Madeline Hatter -Ever After High- by kurbybaby featuring a blue and white skirt ❤ liked on Polyvore

Zac Posen purple cocktail dress, $1,105 / Sweetheart dress / American Vintage short sleeve t shirt, $70 / White polka dot tight / Blue and white skirt / Tommy Hilfiger heeled booties / Gold jewellery / Aqua bauble necklace, $51 / Brown glove / Blugirl bow belt / Hello Kitty Girls’ Tutu Skirt

Just petting my kitty Tommy. #selfie #me #video #mainecoon #nomakeup #cats #catvideo #love

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WIS? Just throw some out there!

In general, or with Ev? I’ll do general, if you were looking for the Ev ones, they’re here. 

In general - well, I have to say the main ship/s I’ve got going on with my guys, I just love them all and for so many reasons as well as the established couples on campus right now. 

Steve and Cornelia
Steve and Doreen shh. 
Loki and Selina
Loki and Tommy
Kitty and Peter
Harley and Ivy because that’s such a major surprise
I also really love Wanda and Spot and Raven and Spot shh

aannnd that’s all that’s coming to mind right now, basically any of you beautiful people with chemistry. 

Happy Saturday peeps. Foster kitties Tommy and Morris are doing very well. Eating lots and keeping mama busy. Mama said they will be going to their new foster home tomorrow. We are sad about that but know they will be in good hands. We are still having a bad heatwave over here and they are once again shutting off our power for 12 hrs today. Mama is not a happy camper. But she got a generator so that the AC stays on. Have a great Saturday everyone. We love you lots. Hugs and Muah!

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