“The teeth may seem pretty funny,” he says, “but if you go and sit on the Underground in the rush hour and look at those people, they’re pretty funny. I mean, who’s the funniest? Maybe Mr. Freedom are the most honest funny people in London, because the people who wear their clothes look really happy. And, with my furniture, I’d like to give just a few people a bit of a buzz, by looking at it. I’d like them to think again.“

False teeth chair designed by Jon Wealleans for Mr Freedom. Photographed in Wealleans and wife Jane’s home in London by Tim Street-Porter. Scanned by Miss Peelpants from 19 Magazine, Match 1971.

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“For crazy cartoon lovers, blue long sleeved tee-shirt with super leather motif of ‘Roger the Dodger’ sewn into the front, 4gns.. also available are many other comic characters. Red velvet trousers, £6 15s.”

Finally! A new blog… Brilliant Mr Freedom editorial from Rave magazine, December 1969.

Photographed by Chris Holland.

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