MPU Holiday Event #7: “Anticipate”

“Seriously?” Tommy complains.  "Our assignment’s really—"

“Writing down something good about this time of year, yes.”  He groans, a creature of pure disdain, and Jessica Jones raises her eyebrows at him. “You want a one-way ticket back to child-sized solitary?  Because I won’t hesitate to write you one.  I’ll be the conductor on the misery polar express.”

Across the circle, Kate and America whip their heads up.  Like sharks sensing blood in the water, Jessica realizes, and she jabs her pen in their direction.  "You can join him.  I love the smell of revoked diversions roasting on an open fire.“

The girls exchange glances, but they keep their mouths shut.

"The holidays suck, sometimes,” Jessica continues as she passes out the rest of the pens. “You’re reminded of loss, stuck with family you hate, whatever, and on top of that, you’re blasted with good cheer from every angle. Hard to deal with a shriveled black heart when every third song is Mariah Carey.”

Teddy frowns. “What’s wrong with Mariah Carey?”

Eli raises his eyebrows. “You got twenty minutes?”

Jessica ignores Teddy’s offended grunt to grin.  "We’ll spend the next couple weeks working through the hard parts of the holidays, but tonight?  One thing you’re looking forward to.  Besides the new year,“ she adds, tossing a glance over at Nathaniel.

He wrinkles his nose. "Spoil sport.”

“Always,” she retorts.  "Now, write.“

Okay but

The Maximoff family and the Kaplans celebrating Rosh Hashanah in a joint effort

Wanda and Jeff teaching Tommy and Teddy how to braid challah along with the younger Kaplan boys

Pietro and Erik at a very tense uncomfortable truce, neither want to piss off the witches, Lorna grinning like a little shit at both of them during the whole thing and making very pointed remarks(much to Tommy’s delight), Rebecca steadfastly ignoring the tension in the room and asking Erik to lead the liturgy

(Billy joining in more enthusiastically than usual because the talk about teshuvah makes him think about all the shit both of his families have been through in the past year or so that’s been partially his boneheaded fault and he’s trying to be a better son/brother/boyfriend)