ever be without. 
  “Quickly,” I whispered, guiding him into me.
  “No, it’s Y/N, I’d be happy to take a-”
  “Shut up, you idiot,” He laughed, before returning to the task at hand.
  I gasped as his hands cupped my rear as he lifted me, his teeth and mouth burning a trail along my neck and I dug my nails into his back. His thrusts were hard and followed a steady and delicious rhythm; he rolled his hips on a thrust which caused me to clamp a hand over my mouth as a violent moan escaped me. 
  “You like that?” He purred.
  “Fuck me,” I said breathlessly, and he was more than happy to oblige.
  His lips moved to my breast, I had grown rather fond of the roughness of his beard on my skin. The roughness of his beard in contrast to the warm and silky nature of his tongue made for a sinful combination. His teeth gently grazed my nipple and I jerked in his arms which elicited a guttural half-laugh half-groan which vibrated in his chest. 
  I could feel a pressure building within me and I jerked his face up to mine, I needed his mouth, I needed those lips. 
  “I’m close,” I said shakily between kisses. 
  His hand moved between us and his fingers found my clit, “Jesus, Jared!” his free hand covered my mouth and he laughed again. 
  “Come on baby, I want to watch you cum, I want to feel you cum,” he whispered, thrusting into me harder.
  I moaned into his hand, his fingers mixed with the deliciously full feeling his cock brought me sent me over the edge. My legs dropped from around his waist and I felt like jello. He simply placed gentle kisses on my lips as he washed my body and his before my mind came back to me. He turned off the shower.
  “You didn’t cum,” I said, my hand curling around his throbbing erection.
  He smiled, “It can wait, we’re in a rush remember?”
  Never taking my eyes from his I slowly lowered myself to my knees and licked the underside of his cock from his balls to the tip. He shuddered as I trailed my tongue along his veined shaft and swirled it around the tip of his penis. 
  “I thought we were in a rush,” he said thickly.
  “We better make this quick then,” I took him into my mouth, I could feel his thick and rigid penis in my throat and when I had him all in I flexed my throat muscles around him. 
  “Fuck, Y/N,”


  “Did you guys do the Home Alone rushed run through the airport? Please tell me you guys ran through the airport,” Shannon said as we all climbed up the stairs and into the jet.
  Tomo was already seated, he didn’t say anything but his smirk said it all and despite how many times over the years that they teased, I still blushed bright crimson.
  “We did not run through the airport, we weren’t even late,” Jared said with a smirk as he gave Shannon a gentle shove.
  “This is what I get for putting you in charge of waking up Jared, Y/N, you cheeky little thing,” Shannon playfully chastised us and I laughed lightly.
  “By all means, wake your brother up next time, I feel like it would be a less enjoyable scenario for you both though.”
  Tomo was up and storing my carry-on for me before I could lift it and I placed a kiss on his shoulder.
  “Thank you,”
  He gave me a wink and I sat down in the plush leather seat. Jared sat down beside me so Shan and Tomo were across from us. They sometimes spread out on the plane but they got to talking about the music, and they got lost in the conversation.
  I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up Jared had placed a kiss on the back of my hand and we were up in the air (Writers note: yes, that was on purpose). 
  “How long have I been asleep?” I asked groggily. 
  “About two hours,” 
  “A little tired out, are we?” Shannon said without looking up from his phone.
  I gave his leg a small kick and the corners of his mouth quirked up. I rested my chin on Jared’s shoulder and looked up at him. 
  “Are we going to stop in to see my family while we are in Cali?” I asked, and he turned his head to kiss my forehead. 
  “Of course, I just want to see mom first,” 
  “Did you show Jared the painting you got for her?” Tomo asked.
  “We picked it out together,” Jared and I said in unison.
  Shan looked at us with a smirk, “Of course you did.”

***Jared’s P.O.V*** 

  “You ever notice that you’re different when she isn’t around?” Shan asked.
  I looked up from the guitar strings. Tomo and Y/N had gone to help mom make dinner despite her protests. I was curious to know what Shan meant by that, his tone wasn’t teasing anymore. He looked calm and happy as he spoke but I still had to ask, 
  “In a bad way?”
  “Nah, I mean you’re still you. You’re still Jared when she isn’t around…”
  “But?” I drew out the word and waited.
  “But it’s like even when you’re completely occupied a part of you is off when she’s gone. I don’t even think you notice but you’ll reach a hand out as if waiting for her to come hold it, you’ll talk about her a lot or point out things she might like, and you’ll turn to smile at her and she won’t be there. You want her with you all the time,” Shannon said simply. 
  “And that’s wrong?”
  “No, not at all, I think it’s great. It’s weird how in sync you are sometimes but she is good for you. She has been good for all of us.” 
  I turned my head and smiled slightly when I heard laughter from the kitchen. 
  “Jesus, lets go help too then you sap,” Shannon sighed.

***Y/N’s P.O.V***

  Jared and I were laughing lightly over a story from his childhood he was telling me as we ate our black bean and avocado burrito bowls and mini black bean and sweet potato burgers. It was only when the story was over that we noticed Tomo whispering something to Constance. All three of them looked mildly amused as they watched us and I smiled at Jared’s mom. 
  “What?” I asked.
  “I didn’t think you two knew we were here,” Constance said with a warm laugh. 
  “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”
  “She’s saying you two are revoltingly adorable,” Tomo translated and I looked down in my lap where Jared’s large hand held mine and my blush deepened. 
  “Well, I’m going to go do the dishes, want to help?” Jared asked, but I was already rising. 
  “Can’t be separated for five minutes, can you?” Constance said, her tone light and teasing. 
  “We can, we just choose not to,” Jared said, wrapping his arm around my waist as we went into the kitchen. 
  I was grinning so wide it made my cheeks ache. 

[This fic was requested anonymously, enjoy! Warning: Contains mild smut]

           "I said I’d be there didn’t I?“ I asked, mildly struggling as I held my phone to my ear with my shoulder and lifted my suitcase into the trunk of my car.
           "Don’t use that tone with me, I’m not there to punish you for it,” Jared chided and I rolled my eyes tossing my backpack into the trunk as well.
           "Well you act as if I am days away, I’ll be there in four to five hours depending on how traffic treats me,“
           I got in the car and put on my seatbelt, taking a mini break from the hustle and bustle of travel.
           "Is it my fault if I missed you?”
           He said it light heartedly but a pain clawed my chest and I closed my eyes. I wanted to be there already, I wanted to be with him already, I wanted to hold him. We talked on the phone all the time but it wasn’t the same, god it was insane to think he could possibly miss me as much as I had missed him. I just wanted to tell him everything right then and there but we’d have time for that later.
           "I missed you too, I…“ I took a minute to compose my voice.
           "Hey,” he said softly.
           "What?“ I murmured.
           "Just get here already-”
           "AND BRING BACK MY SHIRT, I KNOW YOU TOOK IT WITH YOU!“ I heard Shan faintly yell which brought my spirits back up.
           I laughed lightly and so did Jared, “I’ll meet you at the restaurant, I love you,”
           "I love you too, drive safe,“ he said.
           I tucked my phone into my bag and typed the address into my GPS before I set off for Vegas.


           I had gotten ready at the hotel and I was all but shaking with the anticipation of it all. The place was absolutely jammed, but when I managed to squeeze through to Fiamma Trattoria the crowds were less immense. Moving over to the hostess she looked up at me with a small smile.
           "Can I help you?”
           "Yes, I’m with Thirty Seconds to Mars,“
           She looked a little skeptical for a moment and I quickly reached into my clutch to pull out the I.D Jared had sent me.
           "Ahh, yes, right thi-”
           "Would you mind just telling me where they’re seated? I kinda wanna make my own way there if that’s okay,“
           "Of course, they are just in the back corner booth to your right,” she said kindly and not in a forced way.
           I thanked her, moving in the direction she said. I saw him before he saw me and for a moment I just stood a little bit away and watched him with a small smile. He looked like Jesus with his long locks and the golden backsplash behind him. He looked good in his black suit jacket with embroidered sleeves, they all looked really good, and they all looked like home.
           Shan noticed me first and he must have nudged Jared under the table because he turned his head and found me. A slow grin spread across my face and he stood up from the table as I closed the distance between us and almost tackled him back into the booth.
           There are little things the body craves that you don’t realize until that craving is satisfied. Like I hadn’t realized my body had craved the strength of his hug until he had me in a bone-crushing vice, I hadn’t realized I had been craving his cologne until it wrapped around me like a blanket, I hadn’t realized I had missed his lips so much until the covered mine. Every cell in me had craved him and now he was here.
           "Jesus guys, save it for later,“ Shan teased, and we reluctantly broke apart.
           "Hey Shan,” he enveloped me in a tight bear hug and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
           "How ya been Y/N?“ Tomo asked giving me a hug as well before we all sat down.
           How exactly had I been? That was a tough question, so I answered instead with how I was now as opposed to how I had been.
           "I’ve been good, I missed my idiots,”
           Jared’s hand grasped mine under the table and I turned my head to look at him. He didn’t say anything, he just looked at me in a way that only he could. Giving his hand a tight squeeze I reached up with my free hand to take off his sunglasses and tuck them into his coat pocket.
           "That better?“ He asked.
           "Worse, actually,”
           The guys laughed and I rested my head on Jared’s shoulder.


           I gasped as Jared yanked me into one of the empty dressing rooms and he locked the door behind us. For a second I stupidly stared wondering what his deal was before the light went on in my head and warmth pooled into my belly.
           "They’ll be wanting you soon,“ I whispered.
           "Well I want you, now,” he growled.
           He moved to me as I moved to him and we collided in a feverish display of unbridled desire. His hands were everywhere, his tongue moved against mine in a way that made my knees weak and my pussy wet. With an expert speed I unbuckled his pants and reached into them to curl my hand around his shaft.
           A small groan escaped him and I smirked nipping his lower lip as I stroked him.
           "I missed you, baby,“ I whispered.
           He backed me into the dressing table and I hopped up onto it, his mouth burning a trail down my neck as his hand moved between my legs. My breathing hitched but I ensured never to take my eyes from his.
           "You’re so wet for me,” he whispered, and I wrapped a leg around his waist to move him closer.
           "We don’t have much- oOh,“ I gasped, gripping the lapels of his coat and resting my cheek against his as his middle and ring finger moved inside of me while his thumb rubbed my clit.
           "Make that sound again, I missed that sound,” he purred, his teeth sinking into my shoulder.
           "Please fuck me, I need you to fuck me,“
           He was more than willing to oblige and he was quick to pull a condom from my bag and slide it on. And in one lithe movement he yanked my undies to the side and shoved his cock inside of me. I tried so hard not to leave any mark on him that the camera’s might pick up, I tried so hard not to make a noise in case we might be found out, all I could do was bite my lower lip and move my hips to his as he rammed into me fast and hard. I had been away from him for three months so it didn’t take me long to cum and when I did he quickly covered my mouth and laughed lightly in my ear.
           "Mmm, I like it when you scream for me Y/N, but you have to be quiet now,” he said huskily.
           "Jared to stage in fifteen minutes, Jared to stage in fifteen,“ a voice said over the walkey I had been given.
           I clutched onto him as he pounded into me harder and after a few more minutes he came. We stayed that way for a couple of seconds, panting, holding each other, our bodies still joined. He tenderly moved, tucking a lock of hair behind my ear and his lips brushed against mine gently.
           "When are you leaving me again?” He whispered, and I stroked his hair for a while before we finally parted and began to clean ourselves up.
           "I umm,“ not before a gig, I really shouldn’t.
           "I… I’ll actually be leaving when we hit Toronto… and I won’t be able to rejoin you guys until Tulsa,” I said quietly.
           He was silent for too long of a time.
           "December? You’re going to leave until December?“ He asked.
           "I have to, as shitty as it is this is how it has to be right now. I could have a real shot here to make this business great and in a year or two-”
           "A year? Two,“ he said flatly.
           I turned to look at him, "I don’t want to leave you, but travelling is necessary right now and when everything is more stable-”
           "Y/N what are you saying here?“
           I looked at him in mild confusion, "I’m saying that how things are now is how it’s going to be for a while-”
           "I don’t want you to go, these past few months I’ve barely seen you-“
           "When you go on tour or to a movie set it is the same thing!”
           "No it isn’t!“
           I sighed, "That’s because I was your assistant, I went with you everywhere, you paid for everything, but now I have a chance to be successful too. I have a chance to do something good, you’re the one always telling me to chase my dreams and provehito in altum. So what if we’re apart for a-”
           "Is it wrong that I want to be with you?“ He demanded.
           "No! That’s not what I’m saying-”
           "If we barely see each other I don’t even get why we’re together,“
           I flinched, physically recoiling from him. I could tell by the way he stepped forward and his eyes softened that he didn’t mean it, not completely anyway.
           "What are you saying here, Jared?”
           "Jared Leto to stage, Jared Leto to stage,“ the irritating voice crackled out.
           Biting my lower lip I looked down at my feet.
           "Y/N I… look I… I gotta go,” he whispered, wanting to say more but he reluctantly left.
           "I do too,“ I croaked, remaining in the empty room for a little while longer.


           I watched him on the widescreen backstage, wiping a few stray tears from my cheeks. I loved him so much, I loved him more than I could ever love anything, but if this is where he wanted to end it then I would be okay with that. I would be okay with the precious few years we had together even when we weren’t a couple, I’d be okay with the memories, I’d be okay knowing that for one incandescent second I had the heart of an ethereal being. Just knowing him would be enough.
           Deciding to go back to the hotel to grab my things and drive back to LA I turned away from the T.V.
           "I’m sorry, I’m going to do one song that is completely different tonight,”
           I whirled back around to the T.V. Is he insane? He’s being broadcasted live; he can’t just deviate from the set like he’s playing a regular gig or something.
           "Now, this song is for someone very important to me. She, almost transcends a description to be quite honest. She told me something though and I didn’t really want to listen, I still don’t, but I want to support her. This song is my way of telling her to provehito in altum, do what you gotta do, but come back to me… because you’re home and I’ll be waiting.“
           My hands had moved to cover my mouth as the tears came at a much faster pace. I could scarcely breathe as the music began to play.
[Come Home- One Republic *Note: I listened to it and imagined Jared singing it and thought he would do a fire fuckin’ cover. Hopefully you agree*]
           "Hello world
           Hope you’re listening
           Forgive me if I’m young
           For speaking out of turn
           There’s someone I’ve been missing
           I think that they could be
           The better half of me”

           I was shaking, a strangled sound between a sob and a noise leaning towards happiness escaped me. Clutching my chest I slowly moved up the stairs to the side of the stage where I could see him standing.
           “They’re in the in the wrong place trying to make it right
           But I’m tired of justifying
           So I say to you

           Come home
           Come home
           'Cause I’ve been waiting for you
           For so long
           For so long
           And right now there’s a war between the vanities
           But all I see is you and me
           The fight for you is all I’ve ever known
           So come home

           I don’t know where the camera was but suddenly my blotchy and tear streaked face was on the large screens behind him but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop looking at him.

           “I get lost in the beauty
           Of everything I see
           The world ain’t as half as bad
           As they paint it to be
           If all the sons
           If all the daughters
           Stopped to take it in
           Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin
           It might start now yeah
           Well maybe I’m just dreaming out loud
           Until then

           Come home


           I waited in the same room he had left me in until his set was over. When he walked in I didn’t give him time to say anything before my lips were against his and my arms were around his neck.
           "I love you, I love you,“ I whispered between kisses.
           He lifted me into his arms in a tight and bone crushing hug, "Just come back to me, I’m with you Y/N until the end, just come back,”
           "I will,“ I rested my forehead against his and closed my eyes.
           "I love you, Y/N, you pain in the ass,”
           I smiled, dusting his face in feather light kisses before looking into his beautiful blue eyes.
           "We’ll make this work, I want this to work because I want you,“ I hugged him tightly.
           "You have me, Y/N, you’ve had me for years,”
           I closed my eyes, feeling him kiss my hair and hug me tighter. I never wanted him to let me go.


30 SECONDS TO MARS as a band

JARED LETO as a musician, singer, director AND actor (specially if you like his Joker role…F#@K the haters!)

SHANNON LETO as a drummer

TOMO MILICEVIC as a guitarist