You Look Beautiful - Always

A LazyTown Sportarobbie fic that was inspired by @tommy-kitty‘s beautiful artwork of Fae!Robbie Rotten in a beautiful dress. I’d like to thank @indigowallbreaker for getting me into this fandom in the first place. This is my first lazytown fic and you can find it on AO3 at


Robbie Rotten’s mother, Robenelina Rotten, was truly a lovely woman. Sportacus had only met her two or three times in person, but she always baked the most delicious sugar-free cookies for him, and regular sweets packed full of sugar for the kids, around the holidays. She lived in a forest not far from town and was known across the land for her renowned designs. It was understandable then how Robbie had acquired such a divine taste for his involved disguises when his mother was so heavily into fashion. Sometimes Robbie would show Sportacus and the children pictures of her dresses and they would all Oooh and Aaah at just how lovely the pieces were. Though he adamantly denied it, Robbie was quite proud of his mother’s designs and Sportacus loved seeing his face light up whenever he showed his audience something she had made.

It was just another factor to add to the ever-growing list of reasons why Sportacus had fallen hopelessly in love with the villain.

It was mid-morning one day when Stephanie sent a letter to his airship requesting him to join her and the kids for the unveiling of one of Robenelina’s newest designs. Sportacus excitedly descended from his airship and flipped his way to the forest where the kids were waiting.

“Sportacus!” they all greeted.

“Hello kids! Thank you for inviting me to see the newest unveiling! I bet it will be beautiful!”

Not as beautiful as Robbie, his mind offered. Sportacus waved his head absently with a fond smile as he took in the smiling faces of each one of the kids in turn.

“Ms. Robenelina’s designs are always so lovely!” Ziggy piped up.

“They’re alright, I guess,” Trixie mumbled, trying to show her indifference. It was a complete failure, though, as she couldn’t fool anyone. Everyone knew Trixie was a huge fan of Robenelina’s work.

Stephanie clapped her hands together and bounced on the balls of her feet. “This one is apparently very special! That’s what Robbie said anyway when we saw him heading to his mom’s earlier.”

“Robbie?” Sportacus asked, just realizing then that the villain wasn’t with the kids. “He’s not here?”

“That’s the surprise, Sportacus!” Stephanie replied happily. “This dress we’re going to get to see in person! Robbie went off to get it and show it to us and told us all to wait here.”

Sportacus blinked as he looked around, half-expecting Robbie to walk through the trees at any moment, holding the most beautiful gown he had ever laid eyes on. This would be very special!

A rustling through the trees caused all eyes to quickly turn. The kids all gasped in excitement and wonder as the form of Robbie Rotten stepped through the foliage and into the clearing before them.

Sportacus’s heart jolted.

Robbie wasn’t holding the dress. He was wearing it! And his gorgeous, purple wings were fully exposed! They flapped gently in the open air, relishing being uncovered, as the sunlight gently shined down upon them, making them glitter in the light. Robbie’s purple eye shadow matched the color of his wings perfectly. The top of the dress was a sheer, see-through shirt with short sleeves and faint, swirling designs of a pale pink. Robbie’s torso and biceps were on clear display and Sportacus felt his mouth go dry at the sight. The bottom of the dress flowed a bit past Robbie’s ankles and was the same sheer design, only layered with light pink fabric so that Robbie’s legs couldn’t be seen. Gold trim layered the skirt and wove up into the top part of the dress, reminding Sportacus of tree vines scaling up an old cottage.

Robbie looked breathtaking.

Apparently, Sportacus wasn’t the only one to appreciate the view because the kids wasted no time in voicing their opinions.

“That dress is definitely mine!”

Pixel held Stingy back, reminding him that it wasn’t for him and that he couldn’t have it, despite the other boy’s protesting. Ziggy’s smile was huge as he complimented, “Whoah! That really is amazing!”

“Robbie, it’s beautiful!” Stephanie shouted excitedly, unable to take her eyes off of the impressive workmanship applied to the fabric.

Trixie glanced at Sportacus, and, seeing his mouth hanging open like a fish’s, smirked. “Heh, you’re not the only one who likes it, Pinkie.”

Sportacus’s blush only grew worse as he gazed at the wondrous figure of his crush before him.

Robbie Rotten, who could take a compliment just as well as he could get the hero out of town, scoffed at the praise from the kids. “I just want this dress off and done with, but Mum refused to let me until I could return with your opinions of it. She told me she would have my head if I ruined it traipsing through the forest, too. Ugh!” It was then that Robbie’s eyes met Sportacus’s and the hero felt his heart begin pounding so wildly he was sure everyone around could hear it.

Oblivious, Robbie raised an eyebrow in confusion at the hero and asked, “What’s wrong with you, Sportablush? Choke on an apple or something?”

Sportacus shook his head so fast in dire need of reassuring the hero he was okay that it only made him look more inconspicuous. He could see Trixie’s smirk growing out of the corner of his eye and even Stephanie was grinning fondly. The boys seemed just as oblivious as Robbie though, so at least he wasn’t totally embarrassed. At Sportacus’s refusal to give an audible answer, Robbie shrugged and turned away from them, putting his wings even further on display.

“Well, since you all seem to like it so much, I’ll go let Mum know and take this off -”


Sportacus hadn’t meant to say it. The words had slipped free - he was too afraid that Robbie wouldn’t know. That Robbie couldn’t recognize just how wonderful he looked. Robbie froze in his movement away from the group and slowly turned around to raise that damn eyebrow again up at Sportacus in wonder. The elf coughed out of embarrassment and forced his gaze away from Robbie. Looking at the ground, his face redder than a setting sun, he whispered, “Y-you look very pretty in that gorgeous dress, Robbie.”

Robbie seemed to freeze at the words. Slowly, a very red blush covered his features as he looked at Sportacus’s honest face. He knew the hero was incapable of lying. Robbie opened his mouth to reply but then closed it. He opened it again but no sound came out so he closed it once more. Slowly, he moved closer to the hero and reached out so that he could gently lift the hero’s face to meet his own.

“You mean that?”

Sportacus swallowed and nodded, captivated by Robbie’s eyes. “Of course. Look at you. You’re gorgeous.”

I’ve thought you the most beautiful person in existence since I met you.

The words threatened to spill out from the hero’s lips as he stood transfixed. It was a giggle from Stephanie that broke the reverie, causing both Sportacus and Robbie to jump a little in place, having forgotten they had an audience.

“Tell your mom we loved the dress, Robbie! We’re going to go play some soccer. Meet us when you’re ready, Sportacus!” Stephanie announced, leading the kids away from the forest and to the play fields.

Blushing further at being caught staring once again, Sportacus nervously rubbed the back of his neck as the kids took off. It wasn’t good that the girls could see how badly he had it for the villain. Giving a small sigh, he glanced at Robbie again.

“I should probably go with them. Otherwise who knows the trouble they’ll get up to?”

“Oh, I could think of some trouble,” Robbie whispered with a smirk. The naughty glint in his eyes absolutely did wonders to Sportacus’s breathing rate.

“Yes - yes, well - I should - I should go,” Sportacus stuttered, stuttered!, as he began backing away from Robbie. A thought clouded his mind and he turned back again to meet Robbie’s eyes. “You really do look wonderful, Robbie. You always do.”

Sportacus back-flipped his way to the soccer fields, missing the blush and the huge grin that appeared on the villain’s face.


Mean Green Mother From Outer Space is such a good song! So had to draw out a scene with my favorite LazyTown AU~

Audrey II was so fun to draw with poor Sportacus protecting Stephanie and Robbie, who nearly got eaten and saved! 

Sorry not sorry Robbie for spilling blood on your groom wedding outfit ;v;

tommy-kitty  asked:

Fall LazyTown Prompt: Kids carving pumpkins and then saving the seeds after Sportacus gives out advice to bake them into some healthy snacks! Maybe even the kids sharing some to Robbie. c;

Ziggy is me in this fic XD Thanks for the fall-tastic prompt! 

Ziggy made a face at the pile of pumpkin guts beside Trixie’s pumpkin. “That stuff smells funny. Why can’t we just throw it away?”

“I think it’s cool!” Trixie picked up some of the pumpkin insides and said in a low voice, “Braaaaainssss.” She squished the guts in her fists, letting the glop ooze through her fingers.

“Trixie, that’s gross!”

“I can’t help it, I’m a zombiiiiie!” 

“Ew! Don’t eat it!”

The other kids laughed. Sportacus, who was carving up the pumpkins so the kids could make Jack O’ Lanterns, chuckled as well. He put down the knife and wiped his hands on a towel. “The guts can look gross but the seeds are delicious.”

Trixie held out her hands, which were still covered in pumpkin guts with oval seeds poking out, “Really?”

“Yes! They are very good for you if you roast them.”

“My dad and I used to do that!” Stephanie said. She looked at the others, “I can teach you his special recipe!”

Pixel eyed the four pumpkins Sportacus had yet to scoop out, “It looks like we’ll have a lot of seeds to use. That’s a good idea!”

“You’re not going to use my seeds!” Stingy declared, “I want to use my own recipe!”

“We’ll have to pick out the seeds first,” Stephanie pointed out, ignoring Stingy, “I’ll got get a bowl we can put them in.”

As she ran off, Ziggy frowned at the new pile of pumpkin insides Sportacus was making. He looked a little green, “I-I think I’m going to help Sportacus. You guys can pick out the seeds without me, r-right?”

In the end, Trixie helped Sportacus scoop out the other pumpkins. Ziggy “scared off” any crows that came by to snag a pumpkin seed while the other three sorted the seeds from the guts. The bowl was nearly full by the time they were done.

The afternoon was spent carving or painting the Jack O’ Lanterns under Sportacus’ supervision. As the sun began to set, Stingy declared that he was going home to roast his seeds. The other kids went to Stephanie’s house. 

Stephanie showed Trixie, Ziggy, and Pixel how to wash and dry the seeds. They mixed together the spices her dad used and played games while the seeds cooked in the oven. By the end of the night, the four of them had a good amount of slightly spicy pumpkin seeds.

“I wonder how Stingy made his?” Pixel wondered, popping a handful of seeds into his mouth.

He didn’t have to wait long to find out. The next morning, Stingy walked into town with his head held high. The other four, and Sportacus, watched him pass the basketball court. 

“Where are you going, Stingy?” Ziggy asked.

Stingy held up a small bag, “I made too many cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds so I’m going to give some of my seeds to Robbie.”

Sportacus grinned, “That’s a great idea, Stingy! I’m sure he will love them.”

“Of course he will,” Stingy said, turning his back on the group, “They’re a gift from me.”

tommy-kitty  asked:

Oh of course! All of us go through a hard time specially pets and super glad both of you are alright. Request? Hmm... been having this idea in my head for a long time, but since there are so many varieties of fruit in the world. That what if Robbie finds a dragon fruit ( Which is my fave ) with a super confused look on his face and yelling at it asking what it is.

I meant to do this so much sooner nkdjnf im so srry kind friend !!! u r v good nd sweet, u deserve many dragon fruits nd many precious gifts !!! i hope u enjoy this 1 !!! c: 


Both these requests were such good idea I had to combine them! I hope you love it and I hope it’s what you guys wanted! I worked really hard on this one and it was super fun to write!


Marco smiled at Tom who was napping on the couch. He was curled up like a kitty-cat and had his headphones in. Marco smiled at his cute boyfriend and picked up Tom’s phone, to take it out so his head wouldn’t hurt when he woke up. Marco picked up the phone and saw the playlist that was set on a loop. It was titled “Marco”.

Marco beamed and put the headphones in to listen to what it had to play. Marco smiled fondly when all the songs were sweet and some even romantic. All these songs must have reminded him of Marco. Marco blushed at the thought, why else would he have a playlist named after him? He shuffled through the songs and beamed. Marco grinned at the first song he came across and reached over to pet Tom gently as he listened.

I want you here, I wish you’d stay

If I could speak, that’s what I’d say

All the words that I picked don’t belong here, all of the letters and spaces are wrong here

Wrong here, wrong here, wrong here

Marco smiled a little bit at Tom. Was this song about him? About all the things he wanted to say to Marco, but couldn’t? Marco felt the demon’s hair and skipped to the net song.

I heard that you loved me but only for two weeks

To be hopeless or not to be I’m weak with indecision

Could we begin again on a terrible date?

It would be greatly appreciated by me.

I’ll wear my normal shoes this time, and maybe you’d like me better in the sunlight

Of I built a raft would you stay with me then, and fall in love all over again?

Marco was smiling at the sweet song and mused at all the love mentions, but when he listened closer he frowned a little. It sounded like the person singing doubted the love the other had for them. Marco made a bit of a sad face, at least it ended on a happier note. Everyone has doubts. There couldn’t be anything more to it than that, right? Marco scrolled through the playlist and found more sweet and happy love songs. Songs talking about how much they loved the other person, and how their entire world was based on their happiness. Marco smiled down at his sleeping boyfriend and decided to see what else he had on his phone.

Marco exited out of the playlist and scrolled through his songs. Marco laughed when he put in on shuffled. Tom definitely liked edgy songs. Marco giggled a bit at his boyfriend, dismissing this as just silly music taste. Like rock songs. But once he saw the variety he realized they didn’t match up in style. Some were fast and others were slow, they were all so different. Marco listened closer and saw that the lyrics were the only thing similar. In any of them.

Marco then got a sick feeling in his stomach when he started a song over and listened closer.

I think I’m drowning but I don’t know where the air is or which direction to go

And this pain in my chest, it’s still there, it won’t let me rest

Please get me out of here, so I can disappear from this life I’m leading

I don’t think they’ll be needing me anymore

Don’t care if they’re crying I’m happy drifting away

Don’t care if their crying, this waters just like air

Marco ripped the headphones out of his ears. He didn’t like this song at all. It was too sad, and it seemed to real. What was the last line about? Was the person singing drowning? On purpose? Marco swallowed hard and took Tom’s hand. Was this how he felt? Did he feel sad? And did he think he was a bad person? Why would he feel all this bad stuff!? Why didn’t he tell Marco this!? He wanted to help! Marco squeezed his eyes shut and felt Tom stir.

Tom sat up and yawned. “Hey Marco.” Tom rubbed his eye and looked confused. “Marco? Are… are you okay?” Tom asked, sitting up. Marco wiped away a tear and grabbed Tom, pulling him into a very big and very tight hug.

“I love you Tom.” Marco cried. Tom was confused, but he held Marco close.

“Marco… what happened? What’s the matter?” He asked. Marco just held him tighter and grabbed his shirt, so he couldn’t pull away.

“Don’t worry about it.” Marco assured. “Don’t worry about anything, it’s all okay, and you’re an amazing person and I love you more than anything.” Marco promised. “You;re  a really good person. I know sometimes you think you’re bad, you think that you’re evil. And I want you to know that this isn’t true. It’s the least true thing I could ever even think of. You’re a wonderful person and I love you.” Marco cried. He looked up to see Tom had big bubbly tears flooding down his face. Marco reached up and wiped them away. “Tommy, what’s the matter, Kitty-cat?” Marco asked. Tom smiled a bit and wiped away his tear.

“I um… I just didn’t know how much I needed to hear that until you just said it.” Tom laughed a little bit through his tears. “What started this?” Tom asked. Marco just held Tom close again and rubbed his back and kissed his head.

“It’s okay.” Marco said, he wanted to spare Tom the embarrassment of knowing he went through his phone. He knew that would make Tom very embarrassed and he didn’t want to cause him more distress. But his snooping was acceptable, Marco had to know so he could help the little demon who so desperately need help. “I just know, I know you.” Marco grinned and gave Tom a kiss. “I know you better than anyone, I’m always going to be here for you.” Marco promised. Tom smiled and moved closer to him, enjoying the warmth.

“Thank you Marco. I love you too. I know you’ll always be here… but have you ever had fears that you know are unreasonable… but you can’t help feel them?” Tom asked. Marco nodded and scratched his ears lovingly.

“I know, we all have those. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Marco promised. “You can always talk to me.” Marco promised.

“And you can always talk to me.” Tom smiled back at Marco and the two held each other close, staying there in their hugs. “Thank you.”