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So, you think Louis is gona stay and help look after the kids now while Lottie and Tommy are on holiday

I have no doubt that Louis will help with the kids, but I need to say something because I’m confused by a lot of stuff I see about Louis, Lottie, and the twins (including other asks I received today). This fandom realizes they have a dad, right? Dan is a person who exists. So is Fizzy, the older twins, Dan’s sister, their grandparents, and probably other family members and friends who can help out if needed. I realize that Lottie and Tommy help with the younger kids a ton, but this fandom sometimes seems to have the misguided belief that they are single-handedly raising Doris and Ernest and that’s quite insulting to Dan and the other members of their family who help too.

I have been confused by two things today. The revelation that Doc Holiday was Tommy Quincy on Instant Star and Harry Styles music actually being something I’d listen to. 

Something weird is in the air this week. 

Imagine Billy and Tommy celebrating Jewish holidays

And of course Teddy is involved; even though he was raised Christian he can say his prayers and follows the traditions like a pro. Kate doesn’t quite follow any religion but she understands that this is important for her teammates so she just smiles and eats with them, and if she doesn’t pray too well there aren’t any hard feelings. America is curious about the traditions and thinks it’s amusing that her god is worshipping someone else but, of course, doesn’t say anything.