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Heyyoo! Do you have like a list of your favourite aokise fics? Also I recently read one with aomine as kise's bodyguard and OH SHIT i need more of that sort ;-; Like SO MANY more ;AAA; Damn this ship is ruining my life D<

Well, I haven’t read a lot of fics recently but I certainly have favourites because the AoKi fandom is blessed with so many good writers I can’t even aaAAHH 

First thing first, I’d recommend basically everything written by moustachiopenguin (fanfictions, drabbles) though because I can’t begin to describe how much I adore Mo-chan’s writing the most (And Mo-chan in general) ;3; My top favourites will be, ‘Just Breathe’, ‘One Day, He says’, ‘Half a Heart Without You’, also ‘It Hurts; Make it Go Away’ if you can handle all of the effing angst and omg actually I can’t choose favourites anymore because I really love everything written by Mo-chan OTL.

Also to make Anon-chan’s life busier, I will also recommend everything AoKise from inkandwords just because their writing is A++ too, and it makes you dokis in the best way ever and just laksjdalks Just go and browse around, you’ll find that every single one is gold uvu

If you’re looking for something so sweet and fluffy and just simply amazing, then you should try Sweet on You by pyrodynamo because Idk, there’s something about pyrodynamo’s writing that is so unique like every words are linked perfectly with one another and just hhHH Actually, you should really read everything AoKi from her too! You won’t regret anything ;3;

And if you’re in for medieval!AU like me, then I definitely recommend Conquered Hearts because the plot is so brilliant and ta-daa it’s complete!

I also really love Where My Heart Resides, and it’s co-authors work thingy, so while you’re at it you should check their other works too because these two have got interesting things going on in their minds and their AoKi fics in general are A++!

And laksjdas there are many other fics written by all kind of different authors like please check out Sunshine Within Grasp because it’s one of my all time favourites too! Very sweet and fluffy and angsty and sexy and just a little bit of everything!

Also Boyfriend Bluff is really funny and brilliant so you should read that one too omg And if you’re in for something really smutty and just simply lemony goodness, then you should read One Night, and also Good Boy, Bad Boy (very good smutty bed time stories tbh). 

OH AND Leave me Your Stardust by Tomo bby hHHH If you’re in for something dokis, you should read that one and just, other works by Tomo because it melts straight away into your kokoro.

And I don’t know which bodyguard AoKi story that you read, but if it’s bodyguard AU then I really like Take Me Back Again for all of the effing angst and beautiful plot in there! 

Oh and ehehe If you haven’t read ‘Yellow’ then you really should because it’s known as the fic that creates a river of tears from the majority of the AoKi fandom so ; v ; Oh and it has sequel one and two. And if you have extra tissues to spare, this is the way to Coco’s recommendation of angsty fics ehe 

OH OH And A Stranger’s Heart Without a Home is a really good fic too, I find myself sobbing from time to time because it’s angsty but really nice ending!

AAhh I’m pretty sure there are a lot of good ones that I missed out but I’m kind of rushing so if any of you have anything to recommend, please do add in the comment or something! And I read fics from time to time and recommend them in fic rec tag, so Anon-chan should check those fics in there too!