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I don't think that just because Betty never worked for anything, or because Don was abused, he's suddenly absolved of all wrongdoing for his pathological abuse. I also don't think that Betty (or anyone, for that matter) should forgive Don based solely on his background, because he's a pretty unforgivable misogynist. Yes, the pattern needs to be broken, but when you consider the inescapable damage he did to Betty's mental health, it's not fair to suggest that she forgive her unapologetic abuser.

I agree! A Night to Remember frustrates me so much because Betty is frantically looking for proof that Don is having an affair, but she doesn’t find anything. She goes INSANE trying to find something! And in the previous episode, the thought of Don fucking another woman makes her physically ill. It’s so heartbreaking.

I would agree with that, but Troy and Britta are MOST popular when they are properly explored. A lot of fans loved their dynamic in Origins of Vampire Mythology and many fans were saying “hey this could work.” The only ones that weren’t were the ppl that were upset bc it wasn’t Jeff/Britta or romantic!Trobed.

S4’s T/B only made people MORE upset. The haters of T/B hate it even more now in its current form, which is understandable. The people who were in the middle now hate the ship. The people that were fully on board with T/B are just ready to excommunicate S4 as a bad experience in the cardboard dreamatorioum. 

Yeah I wondered that too. Looks like there will be some drama there, but they’ll prolly come to a mutual understanding. It’ll either be a Troy/Abed/Britta thing or a Troy/Jeff/Britta thing, but either way I hope it’ll end on a sweet note. Maybe with hope that they could get back together.

Yep you, me, adamschase, and illbeoutback: “Troy/Britta OT4.” Also shout outs to thatweirdfangirl who is primarily Jeff/Annie, but also holds it down for the T/B fandom. And to the rest of the J/A and T/B shippers out there who I’m leaving out. 

Group hug guys bring it in.

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